Troy-Bilt Pro-Line FRT Mid-Size Rear-Tine Garden Tiller (21A-665B766) Reviews

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3.0 out of 5 stars based on 11 customer reviews

Product Description

Features a 160cc, Honda Proline CRT engine counter rotating rear tine tiller. Cast iron transmission with bronze gear drive system. 13-Inch by 5-Inch Ag tires.

From the Manufacturer

Our medium-frame Pony rototiller is perfect for gardens up to 1,500 square feet and large-scale to commercial application groundbreaking. With forward-rotating design, the Pony tiller is well-known for its ability to prepare finely milled, well-aerated and ready-to-plant garden beds. And it accepts optional attachments for increased garden productivity. Factory-installed protective front bumper included. 2 year limited manufacturer’s warranty. Limited lifetime warranty on transmission. 160cc Honda OHV GX engine with 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Customer Reviews

Troybilt Pro-Line FRT ~ reviewed by T. Young

I received the tiller in timely fashion, assembled it easily and was amazed when the Honda engine fired on the first pull. When the transmission is disengaged it is easy to roll back and forth to the garden.
I had previously had my new garden plot broken up, but a few passes back and forth had it looking like a powder puff…smooth, no clods, and really ready for planting.
All in all, I am pleased with my choice of tiller, even though it was a bit more expensive than some others I could have bought.

Satisfied Customer ~ reviewed by Luke MacDonald


1.) Honda GX engine lives up to the hype. Very easy to start, quiet, and fuel efficient.
2.) Tills already cultivated soil into fine powder.
3.) Reverse option is a great feature.
4.) Perfect size for fitting between rows, but still big enough to tackle large jobs.


1.) A bit too light for easily busting new sod (but I knew that before I bought it). Just a word of warning. It can be done, but takes time.

Runs fine, leaks transmission oil ~ reviewed by Gary

Tiller assembly was easy, Honda engine started first pull. Had to adjust belt tightener items on both belts to prevent squealing and to keep reverse belt from coming off idler. The major issue is that the transmission leaks like a sieve out the front shaft seal. Not sure the factory even installed the seal. Will take it to an authorized shop to repair this under warranty later in the gardening season. I suspected something like this as the transmission was very low on oil at delivery. Probably leaked out during storage and shipment. Not counting this seal, the tiller is exactly as I expected.

outstanding value ~ reviewed by len

Outstanding value on an awesome tiller. I purchased this tiller used for $450 expecting major damage to some part of the tiller but when it arrived less than a week after ordering I was shocked. The only visible defects were a wrinkle in the decal on the handle and two scratches on the frame with a minor bend in the protective shield that was easily straightened with hand pressure. After 15 minutes to assemble cables on the handle, I placed oil(included) in the crankcase, placed gas in the tank, moved the choke lever, pulled the rope start half way out and the damned Honda fired right off! I stepped back and smiled. I mean this thing runs like a sewing machine, no vibration and the heavy duty transmission is great in forward and reverse. I can’t wait to get this baby in my garden. Thanks Amazon!

Troy-Built Pro-Line FRT tiller, Honda engine ~ reviewed by drmike54

I just received my tiller which was ordered on January 8. The delivery company sent the same guys that had come before to deliver a chair and were very nice, but the delivery company kept trying over and over to deliver on a day that I could not be home. The machine was fine, although the shipping box was in pretty bad shape. It had a heavy layer of dust on the machine and box, indicating to me it had been in storage for an undetermined time. The only component to assemble is the handle bar assembly, which was uneventful. Upon the addition of the enclosed engine oil, and of course gasoline, the tiller started after 2 or 3 easy pulls on the starter cord. The transmission was full of lubricant, unlike some of the other reviews I have read. I only took 8 passes through the garden since it was below freezing the day it arrived, but I will say it easily passed through clods and rocks leaving almost powder in its wake. I have not tried to break sod yet and the only complaint I have is that there is no throttle control on the handles. I fully expect to be further delighted with this tiller when the growing season arrives.

Troy-Bilt FRT ~ reviewed by Dave

I previously owned the biggest, baddest, Troy-Built Horse, and the Pro-Line is a smaller version with a lot less features. I like the Pro-Line better for the following reasons: the Honda engine, less features to go wrong, the 200 lb weight of the machine, which is still heavy enough to help penetrate hard ground. It is basically a heavy cast transmission with the wheels coming straight out of the casting, and everything else connected to the nicely made transmission. So far it has worked perfectly.

The trick to using this machine, I got from another person’s review – run the tiller at low throttle, especially when first breaking new ground. Even after the ground is tilled it still needs to be run at low throttle; otherwise, it will take off faster than you can run!

The free delivery I got through Amazon was really nice, and the tiller came on a pallet almost completely assembled. It even came with the required motor oil.

I was amazed that it started on the first pull, and the engine is the best Honda makes.

I noticed that the transmission oil was starting to overflow from under the filler cap a little, but I’m not sure if there is a real problem or not.

jean ~ reviewed by jean

This teller is a 12″ forward rotating tine. The machine is a superb rototiller that doesn’t need to much more than a modest engine speed to accomplish a job. .the Honda motor is nice adaption and works as well as any Briggs and Stratton design.
Be advise to follow the proper procedure with tilling as trying to do too much at one pass will cause you to loose control, albeit once you have started correctly this machine prepares the ground fabulously and justifies it elevated price.
I suggest while assembling to apply anti-seize to bolts that you will disassemble in the future for ease but this is your choice as the manufacture does not suggest this.

Quiet and powerful ~ reviewed by Peppy

I am using this tiller to break new ground that is extremely rocky. This area was filled with discarded stone from an excavation that was carried out years ago and as such contains some fairly large stone including blocks of roughly 16-18 inches long by almost a foot wide. I have been slowly lowering the depth of the tines while passing over this ground, and making note of where it starts jumping when I hit rock so that I can dig the rocks out by hand. So far, it has performed admirably.

Starts easily with one or two pulls
Fluffs the soil to a powder like consistency
Once the soil is softened, the tiller is operable with one hand

The only drawback that I have noted so far is that the wheels are spaced wider than the tilling width. As noted by a previous reviewer, this leads to the tiller listing to one side when making the next pass as the wheel traveling over the newly tilled soil will sink in.

Overall, a great machine for the small to medium sized garden.

Very pleased ~ reviewed by Ronda Watson

We purchased this tiller from Warehouse deals. It came with a couple minor blemishes, but that was to be expected and does not effect the performance of the tiller. It tills very good in existing gardens, but does tend to jump at times when trying to break sod. We expected this having read the reviews of others. We wanted this tiller because of the Honda engine and have not been disappointed. It starts very easy and runs smooth. Honda engines are known to be reliable. Very pleased with this purchase especially considering the money saved because of a couple minor blemishes. Would suggest that you realize the differences between FRT tillers and the reverse rotating tines before buying. Hang on when breaking sod and have rocks in the ground, but once you have your garden bed broke and cleared of rocks, you can run it one handed.

The design of other tillers with a single solid handle would be better. Of course this happened after the warranty expired ~ reviewed by Leslie N.

The design and the durability of the handle did not hold up under regular use. It is impossible to till without applying some down,up, side to side pressure when using. The metal on the handle repeatedly bent until it finally broke. The design of other tillers with a single solid handle would be better. Of course this happened after the warranty expired.Buy it at Amazon

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