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1983600 Features: -Product Type:Trowels. Dimensions: -Overall Product Weight:0.5

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Best Transplanter Trowel

Customer Reviews

Bought regular trowel too! ~ reviewed by McWells

I bought the “regular” version and saw this one – how could I resist? Bottom line: I like traditional trowels with wooden handles. This ain’t exactly the same as my very old USA-made one but it’s the closest I could find. Rivets could be better (made in China). Quite sturdy. Recommend.


Removing the stickers is an awful experience – blow dryer technique does NOT work. Use Goop-off (sp?) or dry cleaning fluid (Angelus)

Fantastic – solidly built ~ reviewed by pamela

This is a trowel that will last for years. The wood handle is nicely finished and feels great in hand. The rivets and steel shovel are solid. I recommend this trowel.

Built tough for the job! ~ reviewed by Jason Luokka

I do lots of gardening around my yard during the growing season, and found I needed a new transplanter to replace a couple I had that got either lost or broken. I found this one to work very well, and really liked the way it felt on my hands, especially when having to break through our soil, which has lots of clay. The blade is nice and thick, and doesn’t get misshapened during use, which makes it well worth the money. The only small knock I might find with it is I’d like the blade to be a bit wider, but that certainly doesn’t take away from it being a quality product overall.

The tool is fine once you get the large sticker off that covers … ~ reviewed by C. Hansen

The tool is fine once you get the large sticker off that covers the face of the trowel. This sticker is no small matter. Once you soak off the paper part you face a layer of VERY tenacious adhesive. Acetone and some elbow grease will eventually get it, but it shouldn’t be this hard to remove.

How to get the sticker off ~ reviewed by Roast Pork

Nice trowels. I bought two. There are useful inch markings under the sticker, and here is how to get the sticker off.

Method 1. Heat the trowel from the back with a propane torch until the sticker just starts to bubble. Usually, you can peel a sticker when the object is just warm to the touch. I heat stickers on cardboard boxes with a propane torch all the time (from the sticker side), and they peel off like taking the backing off a Band-Aid. The first trowel was barely hot, about like a hot cup of coffee, and the sticker was peeling but starting to tear. So I heated it until I saw the slightest bubbling under the sticker. Then it came off like nothing. I estimate the trowel was about the temperature of a clothes iron (spit on the finger test). Once it had cooled to coffee cup temperature, I used a paper napkin and some 3-In-One Oil to remove the residual glue. The trowel is mirror-shiny with no residual glue.

Method 2, I could hear certain people I know saying eeeeeew! I’m supposed to put a trowel contaminated with petroleum distillates into my ORGANIC garden soil? Not! So I took the second sticker off the same way. I didn’t peel a corner at the coffee-cup warm stage (for safety reasons, you might want a little corner to get hold of), I just went right to the initial bubbling sticker hot stage and took it off (careful, I don’t care so much about burning my fingers a little; you might). Then, I brought the still-warm trowel to the kitchen and rubbed the residual glue off with canola oil. It pretty much all came off. I could still see the outline of the sticker, but I could read all the inch marks clearly, and I could not feel the glue that was left. What glue was left came off instantly by wiping with a paper napkin wetted with odorless mineral spirits (paint thinner, naphtha, petroleum distillate, unfortunately).

Practically speaking, heat the shovel until the label has bubbles under it, peel the label, cool. Take off the glue with paint thinner or motor oil, and wash the shovel with dish soap if petroleum in your garden is a problem.

Works Well ~ reviewed by Jennifer

The True Temper products seem to be well made. The wood handles are nice, and they get the job done.

Best made transplanted trowel in my humble opinion ~ reviewed by Pluto

Best made transplanted trowel made in my humble opinion. If you are looking for a good looking transplanter Trowel, made with a wood handle, well made this is the one for you. I have used several trowels over the past 3 years and this is by far the best made. I would recommend this to my friends and family without hesitation. Keep in mind this is not a full size trowel. I have several full size trowel of this transplanter trowel and both models are well made. I like the marked measurement on the transplanter. As always, the sticker is truly a pain.

… have read all od the reviews and I equally love this trowel ~ reviewed by tammie

I have read all of the reviews and I equally love this trowel. Really confused though as to why people are so concerned about the sticker? I have never removed a sticker from my trowels, doesn’t it just go in the dirt anyway? If you are basing your purchase on whether or not the sticker comes of….don’t, this is worth it 100%!

Great ~ reviewed by Lib Noskaj

I’d give it 5 stars if I could get the label off. Closest thing I could find to match my old “Made in USA trowel” that lasted 20 years. I don’t think this will make 20 but it is great so far.

Shovel ready ~ reviewed by Judy Ketchum

Cute and handy with the other gardening tools I got. I has not bent while digging. That is a first. Nice trowel.Buy it at Amazon

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