ThinkBamboo Bonsai 16pc Master Tool Set Reviews

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Excellent condition, very usefull bonsai tool set. ~ reviewed by Reinaldo Pabon

Excellent condition, very usefull bonsai tool set kit. Very complete and easy to handle. All tools you will required are included. Yes, I do recomend this product.

Worth the money ~ reviewed by George

I am new to bonsai and didn’t want to spend $35 to $75 a tool till I knew which ones I would use. As I find what I like, I will replace them gradually with stainless steel ones. Good starter mix.

Great Buy – don’t need any other tools ~ reviewed by Frank W Smith Jr.

Great Buy — I have paid nearly as much as cost of this group for only one of the tools — quality is certainly good, sufficient for anyone. Totally satisfied and I have been doing bonsai of nearly forty years. Good luck — if need Japanese male see (Acer Palmatum) will be glad to trade some for whatever seeds you have.

Bonsai Starter Tool Set ~ reviewed by Carl Richard Sanders

This tool set, made in China, seems ideal for the person new to Bonsai. Each tool is of reasonable quality and the assortment of cutters, trimmers, nippers and benders has been quite functional and easy to use.

Ontime delivery ~ reviewed by Dalvinder S. Matharu

The delivery was on time. Not that wonderful but will do for the time being. For a newbie I think it will be fine till I graduate to a better set of tools.

Fair to good product ~ reviewed by Bryan Hensley

A very good starter set for anyone just getting started and looking for a descent set of tools especially for the price. I would definitely buy for a friend.

CHINESE GARBAGE! !! ~ reviewed by alyssa

I was happy with the speed at which was delivered, however after using two of the tools the first time they bent,and the cutting surfaces wouldn’t come together again. 100 percent unsatisfied with the quality of thsee tools.NEVER buy Chinese tools..they may look the same as Japanese tools..but they are junk….never again.the old saying “you get what you pay for”is definitely true when purchasing bonsai tools.

Based on the other reviews I thought they would be better. ~ reviewed by Frank

I have had these tools for about a month and a half and the concave cutter jaws don’t line up anymore. There is a gap at the tip of the cutters and they will not cut all the way through what I am cutting. I haven’t used the cutters for anything crazy I have a few other tools to cut large branches. The rest of the tools are OK. Based on the other reviews I thought they would be better.

Great Functionality Priced Right ~ reviewed by Lord’Williams

They arrived quickly. They were well oiled, and sharp! -I used them straight out the box and they worked well being that all my bonsais are small and young, which makes this a ideal set of tools for the price.

A nice beginner Bonsai tool set ~ reviewed by Steven C.

A nice beginner Bonsai tool set. The metal pieces seem a bit rough made, not super quality, but hopefully good enough for now.Buy it at Amazon

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