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Product Description

WS-1 Features: -Weed spinner. -Works with any cordless or electric drill. -Removes weeds and entire roots with one spinning motion. -Works anywhere, any surface – Gravel, rock gardens, even removes tree seedlings. -Save time – your back and knees. -No more bending down. Use: -String Trimmers. Product Type: -Hand Held. Power: -Electric. Country of Manufacture: -United States. Dimensions: -33” H x 2.3” W x 0.7” D. Overall Height – Top to Bottom: -33″. Overall Width – Side to Side: -2.3″. Overall Depth – Front to Back: -0.7″. Overall Product Weight: -0.9 lbs.

Customer Reviews

Weed Spinner User ~ reviewed by David A. Salsman

I want to thank Weed Spinner for the great customer service response. The original two piece tool functioned impressively and only failed after much abuse while removing weeds and grass from a river rock ( 1 to 3 ” diameter) ground cover area in my garden. I ordered two more replacements Weed Spinners and called the company to see if just the replacement cutter heads were available. They responded with 2 replacement Weed Spinner Heads and the new one piece second generation Weed Spinner to replace the first broken head.

The new one piece design should solve my original problem and make it much easier to clean the occasional tangled ball of long stringy weds. When I ordered the first Weed Spinner from the What Ever Works catalogue I had several concerns, would the long shaft spin in a stable manner, would my small 12 volt 3/8 inch drill have enough power and would the cutting flutes be large enough to be useful and stay sharp? None of my concerns were valid. The tool works as advertised and beyond. The small drill is the best choice considering controllability, weight and battery life. I use the Weed Spinner ahead of a Black & Decker 18v oscillating cultivator and a Troy-Built 20V rotary cultivator ( $300+ invested). As a retired Mechanical Design Engineer I know that it is easy to design a product without regard to complexity and cost. A product like the Weed Spinner that is functional, simple and cost effective is genus.

Good for limited use ~ reviewed by George K. Taus

Good for limited use. Pulls weeds out as advertised, nice not to have to bend over all the time, easier than a hoe for some uses. Some of these various companies advertise the product good for tilling. Not so much in my opinion. It will work up soil in flower beds, gardens, etc… but I would not use it as a tiller, you spend much to much energy on a tiller that only tills up inches at a time. I would also advise caution when pulling out weeds in an area with trees/brush. While going after weeds, the rod sometimes picks up on underground/surface roots. I nearly twisted my wrist a number of times. My drill has a ratchet feature on it, so I played around with it until I got to the point where it would pull out the weeds, but if it grabs onto a root, the ratchet would stop the drill from twisting my wrist. Keep both hands on the drill to protect your wrists.

great product ~ reviewed by jincilla

This thing works great provided you know how to use it. The demonstration video is a pretty piss poor production and really does a disservice to this product. Yes you can buzz the weeds away on high speed and leave the root as other reviewers have stated. But if you have a slow speed torque setting on your drill this thing works like a charm…. The key is to put the bit next to the weed at an angle and drill down to the root stop and pull up and the whole thing comes out… The bigger the weed the further away from the base of the weed you start.. For really small weeds you can just put the bit right on top of it and drill in and pull… Im using a 20 volt Kobalt cordless drill for reference.

UPDATE: 6/17/2014

Been using the hell out of this thing and iv gotten pretty good at using it… I have found that its even easier to put the bit next to the base of the weed and go really slow and the weed will wrap around the bit and be pulled out. This is slower going than what i posted above but it gets the entire root at a higher percentage of the time.

Does what it says ~ reviewed by Lisabeth S. Slavkovsky

Just as the previous reviewers stated: Only works on large weeds. Don’t even try it on small ones, waste of time. On large dandelions-awesome!

Exceptional, Unique, And Ingenious Tool ~ reviewed by Alexander Van Berg

There is really no substitute for a tool like this. Even at five times the price, I believe it would still be a good value.



· It saves your back and it saves energy. You can walk around anywhere and uproot plants without bending at all.

· It saves times. There’s no way you can remove weeds as quickly by hand.

· The precision and reach this provides is truly unique. In one situation, I had to deal with huge weed clumps growing everywhere on the underside of a very large cactus plant. Those weeds would have been almost impossible to destroy cleanly had it not been for this tool.

· I discovered an unadvertised use! If there are tall clumps of weeds that are not rooted or are not strongly rooted in the ground, you can point at the weeds with this thing and the spinning mechanism will often twirl up the weeds like a fork rolling pasta up off a plate. Basically, this allows you to grab loose weeds and move them somewhere else with minimal effort.

· More often than not, it will pull out the entire root system. But if not, you can simply keep going until the roots come out.

· You usually don’t have to be precise when aiming the thing. Just point it in the general vicinity of the weed clump and squeeze the trigger. Also, you don’t usually have to point the tool straight down (although perhaps it helps). I’ve found that it will still function at an acceptable level even when oriented horizontally.

· I haven’t had any problems killing small weeds or plants with this.



· Your forearm might get tired. One solution is to hold the drill with two hands.

· The biggest problem is getting the weeds off of the tool once they’ve been uprooted. There are four things which mitigate this though.

···· First, you can continue to use the tool even if there are a lot of weeds currently twirled around it. You can probably twirl up to five or so weed clumps before you really have to clean it off in order for it to continue working.

···· Second, sometimes the weed clumps fly away and don’t twirl around the tool once they’re uprooted.

···· Third, if you hold the drill with one hand and the middle of the tool with the other, and shake the tool end up and down, that will sometimes get rid of everything.

···· Fourth, if you hold it the same way, but then rotate the tool in the direction that is opposite how the weeds have twirled (e.g. counterclockwise if they’ve twirled up clockwise), they will often times unravel and come off. If not, you will have to take a second or two to yank and tear the weeds off, but this doesn’t require much energy. It’s only a minor drawback.


I’m surprised there were any negative reviews at all. Specifically, I have not had any problems killing small weeds or plants with this. This is a great tool that I would highly recommend to anyone.

Not for clay ~ reviewed by Amazon Customer

This tool is great for looser soil. My Colorado soil is mostly clay except for what I have amended. It gets hung up in the thick clay—however it does work well in between smaller rocks and for larger weeds in loose soil.

Takes the dread out of trying to get under bushes ~ reviewed by tellfile

Works good , but takes a little aiming skill on individual weeds. Best to set the clutch on the drill to medium in case it locks onto a larger near by root. I was delighted to see that it works on honeysuckle vines and poison ivy under shrubs. You can just stick the spinner in there any kind of way without even touching the ground and the vines will wound themselves tightly around the shaft. You can then just yank the whole wad out of the ground.

The Weed Spinner tool looks like it’s made to last.

nice ! ~ reviewed by Judith A. McCarthy

it does the job ! really helps alot with the weeds. saves alot of time and bending over to pull all the weeds by hand.

Works great ~ reviewed by BJ Gibson

Got mine today and had to try it. I am very pleased so far. It works as advertised. It rained yesterday so the ground was moist.
The weeds came right out and wrapped around the tool. I had to clean off the tool often which took some time.
I used it with an older 12V Black and Decker drill. It did wear down the battery so it will need to be charged.
The only other thing I noticed was that I had to keep tightening the chuck on the drill to keep it tight.
I also like the idea of not using so many chemicals on the lawn.
The shipping was very fast.

Okay ~ reviewed by Mahaveer mukkamalla

Used it with a driller, works good but needs some effort to remove the weeds manually form the tool. Okay for the price.Buy it at Amazon

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