Zwilling J.A. Henckels TWIN® Flower Shears (Black) Reviews

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3.9 out of 5 stars based on 22 customer reviews

Product Description

Cut flowers, patio plants or fresh herbs: high quality stainless steel blades cut effortlessly through stems and stalks. The handy flower shears will cut precisely without squashing the delicate stems. The proven Zwilling J.A. Henckels quality stands for

Customer Reviews


I bought these to replace a previous pair which I used for YEARS! I love them, perfect for cutting flowers.

Snip, Snip ~ reviewed by elemengee

If you love fresh, cut flowers as much as I do, you’ll love these flower shears. I was using kitchen shears to trim my cut flowers, which worked OK except for the heavier stalks. I finally invested in a pair of flower shears and they’re wonderful. I snip right through all kinds of stalks with ease. Worth the cost–which wasn’t so much.

A Must-Have ~ reviewed by Elle Belle

These flower shears are a must-have for anyone that enjoys fresh flowers in their home. They cut the stem in one direction, making a clean-cut across the xylem and phloem so water is easily drawn up the stem, keeping fresh flowers beautiful for days. I trim the bottom of stems about a half-inch each day when I refresh the vase water.

Smaller than expected ~ reviewed by Tracy Roberts

I know that there are specifications, but assumed that the shears would have a much wider capacity to cut larger stems. The blades don’t open that far. They almost appear like they are child size. They are ok, but I am disappointed and will look for larger ones in a shop rather than online.

I’m lucky and I love it. ~ reviewed by Sharon

I’m a lucky woman. My husband brings me flowers every week. I keep these small flower shears handy in a kitchen drawer and I am always ready to prep my flowers for a beautiful vase arrangement. Of course to extend the life of the flowers I give them fresh cuts during the week when I change the water. Having these sharp shears make it a quick pleasure to maintain and appreciate the beautiful flowers, and the love of my husband.

Nice but limited ~ reviewed by A. M. Yoakum

It is a nice garden tool to look at but limited in what it can cut. When faced with larger branches its blade cannot open far enough so we found we had to go fetch our old standard pruning shears with their by-pass blades, as they are more accommodating and can snip through small branches as well as larger branches.

I tried using it to cut stems from some roses and found it worked dismally, though the blade seems sharp it would not cut through their woody stems.

HIGHLY recommended!!! ~ reviewed by Xeema

Hands down, these are the best flower clippers I’ve ever worked with. I have had several pairs over the years, not because of breakage, but because I lost them. These have the mojo to cut through thick and woody stems that other flower cutters can’t handle.

My Favorite Clippers ~ reviewed by Laura

I have little hands and garden everyday. I litterally have cut thousands of limbs with these flower shears. They stay sharp for years. I ordered some for my kids that are just now starting the get into gardening. Best tool ever!

Re: Zwilling J A Henckels Twin Flower Shears ~ reviewed by Michealeen J. Weatherby

They are wonderful for handy snipping & pruining. I have purchased them before for myself & for gifts. Wld have given 5 stars if the blade cld be sharpened.

Zwilling J.S. Henckels Twin Flower Shears ~ reviewed by Snow White

Great flower shears for flowers stems. Anything stronger and thicker harder to cut with these shears.
would definitely recommend it.Buy it at Amazon

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