Vertex International SD480D Super Duty Garden Cart Reviews

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4.3 out of 5 stars based on 34 customer reviews

Product Description

Dimensions: Length: 45.25 Width: 28 Height: 26 Great Gift Idea.

Customer Reviews

Awesome product although needs more quality control ~ reviewed by B. Igiri

The picture doesn’t do it justice, this thing is huge, has tons of compartments, and it has real tires that are inflated with air. It looks nice and it fits most of the garden tools I have. My wife loved it.

However, assembly was a bit challenging. The holes in the plastic did not line up so I had to drill them out (easy enough), and when I finally assembled it it was a bit twisted. I don’t know if I can straighten it out but it works and my wife needed it, so I’ll have to come back that issue later.

The perfect garden cart! ~ reviewed by iKitty

This cart holds all my tools, helps me move heavy pots or bags of soil, and collects weeds and trimmings. I never need to go back to the garage looking for a tool because they are all stored on this cart. I highly recommend this product!

Love this garden cart. ~ reviewed by Katay

While it takes some time to assemble, the garden cart is exactly as represented. I have enjoyed the convenience of having my garden tools handy while working in my yard.

Works like a charm. ~ reviewed by In Hoc Signo Vinces

My wife loves it. The cart has plenty of room for just about everything needed to run a small farm. Fast shipment from the seller.

Great way to carry everything needed to the garden ~ reviewed by Susan

Love this organizer! Easy to roll around. Strong frame and sturdy pocket material. There’s a place for all of my tools and garden what-nots. My shovel handle is a little too large for the tool organizer slots though, so I attached it to the side of the cart with a bungee cord — problem solved! Vertex provides excellent customer services.

All good. Vertex replaced blown tire and warped rim. ~ reviewed by Bruce D. Rohrbach

This is a follow-up my previous review: After three calls and an email to Vertex; I was able to speak with a live person in the parts department. She promptly sent me an entire replacement tire. It is installed, and I am happy with the product and the company.

Tire inner tube blew out 3 days after assembly. Never got chance to use it. Called Vertex as warranty instructions required. Received recorded message from “Jodi” saying she could not answer the call; to leave a message and she would call back. Left detailed message. No call back. Emailed details requesting replacement tire (plastic rim is also warped). Email failed saying undeliverable to address on warranty card. Cannot use new cart.

Seems good so far. ~ reviewed by Jackman

Was just what I expected. Lightweight and seemingly sturdy. One issue I noted is that when filled with rakes and hoes, you have to be careful that you don’t get poked in the eye with a rake tine. I moved it from one side of garage to the other and did have a close encounter with said tine. Will put it through its paces this fall and will update

watch out. I finally put up an aluminum strip … ~ reviewed by Marissa

Dont’ bother. If you fully load it with shovels, rakes, hoes, and hand tools, one wheel keeps popping off, without fail… and it turns over, which is not safe if you or others are nearby it… watch out.

I finally put up an aluminum strip with clips on the side of the barn and bought a garden cart large enough to carry what I need out to the beds for the day. While I think this could have been a good product, it did not work out for me.

Great for the garden ~ reviewed by hybish

Given as a gift, this item is exactly what was needed. Only frustration was the assembly (had to do some rework) but if you’re careful, it will be fine. Worth the price and recommended.

Love not having to lug yard tools back and forth … ~ reviewed by rascal

Love not having to lug yard tools back and forth to the garage. Very convenient and not too heavy to pull/push even with tools in itBuy it at Amazon

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