Steven Raichlen Best of Barbecue 34-Inch Charcoal and Ash Hoe with Removable Handle Reviews

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4.2 out of 5 stars based on 12 customer reviews

Product Description

The angled metal blade of the steven raichlen best of barbecue charcoal and ash hoe makes it easy to push or pull embers where you want them, while the long handle keeps you away from the heat. The charcoal and ash hoe makes arranging coals for indirect grilling a snap. It has a heavy-duty 5-inch wide stainless steel blade and a 29-inch removable handle. Whether you are moving charcoal briquettes or wood chunks, this tool will get the job done easily.

Customer Reviews

simple concept, very useful ~ reviewed by Todd Bradley

To the non-serious barbecuer, this item probably seems like a silly gimmick. But it is really quite helpful when working over charcoal/charwood. Before I had this “barbecue hoe” (a name that just rolls off the tongue) I’d use tongs or whatever else I could find to move my coals around, which was a bit messy. Can’t wait ’til next BBQ season to get even more use out of the hoe.

UPDATE 7/30/2009: After using the product about a year, the metal hoe broke off the handle. Luckily, a neighbor has a welder and was able to reattach it without much trouble. But don’t be surprised if the same thing happens to you.

Charcoal and Ash Hoe ~ reviewed by Amazon Customer

This is a great product that is formed and curved just right to clean up the BBQ pit. It’s sturdy and will last a long time.

Beautiful, but… ~ reviewed by Amazon Customer

Having looked for an Ash and Coal rake or hoe for awhile I settled on this one. It is beautifully finished and longer than anything else I could find. The hoe portion is also larger although set at about a 115 degree angle (angled away from the handle), which is not clear in the description. It is much longer than anything I saw and if you are looking for a hash hoe this would be the best choice (stainless). It appears (I have not used it extensively) that it will work very well for both charcoal and ash movement.
I can’t comment (yet) on the durability but have noted that the socket on the end on the end of the handle has some play in it. It is secured by a small brad and I plan on pulling that, filling with epoxy and re-fastening it before too long.
A really lovely addition to the grill toolset.
I will update after use.

Not worth it ~ reviewed by Robert A Revis

The first time my husband used it, the end fell off. Would not recommend it.Put together cheaply Not worth it.

Great product – perfect size ~ reviewed by Matthew Kling

This is a must for charcoal grilling! It enables you to move the coals around from a safe distance, but not so far away that you loose control.

paying for a name ~ reviewed by Hans Vandenbosch

overpriced and too short a handle for my oven. the wood handle started cracking when left outside.

Great little tool ~ reviewed by Amazon Customer

This charcoal hoe really does a nice job of moving the coals around our home pizza oven.

Five Stars ~ reviewed by frederick flemister

Works great and keep my hands away from the heat b of the charcoals.

Five Stars ~ reviewed by Gwen Foxall

Perfect for moving lit coals for indirect grilling.

Great for Grilling or campfire cooking ~ reviewed by Mishelle

Awesome tool!Buy it at Amazon

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