Sportsman’s Axe 12″ Reviews

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Product Description

The Sportsman’s Axe from Estwing is the choice for every outdoors person. When it’s firewood day at camp, this axe will split as much as you can swing. It’s great for chopping unruly brush or roots. If you’re a competitive person, try a little axe throwing to check out your competitive nature. PRODUCT FEATURES: Genuine leather grip Includes an embossed leather sheath Overall length: 12″ / 305 mm Cutting edge: 2-3/4″ / 70 mm 381412 , Estwing Sportsmans 12 inch Axes , Estwing axes , Estwing 12 inch axes , Estwing chopping tools , Estwing camping axes , Estwing hatchets , Estwing hiking axes , Estwing hunting axes , Estwing thowing axes , Estwing hatchets , axes , axs , axing , tools , chopping , felling , hatchets , throwing axes , throwing hatchets , hatchet axes , camping , hunting , hiking

Customer Reviews

Solid and reliable and comforatble to use ~ reviewed by Peter Tomlinson

I got one of these years ago and it’s my go-to tool for light chopping in the woods. Many a wild grapevine and poison ivy have fallen to its sharp blade. It’s light enough to use for a while without killing you; easy to keep sharp for good working; and sturdy enough that i’ve had it probably 25+ years and no complaints. Leather handle is still in good shape and solid steel shaft just won’t quit.

Actually it was a gift. ~ reviewed by rider

My brother loves this tool and it was made in Rockford, Illinois, we grew up nearby. This product features American
craftsmanship and the kind of finishing touches that I admire. The sheath is also very nice.

Great little hatchet! ~ reviewed by Tom Battle

This hatchet is compact, well-made, and would appear to be indestructible. One tip for leather handles – if they are to be exposed to wet weather, sand off the factory finish carefully until there is no shine and then use liberal amounts of neatsfoot oil or any other oil specifically intended for application to leather. This will provide a better gripping surface and will ensure that the handle will not deteriorate. Re apply the oil anytime the leather handle appears dry. This hatchet is a classic and is very “packable” due to its lightness and size. No, it’s not a camp axe, but it’s far better for small chopping tasks and hammering than even the larger knives. Buy it!

pretty good ~ reviewed by Martin

well balanced for a small axe. Did some good work chopping up fire wood. also pretty decent if you sharpen it at shaving off some kindling.

Piece arrived quickly which was nice. I’m pretty unimpressed by it though ~ reviewed by Sara

Piece arrived quickly which was nice. I’m pretty unimpressed by it though. It is nicely balanced and feels nice in your hand. The leather grip is nice looking too. The head of the axe seems fairly thin and feeble. Not only that but it was pretty scratched up on both sides. Was not happy about that. The part that upset me most was the huge sticker that was adhered to the leather surface of the handle. I could NOT get it off. I literally had to scrape it off of the handle, I was too worried that solvents would harm the leather.I got this for a gift for my SO so as long as he likes it I don’t mind. It is quite small but should work out okay since he lives in town and won’t need it for big projects. Maybe with use I’ll be more impressed.

Just like my dad gave me. ~ reviewed by L. Keller

This hatchet hasn’t changed in quality or design since my dad gave me his. Happy to give one to my son.

Great product, a couple minor detractions ~ reviewed by ELC

A high quality, American-made product. Blade is sharp and keeps an edge. The only negative things of note are the labels, which on every Estwing product I have bought leave a residue that’s nearly impossible to clean off of the metal if you remove them, and potentially the leather handle, which doesn’t seem to provide as much cushioning, so if you want better shock absorption, you may prefer one of the similar Estwing models with a rubber grip.

Blade was dull and brittle ~ reviewed by Micah

I bought this axe to take down small trees (3″ diameter), limbs, etc. Bought it at Home Depot. The axe was no sharper than a butter knife, was completely ineffective at the simplest of tasks, and the blade chipped on a small tree the one and only time I used it. I expected more from a made in the USA product, do not recommend whatsoever.

Stickers, BOO ~ reviewed by Wayzata

Really great hand axe. I’m really disappointed that they put stickers on both sides of the axe. (You can see one of them in the pictures) When I tried to remove them, they left a sticky residue that I tried to wash off. DON”T PUT THEM ON THE METAL PLEASE.

PERFECT ~ reviewed by TJo

Bought to keep in our pop up camper. Husband insisted on this particular axe, and he loves it. Haven’t had to use it yet, but we have a camping trip planned for Thanksgiving week. I’m sure we’ll have occasion to use it then!Buy it at Amazon

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