Truper 30038 Tru Pro Forged Sod Lifter, 9-Inch X 5-Inch Head, 32-Inch Ash Handle Reviews

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Product Description

Truper 30038, SOD-LI, Tru Pro Forged Sod Lifter, 9-Inch by 4-3/4-Inch Head, Ash Handle, 32-Inch. 32-inch Professional Grade Premium North American White Ash handle. White Ash handles give optimum ratio of resistance and flexibility. makes easy work of sod removal. For landscape pro’s or homeowner/residential use. Tru Pro.-inchThe Contractors Choice-inch for professional use. Truper has been in the hand tool manufacturing business for over 40 years and is by far the largest Mexican company in its field. Truper relies on the most advanced modern and efficient technology to guarantee the optimum quality and value of its products and demanding service needs of the company’s global customers. Tru Pro is a premium line true to the specs of contractor-grade tools. The unit is also geared at the consumer who wishes to step up to high-end tools. Best Value at the top end of the market. Tru-Pro products features the heaviest gauge heads available, tab sockets or steel collars, along with a select choice of white ashwood handles for the optimum ratio of resistance and flexibility. Lifetime warranty backs all Tru-pro tools.

Customer Reviews

Ninja like lawn edger ~ reviewed by Pat

This tool is impossibly good. The whimpy string trimmers can’t compare. My edges are straight lines of brown geometry. Indeed, the border between my driveway and the lawn looks like it’s been grouted. Yes, it’s that good.

However, there are some tricks to using it that I didn’t understand for quite a while; The first few times out this will bump all over and not appear to be doing much. Slow down your movements city slicker. Slowly go back and forth on the edge (in one place) with a bit of downward pressure. This will create a grove for the blades to move freely, create a sharp line and prevent underground vines from creeping. Sweep the dirt and grass away and then behold the awesomeness that you have created. Each time you do it will become easier. Soon after lawn care specialist will soon try to recruit you.

Very Pleased ~ reviewed by George P. Burdell

I bought this from a big box store. This edger works great and I have found the Truper brand to be fairly good so far. We live in Houston, and the grass here is pretty difficult to deal with. I wanted to return this edger the first time I used it, but decided to give it a try for a second go around. I am glad that I did not return it. The first couple of times, it is very difficult to use, mainly because I was establishing a new edge, and learning the technique to use it. The technique is not that important after establishing an edge. Now I can go along the edge and clean it up in one pass. I keep the edger outside in the garage, and so far there is no rust. The only complaint I have with this is edger is that I cannot get close to a wall because a nut that keeps the cutting assembly protrudes out to far. Also, there is not a hole drilled into the handle to hang it up.

Better than a power edger ~ reviewed by michaelkary

This manual edger does every bit of a job that any power edger tries to do. Unless you have a 500 ft lawn to trim this one is quieter, uses no gas or electricity and gives a little bit of exercise. Definitely recommend this product. Is built solidly and has a nice smooth handle with just the right thickness.

Must Have Tool for You Lawn Care ~ reviewed by Quan

A powered edger won’t work in my case. I have inlay flagstones and exposed aggregate finish along the edges. This edger solved my problem. It works great and as advertised! The blades are sharp which cut the grass with ease. I had to move the edger back and forth multiple times in order to get a clean edge. I also found out this tool can edge on the non-hard surface. See photos for before and after attempt.

finding a replacement for the same type edger I wore out in 30 years ~ reviewed by litenen

This is a much improved upgrade of an edger I purchased in 1968 and used for 30 years.It has the dual rubber wheels which gives it much better stability than the single wheel model I wore out. It edges the lawn as good or better than a weed whacker. and as a bonus you get a little excercise. The ease of purchasing at Amazon and the promptness of delivery are pluses

You must prepare your edge first ~ reviewed by Wayne Grabert

This is an edited and upgraded review. My first experience was not good. The grass had grown 2″ or more over the edges. Where the grass was thick St. Augustine, the vines would wrap around the blade and clog it. It took too much effort to use this product in this situation, but my experience is much better now. Here is how I solved it.

If your edge has gone unattended for an extended period, you will have to go through the time and trouble to first prepare the edge by cutting through the overgrown grass with a shovel. Cut into the sod a little deeper than what you think is ideal. You will have to do this because the blade on this trimmer is not sharp enough to cut through a thick overgrowth. The blade is about 1/8″ thick and square cut. After investing the time and effort to do this, I then laid down a bead of Roundup weed killer along the edge to ensure the grass wouldn’t grow back too rapidly. You only have to do this shovel-and-Roundup procedure once, and the Roundup is optional. The edge will be easy enough to maintain as long as you trim it at least once every two weeks.

I have used the trimmer five times since then. The last time it went faster and easier than the first because I think the blade has self-sharpened some from from friction against the edge of the concrete. It does require more effort than a string trimmer, but not much more time. Since you don’t have to bother with refilling gasoline, oil or nylon line (or rethreading a broken line), you probably come out even time wise. Other advantages over a string trimmer are that you don’t need to wear eye or hearing protection.

Works great. ~ reviewed by Mike Spaulding

A little muscle needed to achieve desired results, but works well…..Extra fast shipment, Packaging was superb…. Four stars for the Truper, and Five stars for Horizon Distribution.

Manual Edger Works Great ~ reviewed by L. Foskey

My husband has been using the weed eater for doing the edges on our lawn and it was looking so uneven and rough. He described this type of edger is the one he wanted and I could not find it in any of the big stores but found it on Amazon. So I surprised him and he immediately used it that same day. He was like a little kid when he was seeing the outcome. The edges were so clean and straight. It did take a little bit of muscle for the first use for all the overgrown grass but now it’s just simple upkeep. He even did part of our neighbor’s yard…lol. We absolutely LOVE it!

love it! ~ reviewed by Kathy

I needed to get a lawn edger and was very satisfied with this one. Love the 2 wheels and how easy it was to use. I have a small yard so it fits my needs perfectly.

If you never used one, you have got to try it! ~ reviewed by A. Weed

Not many people know about this tool. Sod lifters have been around for over a hundred years and are handier than spades. I used these when I was a teenager working for a landscape company. We occasionally used it for sod lifting, but we mostly used them to edge flower beds. The leverage from these is far superior over using spades.

Not many landscape companies of today landscape in the traditional way like I was raised with (they don’t want to put the effort into it anymore), but a friend of mine just bought a place that is. I bought this sod lifter for him so he can maintain his property as nice as it looked when his cabins were featured in Home and Garden magazine.

Using a sod lifter takes a little getting used to and developing a skill for it; but once you get the hang of it, you will love it.

The only negative thing about this particular sod lifter is that the top handle is not attached very well. There is only one small pin that holds the top handle to the wooden shaft. This causes the handle to move around slightly which will eventually lead to the handle becoming very lose or even breaking off.Buy it at Amazon

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