Zenport Q140DX Multipurpose Q Series Hoof Trimming Hard Chrome Plated, 7-Inch Reviews

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4.5 out of 5 stars based on 82 customer reviews

Product Description

The Zenport Q140DX twin blade hoof trimmer and floral bunch cutter features gently rounded tips that lower the risk of injury to you or the animal when cleaning manure from hooves. Lightweight multi-purpose shears are great for all your pruning needs. The long straight blade is perfect for thin stems, leaves, and grasses. Use these wherever powerful scissor action is needed. The precision ground blades are Marquench hardened for the best steel structure and durable cutting performance. Hard chrome plating provides extra tough, rust-resistance, wipe-clean blades. The non-slip lightweight grips fit comfortably in the hand and help prevent fatigue. Specifications High Carbon Tool Steel, Hard Chrome Plated, Soft PVC/ Steel Core with ivory color handles. Weight: 5 -ounce; length: 7-inch.

Customer Reviews

Excellent tool ~ reviewed by El Paso Crone

Well constructed, easy to use, locks and unlocks one-handed, and does the job without making my hands sore. I would recommend it for anyone clipping goat or sheep hooves. I don’t do horses so I don’t know how it would work on them but you can be sure I will buy this product again (although I doubt I’ll have to).

Awesome!!!!!!!! ~ reviewed by Laura Steinert

After struggling with two different hoof trimmers–one recommended by our goat vet–this is a miracle tool! I’d give it nine stars if I could. So easy to use! It fits into the hand–others are way too long to be easily manipulated. It is sharp and snaps off the hoof easily. The nose is slightly rounded for scraping without poking. It took us less time to trim all four of our goats than it used to take to do one with the other tools. More than worth the price just for our goats’ piece of mind, then there is our time and effort to consider, too.

Bets buy–start with these and save yourself lots of money and stress.

UPDATE: two years and the are still sharp. Have 6 goats now and these are still the most awesome tool I own!

Works good for sheep! ~ reviewed by Julia Dietz

Strong, solid construct, comfortable grip. Not flimsy or painful on my hands when squeezing hard like some others. My sheep were easy to trim with these clippers.

Great for lots of things ~ reviewed by Sarah C Sessoms

We use one pair to trim the hooves of our pet hair sheep and goat. They cut very well and leave smooth edges. I also have a pair I use for cuttings in the garden that makes quick work of harvesting veggies or flowers. Makes a good pruner in a pinch as well.

Great Hoof Trimmers ~ reviewed by S. Hammer

These are small and light and sharp enough to trim your goats hooves. Highly recommended for their size and usefulness. Always remember to clean with alcohol between trimmings.

great product ~ reviewed by Cor

Bought it to trim my goats hooves and it worked great. I thought it was going to take a lot of pressure to cut but it was very smooth and easy. I would highly recommend this product.

Well made, solidly built shears ~ reviewed by mark in hawaii

These shears were so well made at a very reasonable price that I ordered 2 more pairs. The only question is how long will they hold up. I don’t think it can go wrong.

Great quality.! ~ reviewed by BlueMonkey

I have bought garden trimmers for my goat maintenance, but many are too feeble. I recently used these to trim hooves and they worked great. Thank you.

Good but Thick Bladed ~ reviewed by Want2LOL

Initially, I was very pleased with these trimmers. It is comfortable in my hands and the blades are sharp. Unfortunately, the blades are also on the thick side, making it difficult to trim areas where a bit more finesse is required. Great for your initial rough trimming, but definitely not good enough to do a finish job.

I’ve finally found a trimmer to cut thick human toenails! ~ reviewed by Mary Ann

These are the sharpest trimmers I’ve ever used. I just got sick and tired of trying the clippers and trimmers sold for humans. These work great on my horribly thick toenails.Buy it at Amazon

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