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Product Description

Makes spot weeding a snap! The fastest, easiest way to remove stubborn weeds, right down to the root. Simply insert, twist, and pull to eject weeds or roots from walkways, shrubs, borders, lawns or garden beds. No bending, stooping or dirty hands, you never even have to touch them! Durable, lightweight aluminum and aerospace plastic. 40 inches tall. Weight is 1 pound.

Customer Reviews

This really worked! ~ reviewed by A. Boyce

I tried the other types of weeders, and most just caused frustration. They grab part of the weed and leave most of the root, and it just gets stronger and harder to pull.
This weeder really works – if your soil is like mine, it actually breaks the entire root out of the soil and the entire weed comes out, not just the top leaves.
My Dad recommended it, and he lives in Oklahoma, where the soil can be very hard from clay. If it works there, it works anywhere.

Works, but breaks after 15 minutes of use ~ reviewed by Roger Schlenz

Got the Speedy-Weedy and immediately took it out to try. My yard is ordinary soil, no clay, adobe, or rocks. It worked swell for about 15 minutes, pulled 15 dandelions. On the 16th weed it started acting funny, way too easy to rotate. I examined the tip, where the prongs join to the shaft. A yellow, thin, PLASTIC housing ferrule joins the prongs to the shaft, and that’s what broke. Two of the prongs were mashed against the other two, making it useless. The prongs are sturdy 1/4-inch-thick steel, the shaft is sturdy aluminum, the handle is solid, but the thin plastic ferrule is garbage.

Good concept, poor execution.

Speedy Weedy is a great product ~ reviewed by B. Buttles

The Speedy Weedy is a item everyone that has weeds in their yard should own. No more bending and stooping to pull weeds, no more weed killer that can be harmful to pets and children. I love it!

Weeder that works ~ reviewed by A. P. LeBoutillier

This device allows for the removal of many types of garden and lawn weeds without bending over, a simple push of a spring loaded button ejects the weed. Does not work well in hard dry clay soil ‘tho.

WATCH OUT FOR THE BIG ONES!!! ~ reviewed by Dani G

This absolutely works and is so very easy to use. I got mine today and went to work outside. After several successful twists with small and medium weeds I tried a rather large weed with a very thick stem and one of the prongs bent to the side and now the plastic that surrounds it is cracked. It still works, though the weed-popping mechanism sometimes gets stuck on the twisted prong. I am going to buy another one because it really is fantastic. I’m just going to be a bit more careful next time and I will be using my pick axe for the biggies!!

Let me back in the yard ~ reviewed by Stephen Owen

Years ago, I bought one of these from a TV commercial. It lasted for years. I used to give it to my kids when they were little and pay then 10 cents for every weed they pulled. So the years of use were use by children, and it lasted for many years! But eventually it did break… while my husband was using it! To this day, my kids blame my husband because they say he would push it in the ground, twist, then instead of pulling straight up like “mom said to do”, he would push the handle towards the ground, then used leverage to pull the weed instead of just pulling straight up. Well, we moved and really needed need a weeding device. However, I hurt my back and can’t get in my flower beds to pull weeds up. A couple of times I have hired help, since I don’t have kids around now to do the work, but they charge more than the 10 cents I used to pay! I miss being in the yard. So I decided to buy another Speedy Weedy so that when I want to get outside and tinker around, I don’t have to get down on the ground to pull the pesky weeds. Well, my new Speedy Weedy arrived last week. The first week, I didn’t have a chance to use it. Why? Because my husband went out in the yard with it. He came back in and said it was actually quite therapeutic! (I’m glad he said that b/c now I don’t feel obligated to pay him 10 cents for all the weeds he pulled up) Once I finally got my chance, I went out in the flowers beds and pulled up the weeds that had grown to the size of small trees. It felt so good to be back out in the yard doing something productive and not risking further injury. I love my Speedy Weedy. I think this one will last even longer than the last one. For one thing, I gave my husband a refresher course in proper technique, and secondly, my new one has four prongs, and they are much heftier than the ones on my old one.

wouldnt want to do without it ~ reviewed by BETTY HOEFLICH

seen a lady using and its just what I needed love it works great at 82 years of age just the ticket

Speedy Weedy Junk ~ reviewed by Daryl J. Peterson

Worked well for 10 min then the plastic bottom holding the metal pins shattered making this a piece of useless garbage. Not recommended unless you have weeds in soft dirt or sand. Don’t waste your money, buy a weed puller made of steel.

Works as advertised. ~ reviewed by Retired doc

Very useful for removing weeds and for transplanting plugs of grass. Not heavy duty, so can been damaged if excess force applied.

back saver ,fast and clean ~ reviewed by Joseph Garza

I read the reviews first before buying this and am in love with this weed puller ,its like a gift from heaven.
Easy to use and pulls the weeds out roots and all, if I come to a weed that I feel is hard to break the roots I just tilt the puller a little and then turn and the roots break lose with out damage to the puller.
Great! and I highly endorse.Buy it at Amazon

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