Weed Claw and Bulb Drill Reviews

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Product Description

Weed Claw & Bulb Drill lets you Point, Press, and Spin your way to a weed free lawn.

The Sainless Steel Weed Claw helps you get rid of your lawn weeds once and for all. Let your drill do all the hard work. The Weed Claw is simple and easy to use. It saves time and saves your back. The weed claw works in all types of soil and is easy to clean and store. The Hexagonal shaped end improves tool performance.

The Bulb Drill digs holes and bulbs for seedline planting. The Bulb drill lets your drill do all the hard work and works in all types of soil. The Bulb drill includes and adjustable depth gauge.

Customer Reviews

Works… ~ reviewed by Rachael

I was originally looking for a bulb drill and found this. At the price point I was happy to purchase the “Weed Claw” with a bulb drill.

I used the bulb drill several times, it does what it was created to do, make holes. I use a cordless drill, I think both would work wonders with a corded drill though.

My husband loves the weed claw, couldn’t stop playing with it. Our yard is more weeds than grass so he was out till dark (and dead battery) attacking weeds with ease.

Crab Grass Exterminater ~ reviewed by Gordon G. Smith DDS

I purchased this item because every thing I used to get rid of weeds in my yard just didn’t work. This item is incredible, it pulls the C G out roots and all . It actually makes de-weeding the yard fun, yeah, I said fun. I have very hard soil when it is dry and very clay like when it is wet or damp. so I only use it after it has rained or I have watered the yard. Would I recommend it? Hmmm, I think I just did.

Works good ~ reviewed by Mary Leming

First, both products are built well. They are strong and you don’t feel like you are going to break them. I absolutely love the weed claw. It’s not perfect but it sure is fun! The bulb driller I am not as happy with. It does go through the soil and breaks it up and it does a great job at it. I don’t like the fact that it doesn’t take the soil back out of the ground. So I still have to take the soil out.

So overall they both do a great job and built great and hold up well. Just wish the auger took he dirt out.

Pleasantly Surprised ~ reviewed by rocketnerd

I decided to plant 8,000 Zoysia grass plugs. I needed a way to dig shallow 2″-3″ diameter holes without compressing the soil and remove the dirt. The ground had been tilled so it was relatively soft, but I needed it fairly dry because Alabama clay gets really slick and sticky. After looking for augers all over the place I finally tried Amazon and being cheap, I settled on this brand which included a “free” weed puller. I bought two because of the comments I read on other brands about workmanship.

The bad news was that expedited shipping was more expensive than the unit, so I opted for free snail mail. The good news: everything else. The auger is heavy duty and well built. The shaft is a little short but worked fine for my use. I attached it to a 1/2 inch electric hammer drill and ran it at high speed digging holes as fast as I could. My helpers used a smaller variable speed battery operated drill and it worked just as well. I crashed through the dry tilled soil, hard untilled soil and some areas with grass. I hit a few rocks and sticks with no issues. After five days of drilling and planting the augers are a little scratched up, but perfectly functional.

The second surprise was the drill mounted weed remover. It doesn’t always get the weeds as easy as shown on TV, but I have some big Dallas grass weeds that spread out in the lawn and have multiple stalks. Using the tool and some hand pulling, it gets them down to the root with relatively little damage to the surrounding grass. All-in-all I was pleasantly surprised at how well this product worked for me.

Works, needs a lot of power though. ~ reviewed by D. Bei

Works, but I didn’t bother with a cordless drill, my yard is all clay. I borrowed a 9 amp 1/2″ corded drill from my dad and went to town. No need for pre-watering, but you gotta watch out and brace yourself for really stubborn weeds. I don’t want to sound like Tim-the-toolman-Taylor, but a lot of problems can be solved with more power.

Auger could be better but totally worth it for the weeder. ~ reviewed by UberSalmon

The auger portion works great for drilling the holes but with just one spiral it doesn’t clear out dirt as well as I’d hoped (takes several up/down strokes to clear it), HOWEVER, the weeding attachment is just awesome. Worth the price for the weeder but with a auger thrown in it’s a no brainer.

Weed Claw ~ reviewed by KEITH

Pleased. Only have tried the weed claw one time for about 1 hour. Summary -
Read the directions.
Play with it on your various kinds of weeds as it works better on some than others.
Found that slow 1/2 turn works best for some weeds like the directions indicate.
Multiple turns at higher speeds finishes some types of weed removal (leaves small hole but that is OK with me).
I sent away for extension devices as it is short for my 6 foot height (going to try 6″ extension + about 2″ for 3/8 chuck with 1/4″ hex shaft – cost about $20 extra for both on Ebay or Amazon).
Point is sharp so be careful not to stab you leg when walking with it.
My small 1/2″ cordless drill battery lasted longer than I thought it would – you will probably not be disappointed with your battery life (I don’t believe I would be happy dragging around a corded drill).
At the very low price, if the tool lasted for 20 hours it would be worth it.
Worked good at removing a very shallow rooted type of weed from my Saint Augustine and Bermuda grass in which the weed was entangled with these types of grass runners.

I have had a Weasel WeedPopper Pro by Garden Weasel for wellover 20 years and I highly recommend this weeding tool – replaced for free twice in 20 years – takes out larger weeds with deep roots – about $35 at ACE hardware I think and many other hardware stores.

weeding fun?! ~ reviewed by scrapbookingmom

I love the weed claw. In the fall when the crabgrass had turned brown, I could see it separate from my green grass and spent an evening clearing it out easily from my yard. I do recommend a dedicated cordless drill because it does get really dirty. Also, my current drill is very heavy – I want to try a smaller drill and see how it works with the claw.

The Weed Claw is worth it! ~ reviewed by J. Bonczek

After buying the Weed Claw I have used it a lot and it works great. It is made of very sturdy, excellent metal.
It’s definitely a great and useful product. We haven’t used the Bulb Drill yet. Next Spring when we plant.

Excellent ~ reviewed by Jim

Works as advertised. No issues. (We have a Weed cloth in our garden and this tool had no issues drilling through. We are very happy and the cost was well worth it.Buy it at Amazon

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