Wallace 26 Inch Bypass Lopper (9139) Reviews

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4.2 out of 5 stars based on 37 customer reviews

Product Description

Hardened steel blades hold sharp edges longer. The blades are also non-stick with a 1.5 inch cutting capacity intended for live growth. Includes non-slip comfort grip.

From the Manufacturer

The Wallace 26-inch Bypass Lopper is a solidly built, reliable lopper with a scissors-like cutting action best suited to making clean cuts on green, live growth. The 1-1/2-inch cutting capacity accommodates sizable branches and stems, while the long 26-inch handles give you those extra few inches of reach you always seem to need.

Customer Reviews

GREAT Value! ~ reviewed by Olivia

After reading a couple of the reviews for this, I was worried that these were going to be just another cheap tool that breaks within a few hours. However, I was wrong. These are great and seem very sturdy. I have not had them for long, but there is no sign that they cannot complete any task. I was cutting large branches, and these cut through them with ease. Great value!

awesome ~ reviewed by joy

Great grip, long handles, sharp, durable, Love it!!!! This lopper cut through branches on my neem trees and other branches like nobody’s business. I just have to read up on how to keep it clean and free from rust because I hope it lasts for a very long time.

Should be good for raspberry and blackberry ~ reviewed by Yun

I got it today and the blade was damaged within a few cuts.

It was damaged by a <1″ dead branch of a cherry tree.

I had wanted to take good care of it to make it last long. However, I had to return it on the day I received it.

Anyway, 2 stars for a good lopper for blackberries.

very nice ~ reviewed by Jorge Gomez

this thing cuts trough everything. I mean everything without to much muscle needed. I have to say there better than others Ive tried.

good price ~ reviewed by John N. Murphy

loppers are light weight. wish you could adjust length but for the price, its fine for the money. I would recommend this.

lightweight and easy to use ~ reviewed by mburr

These loppers are lightweight and easy for me to use, and if I’m careful with them, should last a long time.

Loppwe ~ reviewed by Nancy Kushnick

Just what I needed to get into spaces my arms could not reach. Very sharp.

they feel good in my hands and can cut some pretty large … ~ reviewed by RaphaĆ©l Graunjay

They are inexpensive, but not cheap. They do just what I expected them to, they feel good in my hands and can cut some pretty large limbs.

Wallaca 26 Bypass Lopper ~ reviewed by katfur

I was extremely pleased with this lopper. Nice long handles and very sharp. Made easy work of trimming my shrubs.

Can’t go wrong ~ reviewed by John Doe

They work AMAZING for the price. I don’t know why you would ever spend more for some loppers.Buy it at Amazon

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