ThinkBamboo Bonsai 5pc Basic Care Set Reviews

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Good Value, Quality Tools ~ reviewed by Rocci Hildum

This basic tool kit contains almost all the essential tools you will need as a novice or beginning bonsai rancher. The one tool it does not contain that might be needed is a “concave cutter.” which I found on Amazon offered in tandem with another standard cutter. The tools all appear to be of good quality, sturdy and rustic. I have used some of them in planting my bonsai and they performed well. They feel sturdy and heavy or substantial in my hand, which I always like in my tools. I would recommend this set for the novice.

Nice little starter tool kit ~ reviewed by Chris H.

Everything arrived as expected. The bamboo is kind of a joke. It already starting breaking after 1 light use, but hey it’s no biggie. The scissors are kind of awkward and hard on the hands. I use my Fiskars micro-tip instead. The broom, rake and pick are nice and worth the $15.

Pretty Good ~ reviewed by Matt D.S

I just got these tools and they seem good enough, there bigger then I thought they’d be. The root pick, rake and broom are the best IMO. The trimmers are good enough for sure there sharp good for a beginner like me. I like this set Its great for the price. I was thinking they’d be lower quality, so I’m feeling good about having bought these. Thanks

Great Bonsai Care Set!! ~ reviewed by Angelica Martinez

Excellent Items and great gift for my son! This is a great basic set to start, for those who become interested in bonsai care. Also Super fast Shipping on Time for Christmas!!


Good Beginner Set ~ reviewed by Donna H.

This seems like the perfect beginner set and the price was reasonable. Other sets or separate pieces were more costly and since this can become an expensive hobby, this set was just right in case this interest wains.

Buyer beware, they’ll ship used stuff to you. ~ reviewed by Tonny Jimenez

My Basic Care Set arrived on time. Inside the package there are a bunch of dented and rusty set of tools filled with dirt! Were they used before and sold as new? Don’t know, but even though the purpose of this tools is to get dirty, I don’t appreciate that. (It’s like going to Home Depot to buy a dented set of dirty scissors, no thanks.)

Thanks for reading.

Good, but not great ~ reviewed by Yevgeniy Rutman

Set works OK, but metal tools look to raw and cheap. I think the will rust just in couple days.

Very Disappointing ~ reviewed by Lillian E. Sullivan

The set I was sent also looked used and there was dirt in the bag as though thing had just come out of use in a garden. In addition I have small hands and the scissor handles were too small for me. I’m sure only a person with very small hands and skinny fingers would find them comfortable to hold, and even if you could they don’t work smoothly but are difficult to open and close. Last, I have no idea how one would use the bamboo brush. It’s very stiff and seems fragile. I would save yourself some trouble and order something else.

Does the job well ~ reviewed by Paul Ferguson

There are more expensive sets on the market, but this provides me with the basics I needed – a root rake with a spatula atr the other end, precise scissors, a digging tool to help me extract a tree when transplanting. haven’t figured out how to use the two broom like devices since I work on a table outdoors that I can hose off when I’m done but if you work inside I’m sure they’re useful.

Bonsai care set ~ reviewed by JOHN MURPHY

Pretty marginal tools. The rake and pick are OK, but the pruning shears are very crude. They look like the real thing, but hardly move when you clip. No sharp edge. I ended up using home scissors. Much sharper and effective.Buy it at Amazon

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