Truper 33567 Tru Pro Adjustable Steel Auger, 33-Inch Reviews

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3.8 out of 5 stars based on 27 customer reviews

Product Description

Truper 33567, IWA, Tru Pro Adjustable Auger, All Steel Construction, 33-Inch. 33-inch TRU-PRO Steel handle. White Ash handles give optimum ratio of resistance and flexibility. Pro quality design is easy on back, hands and arms. For Commercial, Industrial use; AG, Dairy, Farm, ranch for a lifetime of use. Tru Pro.”The Contractors Choice” for professional use. Truper has been in the hand tool manufacturing business for over 40 years and is by far the largest Mexican company in its field. Truper relies on the most advanced modern and efficient technology to guarantee the optimum quality and value of its products and demanding service needs of the company’s global customers. Tru Pro is a premium line true to the specs of contractor-grade tools. The unit is also geared at the consumer who wishes to step up to high-end tools. Best Value at the top end of the market. Tru-Pro products features the heaviest gauge heads available, tab sockets or steel collars, along with a select choice of white ashwood handles for the optimum ratio of resistance and flexibility. Lifetime warranty backs all Tru-pro tools.

Customer Reviews

Heavy Duty is right. ~ reviewed by Sunny

This post hole digger is very well made. It is heavy enough to work really well, but not so heavy as to be exhausting to use. Small tree roots don’t slow it down either. It is one of the best I’ve ever seen. I highly recommend it.

One of the handiest tools I have ~ reviewed by Eusebius

I have been using this Truper post hole digger for nearly ten years. It has good, strong fiberglass handles that don’t flex and the steel blades show no sign of wear except for scrapes. I use it for fence posts but mostly for planting trees and bushes. It’s easy to remove soil and stones without breaking my back and I use it along with a Truper 72″ Tamping Bar. Occasionally the swivel bolt needs tightening but that’s to be expected. It’s a very handy and well-used tool.

I keep a bucket of sand saturated with used motor oil in the barn and after using the posthole digger I hose it off and work the blades back and forth in the sand a few times before hanging it up. This scours it clean and protects the blades.

I bought this at a local feed store. Prices vary so it’s best to shop around.

Truper 30383 Tru Pro Heavy Duty Post Hole Digger, Steel Handles ~ reviewed by Leona Brown

This post hole digger works as advertised & seems very sturdy. Time will tell. As of now, I would recommend this product.

Truper 30379 Tru Pro Heavy Duty Post Hole Digger, Wood Handles, 48-Inch ~ reviewed by Gary D

I was contacted by customer service a day after I had ordered a similar item. They no longer carried the item I ordered and had this item available for immediate shipment. I agreed to swap the original item for this one.
Shipping was fast & arrived in an unopened undamaged carton.
Simple to use & penetrates the clay soil we have around our house with ease.
I would recommend this product to family and friends

Works well ~ reviewed by P. Schuller

Tool is just heavy enough to break firm ground and cut smaller roots yet not too heavy to fatigue the user.

Spend more and save!?? ~ reviewed by Dave Matthews

Hoped it might be stronger than it is. Okay for soft dirt without rocks. I have rock and the first time i used it the ends twisted up a little. Spend a little more money and get a better one than this. Fine for the homeowner with a half a dozen holes. I bought this for a ranch and it is not going to last very long. : -(

Good buy and investment. Should last a very long time. ~ reviewed by PingPong

Heavy duty, the steel handle helps to give it more weight for better depth while digging. I would not recommend it for a small or elderly person due to the weight, but beside that it was truely a good buy and investment. Should last a very long time.

I guess it worked good enough for what my intensions were but if I … ~ reviewed by Scott Thompson

Had to dig a hole for a 4×4 post. got down about 3 to 4 feet at the most, I guess it worked good enough for what my intensions were but if I were to do any heavy duty work, I would get something a little more heavy duty.

Eeeeeh ~ reviewed by Julian Ramirez

If you need to dig some sand-like soil, this is not the tool for you. It works good on solid soil but it won’t grab much of sandy soil

This “shovel” sucks. The metal was so cheap that it flexed … ~ reviewed by Jaben Carsey

This “shovel” sucks. The metal was so cheap that it flexed when i tried to dig with it (both the sheet metal and the joint). I returned it to Amazon.Buy it at Amazon

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