Trowbridge’s Grafting Wax 8 oz. WALTER E. CLARK & SON Reviews

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Product Description

A must for all your grafting needs. It is the oldest and most used grafting wax in the country. Grafting is often done between January and April. Used in gluing and sealing the wounds of newly grafted trees or shrubs to protect them from infection.

Customer Reviews

The real McCoy ~ reviewed by J. Preston

This is genuine, old-fashioned, grating wax. This wax is primarily bees-wax with a few stabilizers added to enhance its mold ability. At a half a pound, the price on this listing is a real bargain.

Beeswax is the oldest, and most reliable means of sealing a graft against infection, dehydration and misalignment.

Since this wax is made primarily from beeswax, you can mold it and shape it around the graft most of the time just with the heat of your hand. Sometimes, I use a candle or oil lamp to further allow the wax to infuse the outside of the graft.

Grafting can be tricky. It helps to cut the grafts from the plant with an ultra sharp (preferably titanium) sheers. Fiskars 9921 Softouch Micro-Tip Pruning Snip. Once you have the two plant segments ready to graft (I use disposable, sterile scalpels the cut the graft contours) Medline Surgical Disposable Scalpels – Size 10 – Qty of 10 – Model MDS15210 you can apply this wax to directly to the graft. I usually extend the wax around the graft for at least an inch on either side of the graft and mold it carefully to the stem without disturbing the graft. I usually perform the grafts in the early morning when the temperatures are relatively low.

As the day progresses, and the air temperature warms, the wax becomes very pliable and you can finish the molding to the joined pieces without having to use extra heat.

Beeswax (used for this wax) is antiseptic, completely inert to plants, and provides an incomparable seal for the graft to grow disease free. You’ll probably want to also use some grafting tape in your techniques, depending on the size of the plant parts you are joining. Nurserymen’s Tape – 1/2″ x 60 YD. NURSERYMEN’S TAPE

This is the finest grafting wax you can find. It’s formula has withstood the test of time. At this price, you can’t go wrong.

Wax Review ~ reviewed by G. Strout

I mean it is grafting wax – what more do you need to know? It comes in a dark block, tends to be softer and more pliable than say candle wax (paraffin). This is a good thing as it allows the tree to grow and stretch underneath. I tend to melt it in a double tin can apparatus with a votive candle at the bottom and paint the melted wax onto my grafts to ensure the graft is sealed. Excessive moisture loss will significantly effect the success of your grafts….so will not lining up the cambium layers, not following good grafting techniques, selecting bad scion wood, etc… but I digress…. This is good grafting wax. A tad pricey though, you can probably fine it cheaper else where… I ordered it hear for the convenience.

Very good way to seal a graft ~ reviewed by R. Williams

I had not used this product before; however, it turned out great. I spliced in two small branches, worked the wax with my hands and it spread nicely over the splices.

Not quite what I wanted. ~ reviewed by gene

It is a little drier and harder than I expected. When applied it dries hard and cracks, I thought it would be more pliable.

Super product for those who are grafting ~ reviewed by Kate Robertson

Exactly what it said it was going to be. Super product for those who are grafting.

Excellent product! ~ reviewed by Mikey

Excellent product, fast shipping, just what I needed to save my tree!

Five Stars ~ reviewed by the couple mower repair

Great product! Fast delivery!!

Five Stars ~ reviewed by Prof. M. Shyamo Singh

Good product. A100% class.

Five Stars ~ reviewed by narciso marcelo

good quality.

Five Stars ~ reviewed by Mike Lamothe

Works wellBuy it at Amazon

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