United General WH89695 Poly Tray Wheelbarrow, 6 Cubic-Feet (Discontinued by Manufacturer) Reviews

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3.2 out of 5 stars based on 14 customer reviews

Product Description

Top quality wheelbarows at a great price. United General produces contractor grade products that also perform for the homeowner and gardener.

Customer Reviews

An excellent wheelbarrow ~ reviewed by Chuck

Hopper/handles arrived one day and I thought I might have to contact Amazon to get everything else. Thankfully the wheel and mounting hardware arrived the next day.

I have a very similar wheelbarrow which was a huge help to look at when installing everything for this one. Installation instructions are on a small piece of paper which used terms for the various parts for which I had no clue.

Installing everything still took about 1.25 hrs. If you buy this wheelbarrow save yourself some grief and download the Amazon picture of it so you’ll what goes where and what is attached to what.

Amazon dropped ball on this one! ~ reviewed by Aurie Allen

I am sure this product will serve its purpose,if we can ever put together..Delivered package came with box heavily taped together, obviously a return. No instructions, packing slip, etc whatsoever! Because it is missingsevrral parts,we have to go to Lowes to purchase them, in order to finish putting together..cheaper to do that than return.. I have been amazon prime member for several years and frequently order. Extremely disapointed in Amazonon this one and have no doubt no one from Amazon will read or respond to my complaint.

Cheap ~ reviewed by Thomas M. Humphryes

I wanted to replace a poly wheelbarrow I used hard for 19 years and this seemed very similar. The poly tub is quite pliable and winds up twisting a bit when assembled. The bolts provided if cranked tight on their own would probably press through the poly tub. I didn’t want to take that chance so I put some larger washers on them to give it more surface contact. The rear holes in the rails were not aligned with the rear holes in the tub by over half an inch so I had to drill new holes in the rails. Assembly instructions are poor at best. Unless you’re good at improvising and aren’t going to use this wheelbarrow for anything too heavy (probably good for mulch), this isn’t something you want to get.

Follow up. I just used it for the first time today to move dirt. On a full load the frame twisted even though all the bolts were secure. Walking half a load you can feel how flimsy the frame is, wanting to bend to either side as you walk with it. My advice would be to avoid this product, period.

Quality Control??? ~ reviewed by Renee & Bill

I can’t really review this product, since all I received were 3 sets of wooden handles, no hardware, no tub, and no wheel. The labels all listed the different parts, but 2 of the sets of handles had different part names on the labels. The handles were returned today, and a new order was submitted. Time will tell if the correct parts are pulled from the shelves and shipped.

Light and sturdy ~ reviewed by Alessandro Catorcini

It was not an easy assembly, but once it is done, it does its job flawlessly. It can handle uneven sloped terrain easily and carries quite a haul comfortably.

Good value ~ reviewed by Sergiy

Instruction might be better but even with current instruction I assembled wheelbarrow in less than half an hour. Construction of wheelbarrow might be better with full load of dirt it feels unstable… If you load 80% of the load it would be ok. But wait… it only costs 40$ (at walmart + 4$ shipping) and for that money I am happy with my purchaise!

Hauling wood has never been more Easy. ~ reviewed by Becky Ryan-Willis

This exactly does what we wanted to use it for. We burn wood in the winter with 2 woodstoves and hauling in wood became very hard. Now that we have this wonderful wheelbarrow, it has taken 1/2 of the time for my husband to do so. The price was right in our ball park so we couldn’t have been more thrilled.

Terrible. It came with no instructions parts feel cheap ~ reviewed by Ronald Horowitz

Terrible. It came with no instructions parts feel cheap, and it requires at a minimum two people and two hours to put together. I highly recommend you either buy one local that is preassembled or at least buy a set that comes with instructions.

One Star ~ reviewed by amanda hastings

Plastic barrow is flimsy and makes it very hard to operate when moving large or semi heavy items

Dimensions Misleading or Totally Incorrect ~ reviewed by Edison Eye

This wheelbarrow doesn’t suit my needs. I was expecting a wheelbarrow that was 21 1/2″ wide just right to fit through my new sliding glass door. Perhaps you should be more clear about the measurements you provide and where on the wheelbarrow they refer. Almost $34 to ship and it won’t work for me. I haven’t put it together yet as I’m contemplating whether or not I should send it back. Bummer!Buy it at Amazon

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