United General WH89679 Poly Tray Wheelbarrow, 4 Cubic-Feet Reviews

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3.9 out of 5 stars based on 16 customer reviews

Product Description

Top quality wheelbarows at a great price. United General produces contractor grade products that also perform for the homeowner and gardener.

Customer Reviews

United General WH89679 Poly Tray Wheelbarrow ~ reviewed by John L. Bowen

The wheelbarrow itself is great. It will probably last forever. However, it was delivered in loose pieces. The only thing that was in a box was the tire and the assembly hardware. I am simply amazed that UPS was able to keep all the pieces together. No instructions of any kind were included. I didn’t even have a picture of how the thing was supposed to look. So, the assembly was trial and error. It probably took me an hour or more than it should have to put the thing together. Someone less mechanically inclined than I probably would have thrown up their hands in disbelief. Aside from that, it is a great wheelbarrow and I am glad I bought it.

Very nice for the money ~ reviewed by James R Stewart

Very well made except the holes for assembly do not line up well. That made it hard to put together so I knocked off a star.

Assembly instructions would have been nice, but I managed to put together and I am glad I did not return it. ~ reviewed by Happy Husband

Just right for a amateur gardener. Main use for the product is to transport compost , dirt , etc. to various parts of yard and garden.
Only problem was no assembly instructions ; but found very similar instructions on line for True Temper brand wheel barrow. Downloaded instructions and I had no problem putting wheelbarrow together.

This product is ok for the money ~ reviewed by Sheldon Jacobson

no instructions were provided for assembly which resulted in more time to assemble – not good. Need instructions to assemble which would ease the situation

United General makes a good strong wheelbarrow at a good price ~ reviewed by Christopher J. Cowen

United General Wheelbarow is a very good wheelbarrow that can a haul a great deal. I needed a wheelbarrow to take the leaves I raked to the back of my property and this wheelbarrow did the job. My only issue with this wheelbarrow is that I have had re-inflate the tire a few times. But other than the tire issue this wheelbarrow has been great. The red paint on the wheelbarrow has held up to the abuse I have put it through and the wood and metal frame is intact. This wheelbarrow has been made my yardwork much easier. I would definitely recommend this wheelbarrow. I am glad I have this product and would definitely recommend it to others.

Thank you for reading my review.

Well, it’s a wheelbarrow ~ reviewed by Reggie Bell

I hate to ding the product for Amazon’s short comings, but I am going to in this case. My “Prime” guaranteed delivery of two days took almost two weeks. Granted, this doesn’t happen often. But when it does there is very little recourse or after action on Amazon’s part.

It would have been nice if the product came with instructions, but I had absolutely no trouble putting it together from a picture.

Great for price ~ reviewed by Michelle Burke

Great for price. I have been using to move loads that weigh up to 100 pounds without fail. I wouldn’t recommend using for masonry or other sediments of equal density. The directions are vague, but relatively unnecessary for the basic assembly of this item.

The WORST assembly directions ever ~ reviewed by chris powers

Great product, the absolute WORST directions for assembly, no instructions, pictures of pieces very small, parts not numbered, bolts close in size placement of them NOT interchangeable

This wheelbarrow was a huge disappointment. The assembly instructions were inadequate (a parts diagram … ~ reviewed by William P Johnson

This wheelbarrow was a huge disappointment. The assembly instructions were inadequate (a parts diagram with lines), and when I assembled it using the pre-drilled holes, there wasn’t clearance for the wheel. I had to pull the tub off, mount the wheel, and drill new holes in order to attach the tub. The screws have such shallow slots it is difficult to tighten them, and the overall construction is flimsy.

Affordable and Adequate ~ reviewed by Star Child

When I purchased this product, I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a wheel barrow and I don’t use one that often. I read a prior review where a comment was made about the number of pieces that arrived in their order. I didn’t have a problem with that. The wooden poles came together, the tub and a box with all the hardware. I was pleased that the tire came already inflated. One less issue to deal with. It does take a little time to understand which screws to use when assembling. The instructions are simple but vague. For moving dirt, this is more than adequate. I wouldn’t recommend moving heavier materials like brick or stone becasue the tub is of flexible plastic construction. For the price, it was well worth it. I can’t complain about the delayed delivery because of the weather. Many things were affected by that included UPS and USPS. I would recommend this product.Buy it at Amazon

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