True Temper Clog-Free Poly Leaf Rake With 48-Inch Cushion Grip Wood Handle 1906500 Reviews

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Product Description

All gardening tools are not created equal. And what you really need is not only the right tool for the right job, but also something that’s right for you too. Smaller and lighter tools for smaller hands. Ergonomic tools designed to reduce stress on the back, muscles and joints. Rugged tools for the professional user. Even lil’ (but always genuine) tools for your lil’ helpers.

Customer Reviews

Rakes fine…breaks within a year ~ reviewed by James L. Kimble

The rake overall design is good except the wooden part of the handle broke on mine. I purchased it at Home Depot. Mine didn’t have a padded handle, but it is the same rake. It sold under the “VIGORO” brand name and says it has a 25-year limited warranty, but I’m on my third contact trying to get some resoluton. I won’t stop. If you offer a warranty you should back it up.

Best Leaf Rake ~ reviewed by Judy M

This rake is about 10 times better than rakes available in stores. It’s not cheap, but it dramatically cuts raking time, and you do not have to stop every two minutes to remove leaves like in other rakes.

Great Rake – Weak Wood Handle ~ reviewed by kone

I thought this rake would last for years, as it has a 10-year warranty, but unfortunately, the handle broke after only 2 months of use. Rather than go through the hassle of trying to return it to the company under warranty, I bought a metal reinforced handle and now I think I have a rake that will last for many years. The poly-plastic rake is light and gathers leaves easily, but the handle flexed too much and in time broke. Great rake – poor handle. Won’t buy one of these again.


Price? ~ reviewed by Kathryn E. Etier

I had one of these rakes I bought a couple of years ago for less than $15, and I’ve seen it advertised for $9.99 to $14.00. What’s with the $139 price tag. I loved the rake,and I love doing business with Amazon, but WTH??? Anyway, it was a great rake, but I’m not buying it at this price. I can’t imagine any rake that could possibly be worth that.

Bogus 10-year warranty ~ reviewed by Matkat

I bought an almost identical True Temper rake five years ago and really liked it. It did not clog at all. When I bought the rake it was labelled “Lifetime Warranty”, but I see they have reduced that to a “10 Year Warranty”. Still, not a bad warranty, right? Wrong.

Last year the tines started to break and split. When I called Ames to see about getting the rake replaced I was told the warranty was ONLY for manufacturing defects, not for use! What kind of bogus warranty is that? Ames True Temper brazenly advertises long warranties they have no intention of ever making good on. It’s a deceptive business practice in my opinion.

If you don’t believe me about this bogus warranty by Ames do a test on your own – call up Ames and tell them you have a rake that the tines started breaking on after 5 years. Their warranty number is 800-393-1846. See what they say. They’ll tell you there is no warranty for your rake because it wasn’t a manufacturing defect.

So I rate this rake 3-stars: 4 stars for the rake (it isn’t durable enough for 5 stars) and 1-star for the deceptive business practices of the manufacturer who tries to trick people into buying a product by claiming a long warranty that does not actually exist. Shame on you Ames True Temper.

Works great with one caution ~ reviewed by N. Hyland

Sold also as the Stanley Brand with lifetime warranty. My Dad had the original and it lasted him fine. I picked one up and the plastic piece that holds the tines to the handle broke after one season.
No matter what brand is on it, call Ames True Temper for warranty replacement.
They sent me a new one and it looks like they fixed that weak spot.
I saw them again for sale at Walmart (under various brand names now). August 2010. Get it for fall while you can.

Unsatisfactory packing causes damage ~ reviewed by Charles J. Ferg

The rake is fine but when it was wraped for shipping, packing tape got on the foam grip in 2 places. As I was unpacking the rake, I pulled the packing tape off and some of the foam grip came off with the tape. The rake is useable but the missing foam is in places where I naturally grip the rake. So far it is not a problem but I expect the foam grip to come apart sooner than it normally would.

I am so very very disappointed with the delivery ~ reviewed by Bookish

I am so very very disappointed with the delivery. The packing was utterly horrible. Tape was stuck to the rake and the cushioned handle. When I got it removed, it was a sticky mess. I had to get some Goo Off to get what i could removed. If I had left it on, grass would be stuck to the tape residue,as it is, the tape took off some of the cushion handle.The screw hole is not drilled through and I had to get my drill out.I am a “UPS My Choice” member and they are suppose to know that my request is to leave any parcels on my patio. I also have a sign on my garage window with instructions.It was left by my garage! I heard no door bell or any entrance on my patio, as I was right inside my glass door. This is my second rake like this one and I love it but my grandson broke it, so without hesitation I ordered another one. The rake is a 5 star one but the rest is “O”.

Works well, durability average. ~ reviewed by PH

Bought this from Home Depot about 8 years ago. Bottom line, works well, but it’s just normal old plastic. It was the Ames Copperhead back then and had a 15 year limited warranty. After about two years, started to break off a piece of the tines each year. Total failure(about half the teeth were left at the time) this year as the tines all broke off. Does a great job with dry leaves. I wouldn’t expect it to last more than five years. As for the warranty, call the Ames customer support audio response line and ask them, if they call you back. Buy it, if you can get it at a discount.

Broke right away ~ reviewed by Amazon Customer

This rake worked well….twice. Then the plastic part that connects to the handle broke. No abuse involved. Clearly made to sell, not to last. ‘Lifetime warranty’ seems unreal given what TT says about rake warranties on its web site. Don’t buy it!Buy it at Amazon

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