True Temper Real Tools For Kids Rake With 42-Inch Handle KGRM Reviews

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Product Description

Ames Real Tools For Kids Garden Rake Now, let your kids do the chores with the Ames Real Tools For Kids Garden Rake that is designed to offer easy utility. Our collection of high-quality rakes & yard clean up products are sure to simplify your life and make your garden or landscape look even better. Designed for comfort and ease of use, they offer professional results and long lasting functionality. Product Features: Tool head and handle are kid sized for comfort and ease of use. It has a lacquered hardwood handle that won’t splinter. Comes with a sturdy steel head.

From the Manufacturer

All gardening tools are not created equal. And what you really need is not only the right tool for the right job, but also something that’s right for you too. Smaller and lighter tools for smaller hands. Ergonomic tools designed to reduce stress on the back, muscles and joints. Rugged tools for the professional user. Even lil’ (but always genuine) tools for your lil’ helpers.

Customer Reviews

Tool for kids, but… ~ reviewed by Kayse C

This scaled-down version of a real garden tool – not a plastic toy – is a sturdy, good quality wood and METAL rake, so children should be supervised when using it. But this is just what I was looking for so my grandchildren can help in the garden – and they love all of the True Temper kids’ tools (especially the wheelbarrow!). I may have to purchase another set or two in order to prevent arguments. Although purchased for them, I use this little rake myself. Its sturdy 7-inch head fits easily between plants, and is strong enough to chop soil and loosen packed-down mulch. It works much better for this than the 3- or 4-tine cultivators sold (for adult use) in garden centers. The handle length, of course, is suited to a child’s height (but I’m 5ft 2in tall, so it works ok for me).

Tools for Kids great quality ~ reviewed by M. Murphy

I put off reviewing this purchase because I sent them to my grandchildren out of town and hadn’t seen them for a while.

The tools are great. Perfect miniature versions of adult tools. Very sturdy and sized just right for 5 to 8 year olds.

Finally! ~ reviewed by Amazon Customer

I have been looking for this rake ever since the old one that I had just like it broke a couple of years ago. It’s perfect for weeding because it reaches in tight places. I love to use it to pick up the weeds and carry them away when I’m finished. Oh, and my grandson has been “raking” ever since the day it came in!

Well made! ~ reviewed by Debra Bonanno

Finally, a toy that is NOT plastic-real wood and will allow a child to be and active gardener. I bought all of the tools made from this company as well as their wheelbarrow. All are of excellent quality and arrived in perfect condition! Thanks Amazon for bringing such great products.


I’m not a kid but a senior. This rake works great for me because I find bending difficult so I need to sit on a stool to do my gardening and the shorter handle keep me from poking things behind me and it is less awkward.. It is much easier for me to use than a regular rake. I also like the shorter width of the tines, easier to get between flowers & bushes.

Great Pooper Scooper ~ reviewed by Amazon Customer

I was shopping for a gift for a child and saw the review about the rake scooping poo. I decided the rake was too big for a 3 year old but bought it as a pooper scooper. It works great! It’s very sturdy and I’m sure it would be a good garden tool for child or adult as well (children would need to be supervised, however, this is not a toy).

Nice tool ~ reviewed by JCA

Very nice, will work great. I use it as a worm maze, to train them to fertilize my green grass.

Real tools for kids ~ reviewed by Marilyn Johnson

I have an old set that we have used for years. Now we have 2 sets to enjoy. Thanks for a wonderful product and great service!

Good for tiny gardeners ~ reviewed by Megan

I am not a kid, but I am only 5 feet tall, so I wanted to give this rake a try. It’s a perfect size for me: it’s not too short (no discomfort in my back from bending too far) and not too large (no discomfort in my arms). The rake itself appears exactly as shown in the photo and the wooden handle has a nice coating that makes it smooth to touch (no splinters). It doesn’t feel like it will last for 5 years, but I imagine for shorter adults and children it is well worth the price.

Perfect for my grandchildren. ~ reviewed by RW Humbert-Hale

My grandchildren have been improving their gardening skills and I felt it was time to get them tools suited to their needs. I had, of course, tried the plastic handled tools from various stores but they usually did not last a season, if they worked at all. Definitely not the case with the True Temper Real Tools — which are easily as tough as the full size tools I use. As an added bonus, my wife finds these much easier to use in the flower garden than the “adult” tools.Buy it at Amazon

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