Tomita Japanese Garden Landscaping Triangle Hoe With Stainless Steel Blade & Painted Wood Handle Reviews

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Tomita Japanese Garden Landscaping Triangle Hoe With Stainless Steel Blade & Painted Wood Handle

Customer Reviews

This may become one of my favorite gardening tools! ~ reviewed by Amazon Customer

I got this along with a hori hori knife because the price seemed very reasonable on sale. Wow, what a good deal it turned out to be! I had some troublesome grass that had taken over part of my garden and I was really struggling with the cultivator on it. This dug up the grass and weeds with great ease. The blade on this is quite sharp. It is beveled on one side and pretty much as sharp as a knife. Take care, especially on the back corners. I cut myself on that when I was cleaning it. The tip is also quite sharp, but one hit on a rock took that off pretty quickly which is what I thought would happen. I found the painted wood handle to be a bit too smooth and slippery for me without gloves. I took some silicone tape and wrapped the whole handle which improved the grip and will keep water from affecting it at all. Like a Japanese pull saw, the way and direction in which this works is very efficient. It can get into the smallest of areas and also make quick work of larger areas. All in all a highly recommended quality tool…and it really is made in Japan!

Update 6/9/13:
Been using this for two years and it still goes strong. I am tempted to get for each hand!

Update 06/28/15:
It’s been over two years since my last update. I did buy another one in case my original got too trashed or broken. This years project was digging through grass in very rocky soil to make a pathway…the blade did get some deformities from hitting rock but I just used a sharpener to work them out. Still haven’t gotten to use my backup one yet. Four years and I can’t even tell you half of what this thing has been through. I honestly thought the wood handle would have broken but it hasn’t. And I now can say it IS my favorite gardening tool!

The coolest tool I have. ~ reviewed by Amazon Customer

This works so much better than a regular long handled hoe. It makes weeding easy cutting the weed at the root making it less likely the weed will grow back. It has a sharp point and the sides are sharp as a knife. Strong durable stainless steel with smooth wood handle painted black. I am clearing a space for a garden that currently has weeds and grass. The soil is dry, hard clay and because of the location must be cleared by hand. This tool gets the weeds up and breaks up the soil at the same time. To get down deep, I use the pointed end of the tool on the first swing. To cut the weed or grass at the root level, I use an angled motion on the second swing which gets down deeper and the sharp side of the tool slices right through the root. Every gardener I have shown the tool has ordered one for themselves on that night. If you are a gardener that uses hand tools, this is a must have tool!

the best ~ reviewed by lucy4books

This tool is, WITHOUT A DOUBT, the best gardening tool I have ever had. I am a gardener of roses, flowers and vegetables and I use this hoe daily. Will never go without it again. This particular one is the only one I have tried, but I can’t imagine one better or of higher quality. I have used it every day, for several hours a day, for the last 6 months and it is like new. Get one and get gardening!

Wow…Wow…Wow ~ reviewed by MonkezUncle

So, bought this on a whim (after breaking 3 other weeding utensils), for my rock hard, socal soil.

Normally, I have to weed our 25 x 15 garden for about and hour a week and that is still probably only half of what it needs. So when this weird looking thing promised to be the “answer” I was skeptical but willing.

Bought it, unwrapped it and took me about 10 minutes to figure out that that the way you use it (hey seller – instructions would be nice!!!) is that you use the edge like a razor to chop the weeds followed by a quick hit with the point to pull any roots.

Once I figured that out I had the entire garden weeded. In 20 mins. WOW! I am hesitant to say that anything is great enough to
“redefine my gardening” but if I was ever going to apply it to a tool, it would be this one. And because of the unique, quick method of weeding (this might be a bit weird) but I’m looking forward to next weeks weeding session???!!! :)

In case you can’t tell, I really love this thing!

A few warnings – 1) It is sharp. And because of the swinging and picking motion you need to use, any irrigation lines are in grave danger. I finally figured that if I take a stick or my toe and pull the irrigation line out the line of fire, that was a plus. Speaking of toes, this little guy will take them off. :) Head’s up.

Greatest tool ever. Construction exemplary. Handles effortlessly. My go tool for variety of garden uses. ~ reviewed by Raelynn

I love this tool. With this tool, strength is not an issue, it cuts clean, handles with incredible accuracy. This tool is a true pleasure to use, as it fulfills a variety of uses. The construction is the finest I have ever seen. This is a generational tool, pass it down generation to generation. I use it for delicate weeding(between flowering plants) to breaking down our hardpan soil. Can break small specific planting areas with ease. And can clear stubborn invasive plants. The grip is firm, never slips. The weight is perfectly constructed for a natural downward movement.
Most of the members in our local garden club are elderly, with the limitations this implies. With this tool we can accomplish tasks with ease as strength is no longer a limit – the balance, sharp angle makes short work of even the most stubborn of invasive plant roots. Now I must go and check out what other great products this company has for me!

This Tool Is A Dream ~ reviewed by Fred Prinz

I really like this tool because it is so easy to use. It’s ergonomically designed and, to wear out an old phrase, it makes digging and weeding “a breeze.” I highly recommend this tool because it works with the natural motion of the arm. In addition, it’s a very well-made tool. I am really glad I got this triangle hoe and wish I had known about it sooner.

A great tool, a great price, perfict for your dig kit! ~ reviewed by Pratmaster

A co-worker of mine was in Japan a few years ago and this is the type of tool the Japanese use in place of a concrete trowel that we in the USA use for cleaning soil floors and digging features, I/we are contract Archaeologist.
My co-worker bought one in Japan and brought it back to the states (use your imagination about getting this tool on the plane) and when others saw him using this tool, they had him order every one that was listed for sale on Amazon. I was not able to order one until a few months later, I have no used mine yet, but I did take it to a project I am on this week and let another co-worker (that has never seen this tool before) use it all day, he fell in love with it and said will order one soon..

I may order a spare or two later on, I know that most that see me using it (as soon as I get a chance) will want to order one for there self.

This tool is light weight, but yet sturdy enough to be used as a pick in hard soils, (with in reason) feels more natural and easier on the hands and wrists while scraping floors (flat dirt surfaces). It is already sharp so no need to sharpen it, not sure how well the self sharping works, but then again I/we are used to sharping a concrete trowel sharp enough to shave with. This tool is also small enough to fit into a medium size dig kit, or tool bag and so far the sheath seems to be holding up fine in my tool bag.

If you are wanting to dig in the garden/flower bed the this is the tool for you.

if you are an archaeologist, you need one of these in your dig kit, works great for floors, walls, facing trenches cutting small roots and killing zombies.

This tool is Ford approved!!

Great for gardening! ~ reviewed by Walter Stoneburner

Got a dead body you want to bury, but the ground is too dry and compact? Well, fear no more, you can get a decent size hole dug well before the authorities catch on. Great for planting flowers and vegetable gardens, you know, for the alibi.

Best Garden Tool Ever! ~ reviewed by Jim Spofford

Bought this for my wife last year and I just recently decided to join my wife in her gardening efforts. She tends 12 raised beds and a small orchard. She’s always struggled to keep up with the weeds each year so that seemed like a good place for me to assist. I tried a couple of different tools until I found this one in the greenhouse and gave it a try. OMG, this thing is worth 5 times the money I paid for it. It’s great. I’m able to loosen the soil around the weeds without cutting the roots allowing me to pull out the longest roots I’ve ever seen. It digs, it scrapes, it busts up dirt clods. I’ve hand-tilled an entire raised bed with this thing. It feels powerful and accurate to use. It’s extremely sturdy. I can’t recommend it more highly. – Jim

but nagging back problems looked like I would do very little gardening ~ reviewed by lola

I’ve just recently retired and was very eager to work on my garden “full time” this year, but nagging back problems looked like I would do very little gardening. After reading the reviews, I decided to give it a try and am so glad I did. I kneel with knee pads and weed away to my hearts content. I would hightly recommend this product.Buy it at Amazon

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