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Product Description

1983800 Features: -Weeder. -Chrome plated head. -Ash wood handle. -Convenient hang-up hole. Product Type: -Weeder. Dimensions: Overall Product Weight: -0.3.

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Best Wooden Handle Weeder

Customer Reviews

Still going strong after all these years! ~ reviewed by A. Gift for You

Stick it to Monsanto, and do it yourself. I’ve had mine forever and the handle is perfectly in tact. Quality product.

GREAT TOOL! ~ reviewed by P. GILMAN

I had one of these tools for years however it burned with everything else in a CA wildfire. While browsing garden tools on Amazon, i discovered this again and oredered it last month….it is still terrific and wonderful when hand weeding.

Huh??? ~ reviewed by Billy D

I have owned (too) many of these weeders over the years because I lose 2-3 per season. They are very functional, inexpensive tools for weeding in your flower bed. There are better tools for removing weeds from the lawn, however,.

My beef here is the product posting itself. What is the product…wooden handle or metal handle (actually the model I’ve purchased before looks like the photo and had a resin handle) as both are mentioned in the write-up?

Now the pricing…I just purchased the “wooden” handle model from a local hardware store at the everyday price of under $3. So what’s up with the nearly $8 price from Amazon, especially if delivery is not free.

By the way, the large box stores no longer carry the model(s) described in this posting. They only carry much more expensive and elaborate models (eg, ergo design with shot absorbing gel handles…oh, come on).

good quality ~ reviewed by ryan p doyle

Very nice tool, I’m confident that it will hold up for many years to come. It’s extremely sharp and does an incredible job of slicing roots far below the service. Would buy again.

Exactly what i needed ~ reviewed by Walter Ampey

This hand weeder does the job…less bending and really gets the weeds down to the root this is a sturdy useful tool I recommend this tool for anyone that have those annoying weeds.

The “vee” notch of my tool was dull and rough ~ reviewed by Lima484

The “vee” notch of my tool was dull and rough. It just had the raw edge from the stamping press; rolled edges and burrs weren’t removed, they just chrome plated over them. Is a sharp tool too much to expect for 10 bucks today? I filed it myself to get a proper edge.

Excellent tool! ~ reviewed by Wei-nong Wang

A sought after tool for all gardener!!! This thing can remove dandelions and other weeds easily. The wooden handle is comfortable, and the metal part is extremely sharp to remove the root. I dug up so many dandelions in my lawns and love it so much. The price is decent, WAY CHEAPER than my local gardening and hardware stores. I want to get 2 more!

This was a bit of a disappointment but it still does the trick ~ reviewed by Ken

This tool is not as long and the tip is not as wide as the old tried and true ones I have seen. This was a bit of a disappointment but it still does the trick. It is a well-made tool, just not as big as I expected.

It was easy to pound it straight again with a mallet ~ reviewed by M. Luce

Mine arrived very sharp. But the steel is soft, and it bent, and stayed bent, soon as I started levering the dandelion roots with it. It was easy to pound it straight again with a mallet. So plan to push and prod with it, but not to use leverage. So far the Fiskars 78706935J is my favorite.


This product is great for removing Dandelions and other wretched weeds that plaque our lawn and gardens. I wish the handle was a little longer so you didn’t need to stoop so low, but it really does the job. An alternative to chemical weed killers.Buy it at Amazon

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