WOLF-Garten Half-Moon Edger 3312004 (Discontinued by Manufacturer) Reviews

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3.9 out of 5 stars based on 17 customer reviews

Product Description

3312004/RMM Handle Sold Separately Features: -Half moon edger (head only).-Use with the Interlocken system handles (See SKUs BKU1003, BKU1000, BKU1008 and BKU1027).-Very strong and self sharpening in use.-Creates a very clean cut edge.


The Wolf-Garten half-moon edger creates a neat edge for your lawn and garden. Built for strength and durability, the edger is self-sharpening for an always-precise cut. It requires the WOLF-Garten Multi-Star handle (not included); it is part of the WOLF-Garten Multi-Star Interlocking Tool System, which allows gardeners to quickly change tools with one click, eliminating the need for a space-consuming collection of long-handled tools.

Customer Reviews

Fantastic multi-attachment system ~ reviewed by Christina Siegel

Wolf-Garten has a winner here – I recommend starting with steel telescoping handle (as I did) for most versatility. The edger is superb quality – heavy, well-made blade with step-on lips. Thrilled to have found this “system” for all my lawn/garden maintanance needs. Attaches really easily, snaps into place & stays there until you unattach it. Definitely recommend for quality & price.

Wow! It works! ~ reviewed by Wendy Lee Martin

I have difficulty operating our gas and electric edger for our 1/4 acre lot. I was worried this tool would be too wimpy for our tough St. Augustine grass and clay soil. It works extremely well for cutting an edge between the St. Augustine runners and my landscape beds. Though it takes more manual effort, I actually find it more fun to stomp and rock the moon blade rather than bending over and re-threading edger string. Worth the price.

Great concept ~ reviewed by Judy

This edger makes short work of keeping grasses from growing into a flower bed that is 80ft around. Also does neater job around sidewalks, patios and driveways than using a string trimmer. A great addition to this tool is the removable handle that adapts to their other tools. Somebody used their noggin when they came up with that!

Helpful Tool ~ reviewed by Stan57

I saw this tool discussed in a British book on gardening and lawn care. For putting an edge where the sod ends adjacent to a garden area, this is perfect for creating and maintaining a nice sharp edge between the two.

breaks after a year ~ reviewed by linda

this is my second edger–I love this tool, but have been unhappy with it’s durability. After 18 months, 3 garden seasons the weld at the half moon broke off. I will see if this newly ordered one holds up any better.

Light weight edger ~ reviewed by Gardendog

It’s sharp enough and light weight, but it seemed a little loose in the part that joins with the handle. I don’t think I will buy any more tools that are separate like this. I have a moon edger, all one piece with a wood handle that I think I will continue to use instead.

Good tool, with one caveat. ~ reviewed by Rick McDaniel

This is best used in good soils, or in wet clay soils. It is hard to use in clay soils when they are dry. That is one limitation of this otherwise good tool. So, if you have clay soils, be sure to plan ahead, and wet areas you plan to work in, ahead of time.

Works great ~ reviewed by Cynthia

This simple and easy to use product works great for lawn edging. The half-moon design allows the edger to be rotated sideways, delivering an easy and clean cut at the edge of the lawn. Please note that the handle is sold separately.

Half-Moon Bay ~ reviewed by Tom G.

As represented; good quality. May be helpful in the garden. It is too slow and labor intensive for use as a lawn edger although a good exercise tool for we older folk.

Works very well even in rocky ground ~ reviewed by Nancy Banner

I wasn’t sure this would be sturdy enough for stepping on in my rocky soil, but it works fine. Where the grass and weeds are tough you just have to move it over a half step at a time.Buy it at Amazon

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