Yard Butler LT-20 World’s Greatest Rake (Discontinued by Manufacturer) Reviews

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Product Description

Yard Butler World’s Greatest Rake. The name says it all. Our professional grade rake with “spring-back” tines is the best ever invented. This amazing rake has been the secret of landscapers for the past 30 years. Its 20 free-floating, cold rolled, spring steel tines are so stiff it will pick wet leaves up off your driveway but so flexible it can rake directly over bedding plants. A perfect garden groomer. With a light weight but heavy duty wooden handle Your only problem will be getting it back after you have lent it to the neighbor. Yard Butler guarantees all our tools for life against any defects in manufacturing or materials.

From the Manufacturer

World’s Greatest Rake Our professional grade rake with “spring-back” tines is the best ever invented. Its 20 free-floating, spring steel tines are so flexible they can rake directly over bedding plants.

Customer Reviews

As good as its name ~ reviewed by D. Wright

I would not normally get this excited about a rake, but this is the rake I have been looking for. This was the rake I grew up with. I made my first money mowing lawns and raking leaves. Of course at the time, I just thought this was what all rakes were like. But after buying my own house and raking my own yard I quickly learned the difference. When I couldn’t find the World’s Greatest Rake, I just bought whatever green rake they have at Home Depot. It was okay but got pretty beat up pretty fast. It also did not perform the way I remember a rake should.

The World’s Greatest Rake has free floating steel teeth that are incredibly flexible while still having a really good bite. It will pick leaves up out of gravel and landscaping and leave the rocks behind. You can rake right over bedding plants to get the leaves without damaging the plant. Seriously, this is one incredible rake and totally works better than any other tool I have ever seen or used. I am glad the company is still making them.

The Rake goes a long way ~ reviewed by Happy

I actually bought this rake for my Aunt who is 94 years old. I had it shipped to her.

I contacted her to find out if she received the rake and she was raving about how she loved the rake. She said it was wonderful and she was very happy with it.

I asked her on a scale of 1 – 10 how would she rate it and she gave it a 10.

Smaller than expected ~ reviewed by Just call me MawMaw

Received the greatest rake today and it is much smaller than what it looks like in the picture. It measures about a foot across the bottom of the tines and has a concave shape. Not sure how it will work yet but it doesn’t look like a $35 rake.

Best ever ~ reviewed by S. Teller

Best Rake I ever used or owned….It grasps the leaves very easily….I say if you need a rake this is the one to own….

worth every penny ~ reviewed by gary

When I looked at this rake I was not sure that it was worth $32, I read some of the reviews and took the chance. I’m the maintenance person for a very large property and have been buying the plastic rakes at a major supply warehouse and the rakes break as soon as I use them. I bought this rake last year and it’s still like new, I have over 20 acres of property that I rake by hand. The rake is small but light and I can go all day with it because it does a great job with less effort, Don’t let the size fool you, it will do a better job then a large rake with less back breaking. I can’t say enough about this rake

Not good for beds or hard surfaces ~ reviewed by P. Turick

Tried this “greatest rake” but it wasn’t so great for our pea-rocked yard (we have no grass). The rounded head of this flexible rake would be good for large leaf quantity on soft ground. Smaller quantities on hard surfaces can’t be raked due to it’s curvature, flex and with the pea rocks we rake on, it too damn hard to get leaves up. Bed cleaning is the same. Picks up the mulch w/ the leaves. Large leaves or large piles would work. Not for us.

Am buying a contractor grade metal (flat) spring rake. Old standby is always a safe bet.

Not “The Greatest” ~ reviewed by Rachel Mallett

This is a nice rake, but I have had to work on it multiple times already and have had to replace one of the nuts. I do love the way it rakes (it is very flexible, easy to clean off stuck leaves) but it needs to be put together better. I have another rake that isnt as flexible or easy to clean but I havent had to work on it once.

Deceiving size ~ reviewed by Kat

My first impression of this rake is that for the $, it is a lot smaller than I expected. The label reads easy to rake over beds. It looks impressive, but I was looking for a larger commercial grade rake. I am not sure how long the bolted tines will stay together? It’s not what I was looking for.

Not the greatest, but still the best ~ reviewed by mark tomboulian

I have been using this rake commercially, through various manufacturer’s sell-outs to other companies for 25 years, and I rarely see other companies using it, though I don’t know why–probably hard to locate. We use this rake for hours every day and with very heavy use they last an average of four months, when regular rakes last one month. The original name “sweep-all” is an accurate one, as it works to easily pick up needles, small leaves, wet leaves, maple seeds, etc. that we have here in the Pacific Northwest. It is no longer a “lifetime rake”–the old nut and screws that held the replaceable tines to the handle has been replaced with a hex-nut screw that shears off after a while (we replace these with an appropriately-sized nail and bend it over upon arrival), and the T-frame that holds the floating tines has been cheapened up and made thinner so that it bends back over time (we straighten these in a table vise to restore rigidity). The biggest downgrade has been the quality of wood in the handle–it may snap in two if you try to move a heavy pile. When a head is no longer reparable, we save the best tines and use them for replacement on other rakes.
It is not designed for huge pile cleanup, it is a maneuverable rake for bed work, getting in corners and edges and between plants, and with practice you can rake debris against your foot, hold it on the rake, and transfer to a waiting receptacle, which you cannot do with a big rake. All the cons aside, I feel spoiled when I see how well this rake performs compared to common metal-tine rakes.

Raking is a form of meditation ~ reviewed by A. Frampton

So my husband who is the official leaf ‘raker’ in the family has given his highest kudos to this rake. He rakes our yard, the sidewalk, the road, anywhere there are leaves, or might be leaves. We do go through a rake every 2 years but I find that considering the abuse he puts those poor rakes through it is cheaper than therapy.Buy it at Amazon

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