WOLF-Garten 3226004 Push-Pull Weeder Reviews

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Product Description

The WOLF-Garten push-pull weeder allows gardener’s to quickly change tools in one-click, eliminates the need for having a garage full of unsightly, and space consuming long-handled tools. The push-pull weeder works by simply working the blade back and forth below the soil level. Wavy dual-edged blades cut through the soil effortlessly, while self sharpening with each use. The weeder features side guards that allow you to work closely to plants with disturbing them. This fast action hoe also uses a strong WOLF Multi-Star snap-lock handle connection, and can be used with all multi-change handles.

Customer Reviews

Excellent tool for weeding used in a pulling motion ~ reviewed by I M Probulos

I own this product. While the handle should be longer (a full 6 feet would be best)it is longer than most long-handled tools. The interchangeable head is great. I have the cultivator and the flat push-pull weeder. Be sure to bend your legs, adopt a wide-stance, keeping your knees over your feet and use your legs while using this tool as you move backward. Instead of just using your arms rock back and forth using your legs and scoot back as you hoe. Your back and shoulders will thank you the next morning. Also, if you’re ambitious, alternate raking stance from right to left every 5 – 10 minutes. Again, your body will thank you the next morning. I’ve been hoeing like this since 1992 and you won’t believe the difference it makes.

Wolfgarden shuffle hoe ~ reviewed by M. Catania

This garden tool is absolutely the BEST! The quality of Wolf Garten products is unsurpassed. The blade is long-lasting and stays sharp. The aluminum handle is strong but light. Excellent product!

Built Tough, Easy To Use, Very Useful ~ reviewed by Ben C.A. Nettle

This tool is what got me interested in the Wolf-Garten Interlocken set, and I have to say I’m hooked. I bought this because I have increased the size of my garden recently, and crawling around trying to hand pluck each weed had gotten really old. While this doesn’t make all the weeds magically go away, I certainly feel a lot better after having used it.

If you apply a little pressure and then pull the hoe down and toward you, it cuts the root below the surface without stirring up much dirt. For tough edges, you can use the front side and push, having a similar effect. After that it’s pretty easy to gather up the loose bits, without having to dig in the dirt. It’s really that simple (it’s a hand tool, what else could you expect).

It cleans up nicely, seems to be made of high grade metals, and being able to click it in and out of different handles makes it easier to use. The whole system is much more sturdy than I thought an interchangeable system would be, and I plan to buy several more of the add-ons (having already gotten the Garden Fork).

Can’t wait for an excuse to buy the next piece.

Push-Pull Weeder AKA a deluxe Hula-Ho ~ reviewed by Michael -

If you are looking for a better built Hula-Ho then you have found it. If you need a narrow version of the Hula-Ho or this Push-Pull Weeder you may want to check out the Telsco Weeder.

Gardening is a hobby for me and weeding has always been the less desired part of it; so treating myself to a few nice weeders and tools make the hobby more fun for me.

Perfect Weeding Tool ~ reviewed by Michael S. Peterson

I have a 4,000 sq. ft. garden and use the Wolf Garten Weeder to manage the weeds around the plants and places I can’t access with my tiller. Coupled with the 59″ handle it is very light and easy to use. I turn it up on end and can “flick” the weeds away from my corn without having to bend over.

Wolf Garten Push Pull Weeder ~ reviewed by Frances Swisher

I was able to skim off the new spring growth of weeds in just minutes with this tool.

Best attachment ~ reviewed by C. Hirshey

This attachment is the best item in my gardening tool collection. Makes weeding a snap within my vegatable rows. Depth of cut is easily controlled and prevents the hacking that results from a hoe.

Who Knew WEEDING was this easy!? ~ reviewed by N. Lunceford

I am truly taken with Wolf Garten products and have purchased many of the different attachments (which all ‘plug’ into the pole) These are VERY well made. I am most amazed at this weeder attachment. A very simple concept, that works well and it not to hard on the old body! Once you get the hang of the ‘push/pull’ concept, you’ll have the weeding done in no time. I can’t say enough good things about a company that makes a quality product! Such a rarity these days! Kudos to you, Wolf Garten! I have two poles and several attachments and am looking for more! Keep up the good work!

Best Garden Tool ~ reviewed by Frank R. Jaquith

Avid gardener with 30-plus years experience. This is the best weeding tool I’ve used.

It doesn’t come with a long handle ~ reviewed by Pso

I think this looks like it could be a good product, but it came without a handle so I haven’t been able to use it yet. I guess I didn’t read all of the details, but one of the pictures under the big picture showed a long handle and I assumed it would have a handle. I will order a handle even though I am bothered to have to spend more money, but I would like to try the product. If you order don’t forget a handle.Buy it at Amazon

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