Truper 30839 Replacement Fiberglass Handle For 5, 6-Pound Pick, 36-Inch Reviews

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Product Description

Truper 30839, MG-ZP-5F, Replacement Fiberglass Handle For 5/6-Pound Pick, #6 Eye, 36-Inch. Replacement for 5 or 6lb Pick #6 eye, 31638, 31614, 31641, 31646. 36-Inch Double injected fiberglass handle . Hickory or Fiberglass, the industry standard for strength and longevity. Rubber grip for improved handling & control. Stock up on quality Truper Tools for other projects today. Truper has been in the hand tool manufacturing business for over 40 years and is by far the largest Mexican company in its field. Truper relies on the most advanced modern and efficient technology to guarantee the optimum quality and value of its products and demanding service needs of the company-Feets global customers.

Customer Reviews

Good handle, but usually only for picks and mattocks ~ reviewed by Bob

I bought hoping to use for sledge hammer heads. I should have looked closely at the picture. This handle is strictly for tools like picks and mattocks. There probably are a few sledge heads and a few splitting mauls that this would work for – but none that I have seen. This handle should be advertized for picks and mattocks and I would have rated it a 5. But Amazon came through. I was able return and actually bought a new Truper mattock for only about $3 more that had this same handle. Truper makes very nice tools and handles. I did also buy another Truper handle advertized similarly. I wanted to compare the two. Kept the one that was really for a sledge – very nice.

Bad image good product. ~ reviewed by Woodburn

I had an old mattock head and for years I have checked at any hardware/lumberyard/etc. I encountered to no avail. On a whim I checked on Amazon, and the Truper 30810 replacement handle for 2 1/2 pound pick, #7 eye was listed. The picture looked hand drawn, no detail, but out of the desire to finally clear a project from the books I ordered it. On arrival (which was rapid as promised) the handle was straight grained and well made, no burrs, sealed wood handle. The head slipped on, and after a few taps on the floor, I was in business. Came at the right time as I was digging in this rich Minnesota soil (which if you are from up here you realize there is usually about equal parts rocks to dirt). Very pleased.

Comes with epoxy, great price ~ reviewed by Techweenie

I found an old blacksmith hammer head in the garage of the house I’d bought. It had the frayed remnants of an old hickory handle still in it and it was pretty rusty. A little work with an angle grinder with a wire wheel and a punch to get the old handle out and it was shiny and ready for a new handle. This handle fit the bill perfectly. It wasn’t more expensive than purchasing a new tool, it came with the epoxy to attach it to the head and it had enough reach to make the sledge useful. For less than thirteen bucks and a little effort I have what is ostensibly a brand new tool. Great stuff.

Grain not straight ~ reviewed by Jennifer McGee

This handle was bought as a replacement for the 30956 8lb splitting maul. It was identical to the handle that came in the maul originally earlier this year. Unfortunately the handle lasted even less time than the original; this one had less than two hour of use. Both were Truper handles, and both split down the grain which did not run straight.

A fine handle ~ reviewed by Joe P. Dougherty

As fine a hatchet handle as you could hope for normal use. Package included all needed wedges for getting a good snug fit. A good sturdy handle, does the job and should last for many years in normal use.

Perfect ~ reviewed by Cross U

Just plain high quality replacement handles. Strong and durable. Will probably outlast me and the work I do. Lots of broken wooden handles in my past.

A quick note. No rivet included. ~ reviewed by Honest Bob

I ordered this to replace the handle on a friend’s fancy polished stainless garden spade that I broke accidentally.

The psychological draw of buying it online was to be able to just install the handle immediately when it arrived, without having to go around to hardware stores to find the right item.

I noted that many online vendors provide the required rivet which attached handle to blade with with the replacement handle. Since no rivet is included, now I have to call or go ’round to the stores anyway and find one, or magic up a proper stainless bolt and cap nut arrangement.

It may not matter for most folks, but just thought I would mention it.

Handle quality is very light weight, with a “hecho in Mexico” manufacturing quality and finish of just OK. Not as good as the original (from China) on this expensive spade, but I guess that is not a surprise.

Good product ~ reviewed by J Dacal

Very heavy duty, good quality handle. Has a very good finish and a solid fell to it. Would recommend to others.

Truper 33132 Replacement Wood Handle For Leaf Rake, 48-Inch ~ reviewed by SJK

This is a decent 48″ hardwood replacement handle for the price. I used it to repair one of our spring rakes that the handle snapped in half on, but was still otherwise in good condition. It wasn’t a Truper brand rake, but the handle was a perfect fit anyway, since it had the same 1″ diameter. This replacement handle is made in Mexico and came from the factory unfinished, so I gave it a light sanding and put a couple of coats of polyurethane on to seal it. Overall, I’m happy with it and would buy another when needed.

Outstanding Replacement handle ~ reviewed by Snrajan

This replacement handle is well made. Fits snug in the ax head opening.. Included shims and metal anchor are very useful for hammering around and into the handle in the ax head opening for a very tight fit. After fitting the new handle, tried repeated heavy blows with the ax to drive metal posts in the ground. The handle did not become loose and held up well. A very good value for the price.Buy it at Amazon

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