WORX WG800.1 3.6-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Grass Shear/Hedge Trimmer Reviews

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Product Description

WG800.1 Features: -Cordless shear / shrubber.-3-in-1 Hedge trimmer, grass trimmer and edger.-Large over-mold soft grip handle reduces user fatigue and improves grip.-Compact, lightweight design causes less user fatigue and shoulder strain.-Quick tool-free change from the shrub shear to grass shear.-Battery charging indicator.-Li-ion battery. Includes: -Includes one built-in charger, one shrub blade and one grass trim blade. Dimensions: -Dimensions: 5” H x 4” W x 11” D. Warranty: -30 Days satisfaction, 2 years warranty.

From the Manufacturer

The Worx 3.6 volt lithium ion shear shrubber is perfect for light touch up jobs on hedges and shrubs and includes a grass blade to clean up around the flowers or in tight spaces. This cordless Worx product frees you from tangled power cords and lithium technology delivers premium performance in battery power. You wake up early on Saturday morning, ready to manicure your yard … and the battery has lost its charge – never again with Worx! Lithium power batteries benefit from an extremely slow self discharge rate, 5 times slower when compared to conventional NiCd batteries. It keeps your tool ready for use even after months of sitting on the shelf. Ever run out of power just before the job is done? With Worx lithium power tools you won’t wait a whole hour or more for the battery to recharge. If you need to work for a few more minutes just charge it for a few minutes. Worx lithium is also lightweight – 40% lighter than equivalent NiCd batteries.

Customer Reviews

Get the WORKS with The WORX WG800 Li-Ion Cordless Grass Shear/Hedge Trimmer ~ reviewed by Kindle Customer

Over many years since 1969, I’ve purchased numerous cordless grass shears, but none can compare with the WORX WG800. This product’s best feature is its Lithium-Ion battery pack that has a very long cutting time, long life expectancy, and absolutely no “memory effect” that plagues the “el-cheapo” Nickel-Cadmium batteries found in lower-quality products.

The WORX was designed in Italy and made in China, but it out-performs ALL other units I’ve used, American or foreign.

I would recommend the WORX to anyone who has a yard, regardless of its size. If you are concerned about not having enough battery power, buy two and keep both fully charged and ready to go!

The WORX is very versatile, because it also INCLUDES a Hedge Trimmer blade. I store my WORX in its original shipping carton, and I clean and remove the blade(s) after each use.

Good Grass Shears, Unit Gets Uncomfortable to Hold ~ reviewed by Max Daddee

The unit is lightweight, the battery charges quickly and the grass shears do a really nice job. The other blades for hedges, etc. work well only on newer growth; they couldn’t cut through the wood of my hedges very well. They do work nicely on tasks such as light shaping of evergreens, etc., although the blade set for these purposes are not as long as with typical hedge trimmers, so you must make multiple passes.

I did find that the unit gets uncomfortable to hold as you really have to press down the trigger continually with good effort, otherwise the unit stops. So if you are prone to carpal tunnel or hand pain, consider this before purchasing. This unit was bought to replace my Black & Decker grass shears, which after several years, won’t recharge anymore. That unit was significantly more comfortable to hold than this one. Overall, I’d say it’s a good unit for short jobs on grass or new growth on bushes, etc.

WORX Works. ~ reviewed by OnQ 4U

Nice product. Could use a tiny bit more power though. The grass clipper works OK. Run time is about 20 minutes so it works good on my small gardens and yard. The best part is the hedge trimmer attachment. It works great on small hedges. Might note ever need to get those big heavy clippers out again. Stays charged even when stored off the charge due to the battery type. So for me the Worx Works.

It does small jobs effectively ~ reviewed by Don Robertson

Worked Ok to trim my 30 feet of boxwood hedge and also edge of lawn. I found the safety switch which you must old down in conjunction with the trigger awkwardly placed. It is too far forward and a real effort to hold down for periods of time.WORX WG800.1 3.6-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Grass Shear/Hedge Trimmer

Worx WG800 Cordless Trimmer ~ reviewed by Filterman

I have had other types of trimmers and the batteries don’t last so you end up either throwing them away or they sit for years. I like the fact that this trimmer has the Lithium – ion battery. It seems to last forever and its nice for trimming fine bushes. Not good on thick branches. The attachment change over is very easy. I wasn’t impressed with the long attachment. The openings were to small for hedge trimming and they are not strong enough for big branches.

Worx Works ~ reviewed by Stuart N. Schwartz

This is a nicely made small clipper/trimmer that is very easy to use. It doesn’t have the power to go through twigs but trims my wild ivy great. Charges must last a long time because I have not run out of power after 45 min or so. Use with gloves, plenty powerful enough to cut off most of a finger!

A real gem!! ~ reviewed by Al Anon

This is a great little tool!! Changing from one cutter to the other is easier(and faster!!) than changing the blade in a utility knife!! Highly recommend. Keep in mind that this is a “light duty” tool. Does great with grass and small-twig bushes/hedges. Also, it comes with decent pouches to store cutters in. Overall good value!

very convenient ~ reviewed by bev’s

I used this product last weekend. Its well built and lightweight. Its not as powerful as I thought BUT I used it to trim back some ivy and 4 big hedges. The battery lasted for the entire job no problem. As long as you are using it for maintaining plants that are tended to weekly this product will serve its purpose. If you let your plants grow for too long and need something for a major trim job, this tool wouldn’t be the one I select. Overall, I am happy with the purchase.

another donation to the thrift shop ~ reviewed by megan

Very little power, very slow going, but it is a small tool for a small job. I could live with that. But, a week later I needed to go over all of the plants I used the hedge trimmer on and trim the damaged, browning tips that resulted. The ends were shredded rather than cut. I could have saved myself a bunch of time and just used the hand pruners to begin with.
Another issue is the extremely painful hand position needed to hold down the safety switch while trimmer is in operation. The reason I bought this to begin with was to avoid the pain that resulted from using my trusty 40 year old Felcos for the extended period of time needed to trim herbaceous topiaries.
Any chance I could return this rather than just chalking it up to a costly mistake?

Keeps Yard Looking Neat ~ reviewed by Fussy One

Purchased 07/05/2011. I have been useing this once a week to trim new shoots on shrubs and trim around stepping stones. We have a half acre and the charge on the battery last. It does exactly what they said it would do. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because it does not have a ON lock and my hand gets a little tired, but I’m 70 Years young.

I would buy WORX products again. I am very happy with this product. And would recommend this to a friend.Buy it at Amazon

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