Truper 33178 18-Inch Double Edge Machete / Garden Saw with Abs Molded Handle Reviews

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Product Description

Truper 33178, MACH-18, 18-Inch Double Edge Machete / Garden Saw, With ABS Molded Handle. Precision Sharp blade for quick and easy pruning. Extra sharp blades cut small limbs fast. Clean after each use and oil for-year of trouble free use. Cut pathways and trails through jungle vines and YOUR BACK YARD.. Stock up on quality Truper Tools for other projects today. Truper has been in the hand tool manufacturing business for over 40-year and is by far the largest Mexican company in its field. Truper relies on the most advanced modern and efficient technology to guarantee the optimum quality and value of its products and demanding service needs of the company’s global customers.

Customer Reviews

Could Be Even Better ~ reviewed by tomo

Use the pruning saw to cut a 3″ branch other tree trimming. I was pleasantly surprised how effortless the sawing was. Very sharp blade. I noticed that the wing nut holding the blade in place loosens unless it’s really tightened. My old Sears folding saw came with a cardboard sheathe and the blade could be set in various positions. This is a great cutting saw, regardless.

Very Good Buy ~ reviewed by Damian

Excellent tool for the gardener or landscaper. It is very portable, can be easily attached to tool or regular belt. It folds into handle so minimizes risk of injury when not in use. Blade locks when extended and is very sharp – easily cuts through green or dead branches up to 4″ circumference. Larger branches will take a bit more time but are not a big problem. For strictly home gardening use, if pruning mature trees is not a requirement, would recommed a saw with a shorter blade – 8″ or so.

This is a great item for the price. Well balanced, long enough to do some serious damage to those pesky blackberry bushes! ~ reviewed by Shelly

This item is very impressive for the price. I am very happy and thoroughly satisfied with how it takes care of the thicket even though I haven’t sharpened it!

Chop, Chop, Chop ~ reviewed by jtshellnc

I have an overgrown thicket of weeds in my back yard and I needed a way to chop weeds and branches down that were too thick for a weedeater and this has done the trick. You do need to sharpen the blade upon initial use, but that is to be expected. The handle is very sturdy and comfortable to use, like a thick butcher knife.

Concerned customer ~ reviewed by Sharon L.

The saw arrived in good time – it did not seem to be wrapped very protectively – however,
my main concern is that there is no locking device to hold the saw intact when it is open -
just a screw which requires another tool (pliers) if one doesn’t have very strong
hands – which I don’t.

great machete,chop trees,,and used in mexican army ~ reviewed by PANCHOBARRON

MACHETE with a saw and blade works for my a thick carbon steel….you dont nead a barand name.and yes MEXICO makes good machete,,in mexico urrea truper..makes proto and german tools. makes them for less then 20 dlls,mexican soldiers carry a H&K G3 and SIDE ARM A MACHETE they dont have berettas m92 they trust their lifes to a truper machete

can’t be tighten well ~ reviewed by Snow

it is very sharp and works great, only issue is that it folds back doesn’t matter how tight you did it.

handy ~ reviewed by Mike

Nice little saw, don’t have to worry about your hand slipping down the grip.

OK for small stuff not great for ~ reviewed by G W BEHRENS II

Not as hefty as advertised . OK for small stuff not great for willows

good ~ reviewed by jr

Very handy, good priceBuy it at Amazon

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