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Product Description

The Ames True Temper pruning solutions steel handle bypass lopper comes with steel handles for optimal sturdiness and over-molded grips for added comfort. The unit’s blades are made of stainless steel for strength and durability, and have a non-stick coating for smooth all-day cutting. This steel-handle bypass lopper also features a large 1-1/2-inch cutting capacity for large branches and vines, making it an excellent choice for personal or professional use.

From the Manufacturer

Pruning Solutions Steel Handle Bypass Lopper comes with steel handles and over molded grips. Blades are made of Stainless Steel for strength and durability, and have non-stick coating for smooth cutting.

Customer Reviews

A great lopper! ~ reviewed by R Stahl

I just got this lopper (Aug., 2007) and used it to trim lots of large shrubs. It can also cut branches, up to 1 1/2 inches thick. It is very precise, and easy to use. Some loppers are very resistent, but this one cuts easily. The length of the lopper also helps cut branches or stems that are a bit hard to reach, which is wonderful. I highly recommend these, and I am very particular when it comes to gardening tools!

May 29, 2015 UPDATE
After almost 7 years of heavy duty pruning with this tool, it has finally stopped working. I loved it so much that I have just reordered the exact same one from amazon. It was a great tool right up to the end! I wish it were slightly lighter for the times I had to prune the parts of shrubs that were hard to reach because of their depth, but I suppose then the lopper would not have been as strong. Still rate it 5 stars! I was so glad that I could still order the exact same one!

Great Value & Product! ~ reviewed by Eric Stevens

I have had a pair of these blue Ames Temper loppers for about 10 years, still cutting strong and never disappoints. The rubber end handles aid your efforts greatly, prevents the tool from slipping out of your hand, and provides a basis for good leverage. I’ve cut pine branches up to the width of 1-1/2 inch. Cutting cedar tree branches of all sizes do present a problem once and awhile because they are dense, and even small cedar branches are like cutting metal wire. Sometimes it takes a second snip to get the cedar branch totally off. I suppose cedar tree branches would give any brand of lopper a hard time. The Ames steel handle length is good and I can reach high branches (I am 6ft tall). The steel handles are durable with no denting, have also stood up to the torque of pressure during cutting, a slight bend is evident near the blue/black assembly part of the handle, but after 10 years of heavy use no complaints from me. I have noticed when I position the clipping hook pointing downward and blade upward toward the sky better cutting results occur. Recently I have been looking for a replacement and researching other lopper brands just in case my pair of Ames eventually fail, but it appears I will get a second pair of these Ames if the opportunity presents itself as other reviews here support my verdict. Well worth the money.

A great cut ~ reviewed by Brad A. Bigam

These pruners are among the best I’ve used. Others that I have either owned or borrowed have had issues that made cutting difficult. However, these just snip quickly & easily.

Great tool, honest company ~ reviewed by Angelita

I purchased this lopper in 2009, and it is the best I’ve ever used. It cuts cleanly and can be used for pruning branches and even cutting small trees. This year a small part failed and I got in contact with the company. Ames honored its warranty and I received a brand new one as a replacement, at no cost.

Great for Casual Trimming … not so much after heavy use. ~ reviewed by ridley88

These worked like a dream for the 1st few months I used them. I have a ton of poison oak that I’ve been traversing in my backyard, and these are long enough and sharp enough to be initially a great tool.

However, I really worked this lopper to heck. After about two dozen sessions, the padded stopper under the blades fell off. Then the metal underneath the stopper bent so there was nothing to catch the handles coming together. Shortly after that, the hinge became un-aligned and now it annoyingly tightens with every cut. (I have to yank it apart to loosen the hinge.)So I’ve had it for 5-6 months now, and am looking for a replacement.

It works well with really light use, but if you have a longer more continuous job, I’d go for something more durable.

Works well, not blue as shown. ~ reviewed by Pluto

This lopper has a decent balance but not perfect. They are made of metal and are much heavier than the B&D, we just replaced, which were made of a man made composite. We had to repair the B&D several times (over a 5 year period) cause one handle would break every once in a while. Over the years we repaired the B&D and back to work with a handle longer than the other. I don’t think that will be an issue with these since the handles are made of metal. We use this Lopper primarily for cutting our Rose Bushes which are woody and quite thick. The True Temper Lopper had no problem whatsoever cutting them. The rubber grips feel nice and help keep them in my hands. They are longer than our old Loppers and I have to admit we did not need them this long. For the price I feel it’s a good deal. As my tittle suggest these are not Blue as pictured but Red and black. I won’t knock a star for the color, that’s an Amazon issue nor for the long handle that’s my issue. One last thing, ours is noisy so I oiled them yet, they still make some noise. Maybe it will go away over time but, we won’t be using them for a few month now. Hope this helps and happy Gardening!

Excellent and durable ~ reviewed by Doug Erlandson

This is a well-constructed and nearly indestructible product. I use mine every year to trim our fruit trees. Although it works best on branches that are less than an inch in diameter, I’ve been able to trim branches that are closer to one and a half inches in diameter. The pincers have remained sharp despite frequent use. I also like the long handles, which allow me to get to branches that would be hard to reach otherwise. I highly recommend this product for anyone who has trees that require frequent pruning.

I have written a review for this pruning shear already … ~ reviewed by Sandra M. Willis

I have written a review for this pruning shear already, but I will do it again. The shear is light weight which is what I wanted, but was not very sharp. I tried to use it, but found it will have to be sharpened before I can use it. Meanwhile, someone volunteered to trim my bushes, so I haven’t had to use the shear. Will have to sharpen it before Spring.

Nice quality. Wrong color. ~ reviewed by FlawlessJS

The quality of the tool seems nice. I have yet to use it, but it is not blue in color as the listing indicates. The tool is red/black. Not a deal-breaker, but definitely not as the listing suggests.

Great product ~ reviewed by WENDY LOHN

These pruning Loppers work really well. Easy to grip and squeeze even with sore hands. They work really well for my husband and I.Buy it at Amazon

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