Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm 500 Count Red Wiggler Live Composting Worms Reviews

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Product Description

Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm has been specializing in the “Redworm” for over 40 years. The redworm is a true Composting Champion. Why use chemicals to try to enhance your gardening efforts? Let the redworm supply you with the best enriched soil that nature can supply. Simply place your Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm supplied redworms into your compost pile and let them munch away! No Chemicals! 100% Natural! Bigger – Better – Tastier – Healthier Fruits and Veggies! Restricted state: Hawaii

Customer Reviews

Very pleased with my Worms ~ reviewed by Debra McCra

This is my first time to try vermicomposting. I thought the price was reasonable compared to other deals online. The worms were delivered in three days. I made my own worm bin from two totes. I Googled for hours to find out as much as I could about the best way to do this. The best instructional videos are on Youtube. The instructions are very easy to understand and follow. The worms were smallish when they arrived, as expected. I placed them in their new home filled with cardboard, peat moss, and a little bit of food. They seem to like tomatoes, but don’t give them too much acid. Mine don’t care for brussel sprouts and in general they don’t like citrus. I only use kitchen scraps (organic matter) and cardboard and newspaper (carbon matter). Keep their bedding moist, but not soaking wet and make sure they have some scraps to eat but don’t over feed them. My worm bin doesn’t smell at all and my worms are fat and happy and I have lots of castings already. This is super easy and fun whether you have kids or you are an adult who acts like one :) If you are a gardener, I highly suggest.

Best so far ~ reviewed by Uncle Jim

I have ordered worms twice from Uncle Jim’s. I goofed up and starved my first batch. About 6 months later I decided to try again and ordered from a vendor close to my home in California. They were terrible. Less worms than advertised, very lethargic and small on delivery, and didn’t respond well at all. I decided to order more from Uncle Jim’s since my first order was good and it was my fault they didn’t survive.
The second batch was also very good. Lots of worms evident, somewhat lethargic but bounced back right away and are now thriving since I’m feeding them correctly. I wouldn’t hesitate buying again even though they ship from across the country, they still did better than the one’s I bought closer.

Very Pleased – With Update ~ reviewed by Amazon Nerd

Mine arrived alive and well. I actually neglected to pick them up from our mailbox for a couple days and they were still all wriggling. Shiver….I didn’t count them of course but there were a bunch. I ‘planted’ them in our raised beds and some in our composter. Yesterday I poked 12 holes in the beds to plant some garlic and literally half of the very small holes revealed worms. And that was in an area several feet from where I initially dropped them in. It’s a wormaganza out there. I’m very pleased.

Update – I have no way of knowing whether this can be attributed to this product or just plain nature, but…….every time I dig in my beds there are worms in each and every inch. I can’t dig the smallest hole for the smallest starter without hitting multiple worms. Sure, they could have come up from under the 20″ deep beds but I can’t help but credit it to the population that started with this product. I’d buy again but I clearly don’t need it haha. My only complaint is my city girl wife is now far too grossed out to dig in the garden at this point.

RED WRIGGLERS ~ reviewed by Helen D Smith


After reading the reviews ~ reviewed by pilgrim

I had some reservations and my friend and I decided to count the worms when they arrived. Well, we passed on that as the
worms were very active once set up. So a few less, a few more, it didnt matter. We had to start collecting garbage from the health food store to stay ahead of the worms.

Healthy wormies! ~ reviewed by Carla Pants

Worms arrived quickly and healthy and wiggly. It took them about 24 hours to completely perk up, as the leaflet that accompanied them stated. They’ve been munching and multiplying for about a month now, and everything’s going well in our indoor worm bin!

Happy Campers ~ reviewed by Bakersfield_Man

Our worms arrived in good shape and ahead of schedule. We have set them up in their new home and they are happy campers. In the not to distant future we will have compost!

I cant believe i purchased worms but they are doing what they were intended and one small place on earth is better ~ reviewed by Celestes mom

They arrived well and wiggly :) yucko- but in a great bag ready and easy to hand over to the DH. A month later almost and
doing their thing.

How many should be dead? ~ reviewed by Woody

Got em today. Added a half cup of room temp water to the bag and waited an hour. Dumped them into my new 360.
I prepared the bedding a few days ago. Coir, compost, shredded newspaper. I added a rotting banana under the bedding yesterday. Just the banana, not the peel.
The wigglers were in a big clump. After a bit they were moving around pretty well. But there seems to be a lot of dead worms on the top of the bedding. 15 or so.
USPS delivered a day late. Some excuse about wrong zip on label. But the zip was correct when I got the box.
Hopefully all is well.

I admit that I didnt add the water to the … ~ reviewed by Amazon Customer

I admit that I didnt add the water to the bag they came in. With that said, I started seeing coocons (worm eggs) after only a week. I check on them every day, at least once. And will have to double their food. So many coocons unable to count them. Now at week 5.Buy it at Amazon

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