Spear & Jackson R710 Traditional English Style Stainless Steel Digging Spade Reviews

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3.8 out of 5 stars based on 17 customer reviews

Product Description

The Spear & Jackson Traditional Digging Spade is a perfect addition to your garden tool collection. The one piece hardwood shaft provides an attractive yet durable finish and is split to form a comfortable and traditional wishbone handle, giving a smooth line from bottom to top. This attractive look is coupled with a weatherproofed finish, so you are safe to use the spade in all weathers. The head is constructed from mirror polished stainless steel which provides greater resistant to rust as well as keeping soil adhesion to a minimum, this helps the blade slip easily into the ground and also makes cleaning easier. This item carries a 10 year guarantee. The Traditional Range of tools from Spear & Jackson have been created by combining our history and tradition with modern materials and manufacturing expertise, resulting in a timeless, attractive and highly functional selection of tools which resemble the tools of yesteryear yet with modern performance and durability. Spear & Jackson are an English company whose roots were laid in 1760. Since their beginnings, centuries of experience and innovation have resulted in the materials and development expertise that resides within the company today. By combining traditional values and materials with modern manufacturing techniques Spear & Jackson established themselves as key players in the British gardening landscape. Over the centuries Spear & Jackson has grown to be a world-wide brand, distributing products throughout the globe. Spear & Jackson products are manufactured to a high quality standard and offer superb service and longevity; guaranteed against defects in manufacturing, subject to normal wear & tear and the provision of reasonable care and maintenance. This does not affect your statutory rights.

Customer Reviews

great spade, very sharp edge to get at roots ~ reviewed by John Ward


Great for the Garden ~ reviewed by Mary Lou Cheatham

Spear & Jackson Stainless Steel Digging Spade This spade is invaluable for the garden where you will be raising your flowers and vegetables, especially collard greens. Not only is it strong, but the stainless steel blade reduces rusting so it slide into the soil with less gardener effort.

stainless steal spade ~ reviewed by sleepless

great spade . great for all my needs..the only complaint I have is the top edge that you put your foot on should have a flat pad for your foot. that would make it better on the sole of your foot….

not as sharp as expected ~ reviewed by Anastasia M. Maita

beautiful looking shovel. the wood and steel…..unfortunately using it wasn’t as exciting as seeing it. it was difficult to get it to cut through the grass roots using it as a spade when i was using it to expand my garden area. had hoped for an easier go of it given the other reviews

Snapped after 5 uses… ~ reviewed by Adam Haugeberg

I have the S & J garden fork and love it. Ordered this, and was sincerely disappointed. The shovel is poorly designed because the where the wood is very weak where it connects to the metal head. That’s where my shovel broke right after I bought it.

Quality ~ reviewed by Katch

Excellent product, good balance in handling, a bit pricey but worth it. Gumbo soil is easier to knock off from spade.

Sweet! ~ reviewed by S. Kezios

I never knew I could Love a shovel. Sounds stupid. Right!? I do, I love it. It’s brilliantly designed and skillfully crafted. It even looks bad a$$. I will NEVER EVER purchase a shovel from Menard’s or Home Depot again, as long as I shall walk this planet, or until they carry this brand and model and as long as they don’t cheapen it up just to sell it to a crappy big box hardware stores who already carries crappy shovels that fail in three months of moderate use. So yeah, this shovel is sweet!

They stand by their warranty ~ reviewed by Tony Baloney

I had owned this for less than two years when the handle broke. I thought I was out of luck until I saw, printed on the handle, 10 year guarantee. I proceeded to contact Bosmere for customer service. They responded to my email and requested that I send them a picture of the broken shovel which I did. They then informed me that they would send me a new spade in the middle of April. They sent me the new spade right on time. Thanks Bosmere for standing behind their product !

Very nice shovel ~ reviewed by Luigi

This is a high quality item. Light actually reflects from the surface of the shovel, very beautiful craftsmanship. The handle is quite sturdy. The only improvement I would make, is to make the handle a little longer. Even though I am not tall, I thing an extra couple of inches would make this shovel more comfortable to use. Will pass this on to one of the kids.

Great Spade ~ reviewed by Amazon Customer

This is a great tool. They are very difficult to find and a good one is even more so. I hope this truly is a generational tool. It seems to be very strong and is exceptionally well made. It is a great tool! My wife has used it to remove a lot of the dead palms and shrubs that were killed by this years unseasonably cold winter. A truly great tool!Buy it at Amazon

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