TEKTON 3245 2 lb. Felling Axe Reviews

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Product Description

TEKTON 2-lb Felling Axe features: Drop Forged, Heat Treated Steel Head, Rugged Contoured Hardwood Handle, Epoxy Wedge Locks Head to Handle, Handle Length: 17 inch.

Customer Reviews

Ok…..for the price ~ reviewed by AmoNaturam

First off, this is a half-decent hand axe if, and only if, it is intended for light work. With that said,the handle is not 17 inches, it is 14. It requires 2 hands to wield, but is easily mistaken for a hatchet. The head seems to be pretty good, holds an edge and all, and the handle probably won’t break.

It does, however, come loose very, very easily. In the first hour of use, the handle separated from the head about 1/16 of an inch. It grows worse with each passing use.

I would not reccommend this to anyone with high expectations.The manufacturer commented on the review below

Excellent customer service. ~ reviewed by Justin Kinser

The first example was a mess and arrived without any edge whatsoever. Literally, the bit (cutting edge) was 1/4″ thick that tapered to 1/8″ and then rounded off. There wasn’t any sharpness to it.

The handle has a surprisingly dense and properly aligned grain, but the eye (opening in the head, for the handle) is actually crooked (uneven wall thickness from top to bottom), so the handle is canted about 5 degrees to the left. The toe (bottom of the bit) is bent to the right (probably due to a poor job during drop-forging).

EDIT- After being contacted directly by the seller, they are a sending a replacement. I look forward to updating after I receive it.

EDIT#2 – Received the replacement axe and it’s much better. The handle’s still a tiny bit twisted, relative to the head. It’s also a tiny bit canted, because the wall thickness of the eye is uneven at the bottom. (Seriously guys, QC your drop-forging process). It’s not “sharp” like a Swedish axe, but does have a usable edge and frankly, this example easily compares to other axes in the $30-$40 range. For $10, I’m satisfied.

great product ~ reviewed by stan

Good balance and holds an edge well. We got this tool for a small wood lot and use it virtually every day.

great hand axe ~ reviewed by STEPHEN S JOHNSON

I have two other hand axes but this one is the best. it has a longer handel and more weight to do the job.

Axe is ok. ~ reviewed by R. L. Smith

Wanted an inexpensive axe.
Needed it to chop up tree limbs.
first chop,
head loosened up.
And I have put a lot of force in the chop.
is staying in place,
Not a problem.
Only problem is my inability to sharpen it.
Sure I would like to have one costing a lot more,
But this is just right for my needs.

Good ~ reviewed by michael 228

It was just what I wanted, i want one that had a good distance from the head put didn’t need two hands.

Dependable ~ reviewed by ShawnColeman

Didn’t come as sharp as I would’ve hoped, but after a few minutes with a stone and a file, it was ready to go. The weight’s good and the whole tool is very sturdy. I’ve been able to chop through brush, sticks, and even a few 2×4’s with this and it’s held its edge very well.

Total garbage. Made in China ~ reviewed by Peacemaker

Total garbage. Made in China. Head is simply glued to handle which came loose from the wind blowing. This axe is dangerous and has reminded me of only buying quality tools.

Pretty good axe. ~ reviewed by Christopher Valdez

It’s not a bad hand axe for the price, will probably put a longer handle on it at some point, but for now its just what I needed for chopping up logs to make charcoal with.

Good for cutting wood, not for serving soup. ~ reviewed by insertstupidname

It’s an ax. It cuts wood. Ummm, what more would you expect. It did not function well as a ladle.
Overall quality is good for the price.Buy it at Amazon

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