Yard Butler EDGE-180 Manual Lawn Edger Reviews

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Product Description

Our Manual Lawn Edger makes a smooth perfect edge in half the time with heavy duty tag so you can walk along sideways as you cut. Faster and cleaner than using a shovel. Design centers your weight over the blade to cut at the perfect angle. Prevent grass root damage to sidewalks. Excellent for installing plastic edgings. Yard Butler guarantees all Yard Butler tools for life against any defects in manufacturing or materials.

From the Manufacturer

With the Yard Butler Lawn Step Edger (#EDGE-180) you can have a lawn with the perfect finish. The lushest lawn looks messy until you edge it. Of course you want a lawn that will be the envy of your neighborhood. You’ve put in the effort, you deserve the praise. You’ve watered and fertilized and aerated until you are blue in the face but your lawn still doesn’t look perfect. Your lush, deep green lawn won’t be the envy of anyone if you have shaggy edges spreading over the sidewalks. Even worse, grass roots can eventually grow into the expansions joints of sidewalks creating permanent damage and looking even more unsightly.

Customer Reviews

excellent product ~ reviewed by Marlene Buckles

This item was purchased for a relative, after our having owned and used one for over a year. Our soil is mainly clay, so an edger gets a workout. The Yard Butler Lawn Step Edger is a very well-made product that can withstand the use and abuse that such products get, and does so better than any similar product we have used. We find it is also useful for other yard chores such as digging a shallow trench. The wide platform on the edger allows for stabillity during use and good pressure to complete whatever chore it is expected to do. We feel confidant that the edger will continue to provide years of service since it is well constructed and does not appear susceptable to bending or breaking.

Makes a hard chore much easier! ~ reviewed by Armada gardener

Very well constructed. Exactly as described. The centered foot pedal makes it so much easier to cut thru sod. The foam padded handles make using if comfortable.


Worked great! Used it to “uncover” some stepping stones that had been grown over with tough grass. So much easier than other things we had tried. Cut through grass and soil and made a perfect cut around the stepping stones.

Yard Butler Edger ~ reviewed by McBluto

Compared to my old half-moon edger, this edger is easier to use. Your foot applies the downward pressure to the center of the edger, instead of the sides, making it more stable.
After seeing it in another catalog (not-to-be-mentioned), I found it available at Amazon, at a lower price.

Works for my 5’6″ frame ~ reviewed by C.A. Bond

It is short as other reviewers have said. Also, I expected it to not be sharp so when the grass’ edge is quite overgrown it is difficult to push through. Regardless, it works well for my 5’6″ frame, especially if I don’t let the edges get too overgrown.

GOOD TOOL ~ reviewed by nick wegner

sturdy product, cuts over grown lawn edge, best to use after good amounts of rainy days or soak that lawn to soften up ground.

Sharpen it and it’s FANTASTIC! ~ reviewed by Scott

Wanted to give it a quick try. Found it very hard to cut thru my thick edge. Sharpened it (like many reviews informed was required). WOW! in 10 minutes I had edged half of my front yard! it took me longer to clean up all of the trimmings. Definitely a great tool.

Great Idea BUT………………….. ~ reviewed by Urban Pedaler

Great idea BUT difficult to use. The ground has to be REALLY soft to use this edger. It is well made, sturdy, the whole nine yards but unless you have perfect soil, good luck.

A real disappointment ~ reviewed by Andy Catlett

The handle is simply too short for anyone 6′ or over and the blade is more akin to a blunt instrument than a cutting tool. The “step edger” element of the tool is a real plus but, taken as a whole, this “tool” makes edging a much more difficult job than it ought to be. In the end, you’ll have to work too hard to make the thing cut and stoop too low to make the job pain free. Pay more and get the Spear & Jackson e-series edging knife–at least I wish I had.

worked great ~ reviewed by SteveinNC

Worked great to edge a NC lawn with a lot of heavy red clay. I waited until after a big rainstorm to do this job and I think that helped make it easier.Buy it at Amazon

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