Truper 30029 Tru Built 4-Tine Forged Cultivator, 5-Inch Head, 48-Inch Wood Handle Reviews

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4.3 out of 5 stars based on 45 customer reviews

Product Description

Truper 30029, CUL-PE, Tru-Built Cultivator 4-Tine Forged, 5-Inch Head, Hardwood Handle, 48-Inch. 48-inch premium grade waxed hardwood handle for strength and economy. 5-inch Cultivator with 4 tines. Matt-black painted head. Handle length is 48-Inch. For occasional user looking for reliable tool. Truper has been in the hand tool manufacturing business for over 40-year and is by far the largest Mexican company in its field. Truper relies on the most advanced modern and efficient technology to guarantee the optimum quality and value of its products and demanding service needs of the company’s global customers. Tru-Built products are ideal for the occasional user looking for a sturdy, well-made and reliable tool. Features matt-black painted heads, waxed hardwood handles, poly D-grips, chucked handles and a five-year replacement warranty

Customer Reviews

Great for moving debris ~ reviewed by Tarlzan

Forget about rakes or pitchforks if your trying to pull debris out of a truck bed or ditch or whatever- this works so much better- unlike the small ones that you can get at you local hardware store, this one has a long handle with long tines to really get a hold of stuff- I’m a landscaper and these are the best for cleaning out your truck bed.

Great tool!! ~ reviewed by SCS guy

Just purchased this after using another brand, which just didn’t have large enough tines. This one is well designed, digs in easily and even helps pull up medium sized rocks. It’s fairly lighweight handle, with large, strong tines……’s just right for serious work. Great value and has a 10 yr warranty…great!

Great for Rocky Ozark Gardens ~ reviewed by George V. Fancher

Been looking for a tool like this for years. It stirs rocky Ozark soil as well as a roto-tiller, doesn’t make noise or use gas. And gives a great workout in the bargain. PS it’s not made in China.

Lightweight Cultivator ~ reviewed by J C

This tool says Medium Duty, and that would be a stretch. It should say light duty. The handle is very small diameter so it must be designed for very small hands. What is called North American Ashe handle is very light and flexible.

If you are an older person, 70+ with small hands and need a lightweight tool this would be great for you, otherwise the handle is too thin and flexible.

In order to get the tines to dig very deep the handle bends severely and the wood is so soft it dents and scuffs easily, maybe I will paint it to harden the handle surface.

I Love this Ho ~ reviewed by B. Conner

lightweight solid one piece forged cultivator. it is very easy to use i use it in between rows or plants in veggie garden to loosen soil cut down on weeds i also love it for the compost pile main reason I bought it works good to tear it apart and pile it up again hope to get many years out of it

still hard work, but works great ~ reviewed by Rose

I purchased to pull up sections of grass/weeds. Did the job well. Only thing I would suggest is some anti slip material on the handle. When you are digging I had trouble holding onto the handle because of sweating. Solved with a rag tied around handle but would have been nice not to need

Serious weeding with this baby! ~ reviewed by Sharon

This is a fine tool. Very sturdy and doesn’t hurt your hands. When your garden gets out of control, you can really put some power into digging out those weeds!

May 2014: Update! I’ve used this tool for almost 2 years now. It’s still in fine shape and I still love it!

4-tine forged cultivator ~ reviewed by Texas customer

This just what I needed, It replaced a kobalt (Lowes) cultivator with a wood handle, Kobalt is total junk at about the same price. The Lowes handle broke in no time.

HOW TO WARRANTY? ~ reviewed by james

Says it has a ten year warranty. Snapped mid-handle after light use. What to do? Tried Google with no luck.

should never bend or break ~ reviewed by Tee Ree

This is a very strong and sturdy cultivator. We used it to mix good soil into our heavy clay soil for our vegetable as well as re-grading the area on one side of our house. I do not foresee any chance of the tines bending or breaking. Our previous one was not up to the job, bending very quickly so that it was not usable even within the first season of use.Buy it at Amazon

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