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Product Description

The WOLF-Garten mini weeder-cultivator is designed with sturdy tines for breaking up soil in small areas or in close-planted beds, borders, or containers. It comes with a WOLF-Garten mini handle; and though not required for use, it will also work with any WOLF-Garten Multi-Star hand for additional leverage. The weeder-cultivator is part of the WOLF-Garten Multi-Star Interlocking Tool System, which allows gardeners to quickly change tools with one click, eliminating the need for a space-consuming collection of long-handled tools.

Customer Reviews

In A Word…Perfection! ~ reviewed by The Garden Rose

I’ve bought many garden tools over the years…BUT…I must say that I keep coming back to the Wolf brand. In a word…Perfection. You can’t beat Wolf for quality and intended use. Their Multi-Star line allows for on and off tool attachment with a click. I bought this item WOLF-Garten Mini Weeder-Cultivator #2953004 for cultivation/weeding of my smaller flower beds. It will get the weeds without harming your plants. The three tine aproach is the key. Breaking up the dirt and easing the weeds out. With this item I also purchased the 59 inch extention handle WOLF-Garten 59-Inch Multi-Star Aluminum Handle #3942154 This extention handle allows me to reach the back of the flower bed with ease. Work smart as the old saying goes. With Wolf you can enjoy your garden chores. They offer the right tool for each job. So…Why not explore the Wolf line of garden tools, especially their Multi-star line. Keep gardening easy and fun! The Garden Rose says: You won’t be disappointed. *smiles* :0)

Garden tools worth every penny! ~ reviewed by Robin Jeffers

I’m not sure why I waited so long to get serious about my garden tools but I now own several Wolf Garten garden tools (including this one) which I can’t imagine ever living without! This makes everything from tearing out weeds to cultivating soil 10 times easier. I have the soft grip handle attached to my mini-weeder so it feels nice and solid (effortless really) and it’s usually my “go-to” multi-purpose garden tool. Gotta love Wolf Garten!!!

Excellent tool ~ reviewed by Rainbowmoon

I discovered the WOLF-Garten gardening tools while searching for something else on Amazon, and was so impressed with the quality and price of these great tools that I have bought several more, after buying one to check the quality.

One of the most impressive features to these tools – aside from their excellent quality – is the fact that many of them can be easily converted from hand tool (short handle) – to a long handle – with a simple push of a button. And, for this reason are also easy to store when not in use.

Both long and short handles can be bought separately, and some – like the Weeder-Cultivator, come with a handle, which can be used on other tools. 2 handles, multiple tools – what could be easier to store, or more convenient?

I recommend this and other WOLF-Garten garden tools, if you want sturdy tools, and the convenience of being able to use the same ‘head’ with both a long and short handle – whichever fits the need – instead of having to buy 2 tools, one for hand work and one for stand-up work.

And as mentioned above – they are priced reasonably, especially when you consider the quality.

Nice quality and innovative tool line ~ reviewed by Lynn

Being able to switch the tool heads out on the different handles is awesome… less clutter in the basement. They’re easy to switch out, and so far, all of them that I own have held up (one season of use) well. There’s a bit of play with some of the heads/handles, i.e., it would be great if the attachment system resulted in no movement, but it’s not really a problem. I went with this particular weeder because it came with the short handle and weeder head, which can both be used with other pieces in the system. I highly recommend these tools for back yard gardening if you don’t have a lot of space in which to store your tools or want to reduce clutter.

Mini Hula Hoe and Cultivator ~ reviewed by bobjeri

5 Star Plus

Bought this for the mini Hula Hoe (or Onion Hoe )side to weed garlic rows which are 9-10″ and in-row spaced at 6″. IT IS PERFECT for that and numerous other close row veges. Long – long handle allows this to be used in the up right position or a LONG reach.

The cultivator side is an unexpected bonus . It easily pulls thru and beneath the soil like a mini plow, unlike other similar tools which function more as rakes. Today discovered that it is also great in breaking clumps after turning the garden.

This is my first Wolf Garten tool and will not be the last. BTW — I have other small and normal size Hula Hoes and cultivators and this is considerably better than any others.

Wolf Garten Mini Weeder-Cultivator ~ reviewed by Dave Stroman

I have a whole collection of the Wolf Garten products and have yet to be dissapointed. Sturdy, effective tools with interchangeable handles that work. The only downside is they are next to impossible to find at the local retailers so selection is limited to none. Thanks goodness for the Internet and Amazon.

Love this one. It really works weeding. I take a 3-gallon bucket with a few of the tool heads and one handle (they each come with their own) and I’m set for anything I encounter in the garden.

I like it ~ reviewed by T. Cannon

I like the small foot print of the claw, but the small weed cutter tends to clog in my clay soil. I use the tool with a long handle for removing noxious weeds from between clumps of fescue. The claw allows me to loosen the dirt around the weed and the cutter allows me to get in deep enough to cut the tap root where it won’t grow back.

Small Wolf Garten Cultivator ~ reviewed by Judith K. Arthur

This cultivator is an excellent replacement for my old Scott’s one that is very worn after many years of use. The handle interchanges with other items this company sells and also fits some that I have had for a long time. I was delighted to find it!

Love my Wolf-Garten tools ~ reviewed by Jerry Lee Gothong

I love all my Wolf- Garten garden tools. It is so durable and is cheaper than made in china crap Lowes sells. Thanks to amazon.com introducing me to Wolf-Garten.

great little tool ~ reviewed by B. B. Bray

This tool is overkill for what I need, but it’s perfect. It’s the only one I’ve found that’s small enough to do what I need to do. It’s very sturdy and I like the handle length. Being able to click the head onto a longer handle is a real bonus, because as my ground cover fills in I won’t be able to walk among the plants as easily and I can reach into the bed. I also have the mini rake, and it also is the perfect size.
I really do wish the handle could somehow be wooden, or that Wolf-Garten would consider toning down their use of yellow with the red. I know it’s their trademark, but it’s a bit of a cartoony Ronald McDonald color scheme. A wooden handle with painted accents would patina better over time, and perhaps not being plastic would lessen the toy-like effect the color scheme creates. (I’m a designer, so I think about this stuff all the time. It’s a curse!)Buy it at Amazon

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