Union Floral Shovel, 8 1/4″ X 6″ Reviews

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4.7 out of 5 stars based on 34 customer reviews

Product Description

Ideal for digging small holes and planting flowers. Durable, down-sized, tempered steel blade for easier soil penetration. White Ash handle with 7″ socket for strength. Use repair handle No.750.

Customer Reviews

Company stands behind their products ~ reviewed by OneBigTree

We own what I believe to be the same shovel, which was previously marketed under the “Lady Gardener” brand by Union Tools.

My wife and I used it for several years and found the small blade size very handy, especially for planting flower bulbs and for digging in tight spots.

This fall the blade tore apart. The label on our shovel said it had a lifetime warranty, so I called Union Tools. After verifying our shovel, the customer service rep offered to send a new shovel without hesitation.

We got a lot of use out of our first shovel and we’re very pleased to find a company that stands behind its products. Union Tools will be at the top of our list the next time we need gardening equipment.

MY little shovel!!!! ~ reviewed by The Thornbirds

Love it. Love it. Love it! There is nothing like a lady’s shovel. My husband used to farm 2000 acres in the great San Jouquin Valley with a legion of workers and all kinds of expensive equipment– he can’t believe what I can do back here in Georgia with my little shovel! Its just right for a small person and small hands. I dig-in flowers, shrubs and small trees. I dig little trenches. Rescue wild flowers. Turn over rocks. Fits into my golf cart and I can bring rich soil from the woodland behind our place. It is strong. It is my everything! Can’t wait until Spring! BUY ONE now! You can never find them in the hardware stores or Lowe’s or Home Depot anymore. I waited almost an entire summer for a local hardware to ‘order’ one for me. He NEVER got that little shovel in! Thank goodness for AMAZON!! I am about to order another one that will make three. I have had my first one for about20 years! They last forever.

Love this shovel ~ reviewed by singedhope

My mother gardens, and had been looking for an easier-to-handle version of the clunky hardware store shovels for years.

We’ve only had this one for a few weeks, but so far, she’s loved the shape and weight of this shovel for her usual needs: burying compost and planting flowers/small trees/vegetables.

Haven’t put it on a scale to check, but it definitely feels like it weighs merely 2.5 lb.

Love it, thank you, Union!

Perfect planting shovel ~ reviewed by Midwife pat

I have a small shovel like this one but it was getting old and I was searching for a replacement. My neighbor borrows this shovel frequently because it’s lighter and easier to use. This is the perfect shovel for a lady gardener or an older gardener who could appreciate it’s lighter weight yet it’s strong enough to get the job done

for my purposes, excellent tool! ~ reviewed by Denno

Whenever I might want to limit the size of a hole I would need to dig, this shovel does the job. Mostly, I use it for setting plants like young trees, flowers,etc. This replaces my other floral shovel, which worked fine for almost 20 years, until I tried to force a large rock from the hard ground!

Amazing little shovel ~ reviewed by Koho

I sharpened it, and take it with me on hikes, for removing broom and thistles. Nicely balanced, strong, easy to maneuver

A good little shovel ~ reviewed by G. Maxwell

I ordered this shovel because my old pal, my little shovel I used for 30 some years finally cracked. I was afraid I would not be able to get another one with the same strength, but the Union Floral Shovel convinced me otherwise. It is well balanced and feels good and strong to use. I am very happy with it and plan on using it for many years. I’ll probably wear out before it does.

Very good. ~ reviewed by Charles Domanski

It is a very well made shovel, and is very easy to use. It is worth the price and then some. I am happy with it.

A very handy tool. ~ reviewed by Rebecca I.

This is a very usefull tool in the garden. I have trouble using a regular size shovel especially if the ground is hard. Also when plants are close together this smaller size prevent desturbing the other plants. Many years of gardening and I had never seen one of these floral shovels before. I love it! The quality is very high, I think it will last many years. The price is higher than a standard shovel, but after checking othe sources for the floral shovel, I found this one to be the best… And well worth the money. Overall I am very pleased.

10 year warranty and blade size is indeed 8-3/4″ X 6″ ~ reviewed by T788ASM

I was looking for a replacement shovel for my old favorite that was recently broken. That one had a 10″ X 7-1/4″ blade and I believed at the time that this Union Shovel was just that size (The current product description still says so.) The other selling point was the reviewer who said their shovel had a lifetime warranty. Well the times have changed, the label on the shovel I received states “10 Year Replacement Warranty”. The quality of the shovel is fine for light duty gardening and for use by kids.Buy it at Amazon

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