WOLF-Garten 2906004 Interlocken Trowel Reviews

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Product Description

2906004/LUSM Handle Sold Separately Features: -Trowel (head only).-Use with the Interlocken system handles (See SKUs BKU1003, BKU1000, BKU1008 and BKU1027).-For planting and transplanting.-Pressed steel blade.


The WOLF-Garten interlocken trowel is a versatile tool, ideal for both small and larger gardens. It has a strong, heavy gauge steel blade. The trowel requires one of the WOLF-Garten Multi-Star handles — it works with a long handle for stand-up digging, or a short handle for closer work. It is part of the WOLF-Garten Multi-Star Interlocking Tool System, which allows gardeners to quickly change tools with one click, eliminating the need for a space-consuming collection of long-handled tools. Handle is not included with this tool.

Customer Reviews

Handy trowel to use standing ~ reviewed by Kindle Customer

A primary benefit of the Wolf-Garten tools is that they can be used on interchangeable long and short handles. This is helpful if spending a lot of time kneeling is difficult for you as it is for me. I am able to dig multiple planting holes very quickly with this strong, large trowel. The tools heads can be quickly switched between long and short handles and the place where they are joined is very strong.

I highly recommend the Wolf-Garten interlocken tools for the avid gardener. They stand up very well in our soggy Pacific Northwest weather and I haven ‘t seen any sign of rust. I expect this trowel to last many years. I am very hard on my tools (using them for purposes for which they weren’t designed and not always cleaning them off or getting them out of the rain), but I find the Wolf-Garten system to be very well made, durable, and strong. I own more than 10 of the various tool heads and plan to buy others. This is a cost effective way to assemble a great set of diverse tools.

Should be more durable ~ reviewed by Jeffrey S. Aleknavage

I like the WOLF Garten products and have bought many of them. With only one handle needed for mutiple snap on tools, great for space saving. However I realized today that this trowel can not stand up to the marine clay we have here in the DC Metro, it began to bend. These products are ideal for small light loam gardens and yards in Europe, but are far from professional grade. I was disappointed, but for green house use, garden boxes, or elderly gardeners these are fantastic products.

love these tools ~ reviewed by butterfly queen

I have owned my original handle and push pull weeder for over 25 years! My weeder after 20 yrs did rust through but the original rakes I still have and use frequently. I purchased a new weeder and the trowel three years ago. I love the trowel and have found it to be very well made. I even use it to pry out good sized rocks. It is wonderful for planting annuals as you can easily dig several holes in a short amount of time. I also find it very helpful for digging out weeds especially deep rooted ones or those in tight places like sidewalk cracks. It is also great for transplanting in places where you don’t want to disturb surrounding plants. I have recommended these to several people and they also love the tools. For the price you can’t beat them!

Love it! Use it all the time. ~ reviewed by Donna B

This was a replacement, I used previous trowel as a “pry bar” trying to get a large rock out of the soil — that’s not what this tool is meant to do! Actually I love this long handle, interchangeable tool, I am 66 with bad knees – this implement makes gardening so much easier for me. I also have the interlocken garden fork and use both all season. I was devastated when I broke it and couldn’t wait to find another.

Great little digger! And NOT so little!!! ~ reviewed by Nana

I put this shovel to good hard use and I really like the fact that you can change the handle out to meet your needs. I have short and long handles for it. The most difficult workout for the shovel was digging around some aspen tree trunks…getting deep under the roots so the roots could be cut free. It got the job down…without breaking…and I put A LOT of force on it trying to pry the stump out of the ground!

WOLF-garten Tools ~ reviewed by JanO

I love every WOLF-garten tool I’ve purchased from Amazon. I’ve recently added the trowel. I’ve thrown away so many cheaply made tools but it’s obvious the WOLF-garten tools will last as long as I’m gardening. The interchangeable handles make every tool a versatile implement for all my garden needs.

wolf-garten trowel ~ reviewed by cowboy

This is a very sturdy trowel. I think it will work great as long as the soil isn’t packed, so I have to work on improving some areas in my garden. I bought this hoping it would save my old knees.

Perfect match for WOLF-Garten hoe ~ reviewed by Thomas A. Hanson

This trowel is perfectly matched with the WOLF-Garten hoe we received as a gift. Sturdy and able to endure summer weather.

Dug our waterline ditch ~ reviewed by William & Beth Kroll

Tough construction. Worked easily in the FL sand and was just the right width to put a water line to our carport.

Great durable tool as are all the WOLF Garten attachments are. Definitely worth the money. ~ reviewed by Goodtogo

Great durable tool as are all the WOLF Garten attachments are. Definitely worth the money.Buy it at Amazon

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