Yard Butler TT-2P Hand Garden Planter Reviews

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Product Description

Our Hand Garden Planter has a comfortable cushion grip and extra durable, all steel construction. The all-purpose Hand Garden Planter’s unbreakable trowel digs with leverage action while the pick loosens and tills the soil. Professional grade is durable and effective, at an excellent price. Yard Butler guarantees all Yard Butler tools for life against any defects in manufacturing or materials.

From the Manufacturer

The all-purpose Terra Planter’s unbreakable trowel digs with leverage action while the pick loosens and tills the soils.

Customer Reviews

My favorite ~ reviewed by Ann

This weeder rocks! Truly an all purpose tool, this is the first (sometimes the only) tool that I grab when gardening. The hoe end is a good scuffling tool for small weeds and will chop through something sturdier like a blackberry vine in a pinch, while the tined end is perfect for impaling deep-rooted weeds like dandelions, tansy, and nettles and then leveraging the whole thing out like a claw hammer. The foam rubber grip means it won’t slip out of your hands, the welded-on head is better than my old one (no bolts to come loose), and the enameled (?) finish defies dirt.

Truly Better Than All the Rest! ~ reviewed by Amazon Customer

This is the one you need, the one you cannot do without, regardless of the size of your garden or even if you’re using it only to keep the weeds out of your lawn. Unlike the larger, heavier, even cooler-looking cultivators, this tool REALLY does the job. Because its tines are small and close together, you can “hammer” the tool right at the roots of even the most murderous weeds and then just pop them right out, roots and all. I have one area of my lawn that I’ve been fighting with for years — it always seems to come back in weeds. This year I used this tool instead, and all you can find there now is the grass I planted. In my gardens, however, I don’t want grass, I want vegetables or flowers. This is the most effective and easy-to-use garden weeder ever. Its size, weight, small tines, and the sharp hoe side help me keep the grass and weeds out like never before — its simple but effective engineering make it easy.

Good all-purpose hack-and-chop tool ~ reviewed by Gaither Fan

Well made tool, similar to those in Home Depot and Lowe’s. It works really well now that I’ve put a sharp edge on the flat side with my bench grinder. We live in Texas, and we have several raised-bed gardens. The bermuda grass loves to run under the landscape timbers and into the rich, organically improved soil that’s inside those timbers. The “teeth edge” of this tool is good for “grabbing” the runners and pulling them out; bermuda is tougher than wire once its roots get connected with the soil. It’s a good tool and I would recommend it to anyone considering buying a macro-level tool for working in gardens and flower beds.

Hand rake ~ reviewed by Nancy B.

This is a fantastic product. It is the perfect hand rake for all types of situations. I have used it to rake leaves in a flower bed, to rake leaves and debris from a rock border, and for picking up the little stuff after using a lawn rake.

I do part-time landscaping, and this makes clean-up a snap.

Heavy Duty Tool That Works ~ reviewed by D. Wright

This tools is really well built. Heavy duty but well balanced and easy to swing. I bought it two weeks ago and it has already become indispensable for any kind of weeding, chopping or tilling in my flowers or in my vegetable garden.

This is one of the most useful tools for gardenning ~ reviewed by Phuong X. Le

I love all Yard Butler garden tools. This weeder is heavy enough to dig into the hard clay. I suffered from carpal tunnel syndrome 2 years ago, but holding this doesn’t cause the wrist pain.

Good quality ~ reviewed by L&MB

Very nice for digging in soft ground, but not for hard or rocky ground as it’s ends are not sharply enough formed for that purpose, but are too thick for easy sharpening with a file. The metal was covered with a very thin shiny plastic that appeared to be steel, as shown in the picture. But this was already bubbled up and already flaking off when this mattock was delivered, and the good sturdy metal underneath had a light covering of rust. When the rust was cleaned off the metal, with some work, the metal was not pitted, but was a good quality dull gray-black metal. The soft plastic handle is nice and is as pictured, very comfortable to the hand. I am giving 4 stars for the rust which I had to remove off of a new item.

This weeder won’t let you down ~ reviewed by P. J. Chenard

Weeder and weed whacker! I work within the public school system in San DIego for 40hrs. per week and can vouch for this terrific implement. From cutting weeds off above the root (wiregrass) to prying weeds out of the ground (dandelion) to a combination of the two (burr clover), this pals a dandy. Gardeners shouldn’t leave to work without hand pruners and this puller. Even a claw hammer, which is much heavier, pales in comparison to the torque you can muster with this light and strong weed steed. It’s manufactured with a foam rubber grip that won’t slip out of your hands and has no screws: the welded-on head means less maintenance while the tines and blade need occasional sharpening. That’s it! A must have.

Exceedingly poor material selection. ~ reviewed by rw parks

I’ve gotten two Yard Butler products of this sort and both have the same problem. The steel used in both or these weeders is of very low quality, hot rolled at best and has no ability to stand up to rocks and anything tough. The physical shape is fine, longer handle is good, but the companies that sell this need to complain to the manufacturer about the low carbon and quality of steel. at the least tje steel needs to be cold rolled or heat treatable so the tines can be hardened. Sorry, but at 16 dollars a pop, they are worthless until the changes are made.

Little to no strengh ~ reviewed by Carl G. Young

I just started using this tool and found both ends bending. I will never endorse or purchase this line of tools again.Buy it at Amazon

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