True Temper Cultivator/Weeder With 48-Inch Wood Handle 1843500 Reviews

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4.6 out of 5 stars based on 42 customer reviews

Product Description

1843500 Features: -Product Type:Soil Cultivator. Dimensions: -Overall Product Weight:1.6 -Overall Height – Top to Bottom:2 -Overall Width – Side to Side:5.5 -Overall Depth – Front to Back:50.5

From the Manufacturer

All gardening tools are not created equal. And what you really need is not only the right tool for the right job, but also something that’s right for you too. Smaller and lighter tools for smaller hands. Ergonomic tools designed to reduce stress on the back, muscles and joints. Rugged tools for the professional user. Even lil’ (but always genuine) tools for your lil’ helpers.

Customer Reviews

Small Size/Shape for Tight Area Weeding ~ reviewed by Michael -

Small Size/Shape for Tight Area Weeding; ideal for weeding those troublesome weeds that like to grow right next to your plants, where a regular hoe would damage your plants. Some 50 years ago my dad took a regular hoe to a blacksmith who ground it down to this shape for doing close up weeding next to plants; I inherited it however, rust and handle wear have made it time for a replacement. (I now use some lubricant spray on my tools to help avoid rust/etc.)

A more pricey narrow/slim weeder would be the Telsco weeder that is like a narrow Hula-Ho; additionally there are other narrow long handle weeders that work similar to this one.

The key to successful weeding is removing as much of the weed’s root as possible. Where do “weeds” come from? There are some weed seeds that are very small and they actually come through municipality water systems and have been nick-named “water weeds” – so your plants need water and when you water them you also can be seeing the ground with “water weeds.” Then there are weed seeds that just blow in with the wind. Treating yourself to some specialty weeders should help make your gardening hobby even more fun!

These are the BEST for planting ~ reviewed by polakslady

Folks at the community garden are forever borrowing mine for planting. You can make planting trenches on moments or individual planting holes with one swipe, all while standing up and being comfortable. So much better than trying to balance a hoe on one corner, or crawling along or squatting repeatedly to get your plants and seeds in the ground!

Great Tool ~ reviewed by Busy Buyer

This has turned out to be one of my favorite garden tools. It allows me to nip weeds without disturbing the roots of my flowers and veggies. It is definitely worth the price because it allows me to do my weeding while standing up

One Sweet Little Specialty Hoe, For Tight Jobs ~ reviewed by steve stehr

This pointed wonder is perfect for removing weeds that have snuggled up against desirable plants, or next to other tight spaces (flagstones, cracks in your sidewalk or driveway, up against a wall…), lickety split. It is also excellent for planting, creating perfect furrows for receiving your seed or small plants. Once you have it, you will spot new uses for it, as well, one of the most frequently used tool in my garage.

Warning: this is not a warren hoe, which has a considerably wider, more more substantial blade. If you are going to have one triangular hoe, I would urge you to buy a warren how for maximum flexibility/utility, as this cultivator/weeder is more like a toothpick, compared to its big brioher the warren hoe. True Temper has an outstanding warren hoe for a can’t beat it price on Amazon- see if you’re after a more versatile tiller/weeder in areas that do not have weeds tight to other plants or borders.

… a little bit so I can’t give it a perfect rating yet but so far…revised to a 5 star review! ~ reviewed by HobbyJunkie

I just got this hoe today and have only used it a little bit so I can’t give it a perfect rating yet but so far, I love it! I have small hands that aren’t very strong and needed one like this to weed my flower beds. I used to have a hoe like this that was made by Martha Stewart’s company and sold by K-Mart but they haven’t had them for years. I wore that one out and wasn’t able to fix it but I kept looking at warren hoes for a replacement but they are way too big and clunky for what I need. This is the perfect size to fit between small delicate plants and it seems sturdy and like it will hold up. TruTemper is a great brand! I’ll come back in a couple of months and give this a better rating if it measures up with lots of use. But so far I’m very happy with it. So much so that today I ordered another one! Edit: After using this sweet little hoe, I’m loving it and have upped my review from 4 stars to 5 stars! It’s great and I’m so glad I got another one.

Great Garden Tool ~ reviewed by farm girl

This is just what I was looking for to dig deep under the weeds and pull them out! Great product.

Four Stars ~ reviewed by MylesD

Like this little hoe! Small head but great for getting into sharp places and very pointed/sharp

Works Great! ~ reviewed by TR

This tool is great for edging around driveways and gets into unusual crevices. I bought the hand held version of this as well and one for my dad. He loves his too. Definitely recommend.

Xlnt for between stepping stone unwanted growth ~ reviewed by cybermar

Xlnt for light weeding & cultivating. Especially useful for removing unwanted growth between stepping stones.

This piece of equipment is better than I could image it works so well weeding … ~ reviewed by lewis canada

This piece of equipment is better than I could image it works so well weeding and it is great for my back.Buy it at Amazon

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