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Product Description

The WOLF-Garten mini rake is designed to clean even the tightest corners. It is ideal for raking between plants without damage. Its flexible, flat tines allow for thorough and fast clean-up. Though not required for use, this item will also work with any WOLF-Garten Multi-Star handle for additional leverage. It comes with a WOLF-Garten mini handle. The rake is part of the WOLF-Garten Multi-Star Interlocking Tool System, which allows gardeners to quickly change tools with one click, eliminating the need for a space-consuming collection of long-handled tools.

Customer Reviews

Wouldn’t be without it ~ reviewed by Judy A. Gardner

For all gardener’s, this is the best tool. I am a professional gardener and I clean out garden beds for a living. I and my staff have tried many small hand rakes, but this is the best.

Sturdy yet Delicate ~ reviewed by Raemur2000

With my compact vegetable garden, I needed a rake that can get inbetween plants without damaging them, and still be strong enough to do the job. This mini rake is perfect for getting into tight spaces, and yet the tines are strong enough to rake out debris without bending. I purchased this mini rake along with the Black and Decker small Steel Fan rake and they are the best investments I have made in garden rakes! Even though I till the garden, there are still a lot of rocks that work their way up suring the season and this rake makes light work of removing them. The handle is detachable, allowing you to add length buy purchasing the Wolf longer handle that is interchangeable with all their tools, but I like just as it is. Great tool for the job and by the way, should you get an itchy back while working in the garden, this makes a great back scratcher too!

great garden tool! ~ reviewed by Vicki

I love this little hand rake for getting under bushes & around delicate plants that even a small rake is too much. I love that there are so many diffent tools that you can get for the handle. The tool is excellent quality!

Great rake! My other one was worn out after about 7 year of use! ~ reviewed by Candis

Tough rake! Highly recommend this product. My last one lasted for 7 years of daily use. I bought two of them just in case I may not be able to find them later on.

Excellent Rake for Small Jobs! MADE IN GERMANY ~ reviewed by dany_m

We are extremely impressed with this small rake from WOLF-Garten. The rake is sturdy and reaches well into spaces that are inaccessible otherwise with a larger rake. The handle is detachable and interchangeable with other WOLF-Garten items and is ergonomically built. It was a pleasant surprise to discover these products are still made in Germany to a very high standard and engineering you can always rely on. We wish Amazon would indicate the country of origin for all items so we can make better choices in the future.

It is great for rooting out leaves in tight areas and raking … ~ reviewed by A Customer

Everyone who does gardening needs to have this tool. It is great for rooting out leaves in tight areas and raking areas where you are working on your hands and knees. It is interesting how a few good tools makes the job go so much faster. Quality is superb on this unit and the red handle makes it hard to lose in the garden.

This Wolf-Garten product line is excellent. ~ reviewed by Robert C.

The entire line of Wolf-Garten are excellent products. I started 20 years ago with what was the same products, but with a “Scott” brand name. Not sure if back then the entire product line was owner by Wolf-Garten or Scott. They were the same design as today except with the “Scott” name and all the Wolf-Garten red colored components in yellow color, instead. All my initial Scott products are still going strong. I’ve just purchased a host of Wolf-Garten attachments I didn’t have. I highly recommend this Wolf-Garten product line.

Get this rake! ~ reviewed by Ginny

I received this rake a couple of weeks ago. I’ve been using it since. It’s great for getting in between shrubs and flowers. This rake comes with a detachable handle. I also purchase the 14″ and 59″ handle. I believe if you order any other attachments, you have to buy the handle seperately. This rake is sturdy. I like the fact that I can switch over to the long handle. My son loves to use it because it’s more his size. I would definitely recommend this to a friend.

Solid and well made ~ reviewed by Michael McKee

This rake works. It’s light enough to use with one hand and stiff enough to move small rocks and sticks. The handle is interchangeable, with other tools, though we don’t have any. It does attach securely, though it is a little long to work in tight places. Seems well built and is solid.

Handy little rake! ~ reviewed by S. Bozeman

I live on 10 acres and have many flower beds and many trees. Every spring I have lots of leaves and pine needles in, around, and under my plants. I always used my fingers as rakes but now this little rake really does a good job and my fingernails stay clean. I really like this rake.Buy it at Amazon

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