Wetterlings Bushman Axe by Les Stroud Reviews

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Product Description

FEATURES of the Wetterlings Bushman Axe by Les Stroud A great multi function axe Designed for felling, splitting and carving Hammer on back end of head SPECIFICATIONS of the Wetterlings Bushman Axe by Les Stroud Head Weight: 1.6 lbs Handle Length: 22″

Customer Reviews

I can’t find anything wrong with this thing. ~ reviewed by F1oored

It’s a hand forged axe and you can tell. The fit and finish isn’t flawless but it is very good. I took this axe on a backpacking trip not long ago and it was great. It’s so much more functional than a small camp axe or hatchet. between this and my folding saw, we were able to process a lot of wood. I even used it to make a bench at our campsite. With proper care, I’m hoping this axe will last a lifetime.

a little shabby on the finished work ~ reviewed by Thomas roehrick

4 out of 5 only because the the top corner of the blade was rounded off and they hit the head on the belt when it was being sharpened so there’s a big knick where the blueing was suppose to be on the top of the axe head. I’m sure i could have sent it back no questions asked but i wanted to take it on a camping trip and I’m impatient but it worked great very easy chopping fire wood and light enough to hike around to find the wood. its the same length as the coldsteel hawks so if you have one of those thats how big it is

One Star ~ reviewed by Dieter

Very sad, first day of use. I hammered it back in but I’m sure it will fall out again

It’s super sharp and easy to keep that way ~ reviewed by David Nowlin

I use this for a camp axe. It’s super sharp and easy to keep that way. I use it for everything from driving tent stakes to cutting firewood to boning a deer…..love it! A cheaper axe would have done the job but I like quality!

A great and uniquely designed axe! ~ reviewed by William D.

Wetterlings is one of the great axe companies of the world with a long tradition of hand made products. I saw this design and felt it would be a good addition to my gear. I was pleased with what I saw upon its arrival. The axe head has that hand-forged look to it. It also has a unique design few others have with a prominent hammering head on the butt end of the blade which was probably the biggest selling point for me. It was very sharp upon arrival and takes a sharpening well also. The handle was well made with a good grain direction. A leather blade sheath is included that is functional. If you’re looking for a camp ax for your pack or to stay in your truck for emergencies, you can’t go wrong with this piece of gear. Maybe Les Stroud will one day use it to catch a Bigfoot!

Versatile, high quality axe. ~ reviewed by Gustav

What a great tool! This has become my go-to axe for many jobs, and my main trail axe.

I love the straight, somewhat thick handle. I have large hands, and this works for me. I swing this comfortably with either one or both hands.

The blade takes an edge well and keeps that edge.

I have heard that the earlier sheaths were dodgy, but mine gets full marks.

The slightly wedge shaped head does not bite as deeply as my Gränsfors Bruks small forest axe, but it will split much better, has a hammer face on the back of the head, and is much better ergonomically. This is a more versatile axe than the small forest axe, so I would prefer it on most trips, unless I knew that I was going to be clearing trail with a large amount of blow-down. In that case, the superior bite of the Gränsfors Bruks would induce me to pack that instead.

As with any tool that tries to be good at more than one thing, you end up with a bit of a compromise. This isn’t the best felling axe that I have used, or the best splitting axe, or the best hammer, but it is better than I expected at all three things. This axe is not a gimmicky hybrid, it is a tremendous tool in its own right. Thank you Les, Thank you Wetterlings!

One word of caution; I have had my hands on six of these axes. The shape of the head varies slightly, and the quality of the handle varies slightly. With a Gränsfors Bruks, you get top quality every single time. With this particular Wetterlings, you can get top quality, but you have to be a little more deliberate. I haven’t seen a bad one yet, but the one I chose was definitely better than the others I looked at.
I paid $169 for mine. For that price, I expect the axe to be perfect. The one I chose is perfect, but the other five I picked up were only “near perfect”.

Amazing axe! I am very impressed with it ~ reviewed by Travis Shephard

Amazing axe! I am very impressed with it. It is a small axe about the length of my arm but it has a lot of power. Good for chopping spliting and fine work. Fit and finish is beautiful, you can tell the head was forged by a blacksmith. The hickory handle and leather sheath get the job done.

fits great in my hands and the head shape is strong ~ reviewed by Dave

top dollar axe. fits great in my hands and the head shape is strong. nice alignment to the handle. handle is made from tight grain and no splits. nice and sharp out of the box. very happy with it!! going to look for a kydex sheath though to help it last longer.

the bushman axe ~ reviewed by Roger

Nice axe sharp out of the box .cuts deep .no functional problems.but a little more attention could have been paid to the grind.very nice handle. Very nice head shape. Overall great hand made axe for the money.

Bushman Axe Wetterlings ~ reviewed by Vodou

This axe was in excellent condition both bit alignment was spot on and grain in the handle was more then acceptable. The head is thick like a splitter as described and the poll polished., Over all, though no tested in field, I would be happy to take this axe on any trip. Most reviews on Youtube I would say are accurate and helped me decide to buy! I have seen them listed for as much as 189.00 and I think that may be a bit much how ever if you shop around you can find them for less. Will it hold up? I hope so! The Wetterlings site shows a 20 Year warranty. I also own a couple of GB’s and I can say that there is comparable quality for the one I bought taking for granted I’m no Axe expert. Over all I would recommend to a friend. Keep in mind that every axe is it’s own and not everybody will be as happy as I am.Buy it at Amazon

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