Truper Sa De Cv 33040 4-Lb. Super Wedge – Quantity 6 Reviews

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3.6 out of 5 stars based on 19 customer reviews

Product Description

4 LB, Black, Super Wedge, Splits Log Into 4 Pieces At Once.

Customer Reviews

Great wedge, don’t wail on it though, a soft touch goes a long way. ~ reviewed by Matthew C Schumaker

So, I bought this wedge based on the other reviews. It arrived and a few days later I give a try. My first in impression was “WTF”. I would get it started in the center of the round (24+” red oak) with a small sledge then go at it with my big sledge. It would pop out. Literally bounce out of the hole on to the ground. I was very confused and pissed. I was wailing on this thing for a good 10 minutes barely getting it into the round more than an inch or two. On a whim, I started just tapping it down with sledge, only lifting the sledge maybe two feet above the wedge. The round split apart after 5 of these hits. Not sure if it was the round or what, but splitting a round without having to swing a 10lb sledge above my head sure is nice.

Perfect for what it does ~ reviewed by Jay Lamb

I use a variety of wedges to split wood depending on the situation for each piece. This wedge is great at splitting apart rounds that have already been started but are to tough to easily continue splitting. The wider head allows your sledge hammer to keep pounding it in even when the wedge is deep within the piece of wood. This guy has saved me a lot of work.

Prefer this type of wedge ~ reviewed by Chrocetti

I find the grenade type splitter to be far more effective than the standard wedges – so far so good with the model.

wood splitter ~ reviewed by wildland23wood splitter

Great splitter……….much better than the standard wedge type. Been splitting green douglas fir and western hemlock. 2 or 3 blows with an 8# maul and wood is split!

Split everything from cedar to oak and ash for fireplace wood ~ reviewed by Eusebius

While this wedge doesn’t make wood splitting a lot of fun it sure makes it easier. I use it primarily to split 18”-24” cut wood into halves or quarters and it works well. I have no problem in splitting everything from cedar to ash and oak. Normally I use a DR power log splitter, but to split fireplace wood this wedge and a maul is a bit faster to split the right size (and good exercise for me).

I bought these at a local hardware store – prices vary so shop around. I have many Truper tools because they are economical and rugged and are designed to make work easier.

Didn’t work for me, your mileage may vary ~ reviewed by Special Ops Guy

Guess my hopes were a bit high on this splitter. It’s hard to get started as it continually “pops” back out of the wood you are trying to split. Gave it a couple medium taps like starting a nail, then hit with 25lb sledge, out it flies. Did this over and over till I gave up and had a buddy split the logs for me on his DR splitter.

bad weld ? ~ reviewed by Angie samuels

Worked pretty good at first then after splitting a few logs the small end split about an inch up and broke on the one side ? Gonna file it down and try it again,other than that it worked good

Great wedge. This is a replacement for one other … ~ reviewed by Nolan C. Babcock

Great wedge. This is a replacement for one other wedge that broke while splitting an 24″ oak tree into firewood. Someday I will be able to afford a power splitter other than my arms.

Just okay ~ reviewed by K. Johnson

This wedge works okay and I only say that because it doesnt work at all in very hard woods. I have issues with it bouncing out but on softer dryier wood it works very well.

Two Stars ~ reviewed by John Snuff

Ok but for me sharp wedge works better and black gets lost should be orange yellow or redBuy it at Amazon

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