WOLF-Garten Anvil Pruner 7227007 (Discontinued by Manufacturer) Reviews

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Product Description

RS22 Anvil pruner


The WOLF-Garten anvil pruner is a powerful tool designed to cut flower stems and wood branches. The blades are precision ground, with non-stick coating, and work well for both right or left-handers. Featuring a sliding cutting blade this pruner slices through wood branches and flower stems with ease.

Customer Reviews

Anvil Pruner is a MUST HAVE ~ reviewed by K. Portland

This little gem of a pruner is just one of my favorites. I originally bought this tool under the Scott Label some 20 years ago. I would still be using the pruner if it hadn’t accidentally gone into the yard debris can. Ooops! Well, I have missed it since it was lost and was happy to find that the exact same anvil pruner was produced by Wolf Garten. I have NEVER owned a bypass pruner (not that I haven’t used them) and some gardeners wouldn’t be without one but once you have had a Scott or Wolf Garten anvil pruner, you probably would not miss a bypass. This is a great pruner that will last for years unless you throw it away… They even stay sharp through many years before you have to have them sharpened.
Once, however, they need sharpening, after about 10 years, they do not seem to even be quite as good but hey, 10-20 years is a really good value.
I bought an anvil lopper from the big discount store ——- for $15.00 and it lasted less than one month before it wouldn’t cut. So, it went back and from then on, I knew, I would pay more but get 100 times more life out of the implement.

At last!!!!! ~ reviewed by Eagle Rose

Thanks to K. Richard’s 2007 review of this Wolf-Garten Anvil Pruner, I now know that it was previously the Scott brand pruner. I have owned the Scott pruner for at least a dozen years, if not longer, and even though it is still functioning very well, wanted to get another as insurance; had looked for years, with no luck. It was the BEST little pruner I ever had, (and I have purchased several others). Luckily, I hadn’t accidentally thrown mine away!

I ordered the WOLF-Garten Anvil pruner and it arrived today. It is indeed the same as the Scott, including the very solid heavy build. I am thrilled (well, as thrilled as I can be with a tool!) to have this.

If you need a little pruner, get this one. You will not be disappointed!

It is shocking how well these cut. ~ reviewed by Danielle R. Favreau

I needed a pruner for the various trees, rose bushes, etc. around my yard. The first task these had was to cut branches ranging from twigs to over an inch off of a 40′ tree limb that I cut down with the WOLF-Garten Tree Saw ( WOLF-Garten 7231009 Tree Saw ).

These sheers seemed kind of small initially and I wasn’t really holding out hope bit they are solid and well made.

Well, I snipped off a twig and it was like I hadn’t done a thing, the twig just fell it was a perfect smooth cut. I moved up to a half inch branch, easy. Like cutting through thin cardboard with scissors. Then a 1″ thick branch, two cuts and it was off with nice clean crisp cuts.

No more difficult than cutting through the end of a cauliflower.

These make the job so easy that you actually want to find things to cut off. Easy to care for, easy to use, built in safety. A great tool.

Quality ~ reviewed by Gretta

This is a great garden tool, strong, easy to use. Definite quality for a lot of years.

Best Anvil Pruner Yet ~ reviewed by S. Shimatsu

I’ve been using this pruner for several months and have been very pleased with it. Best features are the sturdy locking mechanism and the handle appears to be sturdy as well. I have had problems with other brands, like Corona, where the handle fatigues over time and pinches my hand.

Great Quality Pruners! ~ reviewed by Thomas

These pruners work great, they haven’t failed me yet and I have been using them for a while. They are very sharp and effortless to use on some of the thicker branches. Other pruners would have shown their weaknesses by now but the WOLF-Gartens are holding up great. The soft grip is nice as well when you forget to grab the gloves.

Makes cutting easy ~ reviewed by An American

Comfortable and very sharp, goes through small branches like butter. Got it a few months ago and have used it quite a bit since then, cutting pieces up to an inch(?) thick…still works like new.

Seem to be one good pruner ~ reviewed by josaysso

NO complaints and I’ve used these pruners for one complete season. They function every time. don’t get crammed up or have a mind of their own.

Excellent Pruner–WOLF-Garten Anvil Pruner 7227007 ~ reviewed by C. ward

This pruner works tirelessly. It has a good grip and recoil action. The lock button cannot be engaged accidentally. It will cut almost any thing that you can get in its cutter–even water hoses. Added a little oil after a year to pruner hinge.
Would recommend to a friend.

Great Pruners ~ reviewed by Brent D. Tomayko

I bought these for my dad so I’m writing this on his behalf. Every time I go to my parents house and he’s used them that day he raves about how good they are. Seems like a good buy.Buy it at Amazon

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