Spear & Jackson R565 Neverbend Stainless Steel Dutch Hoe Reviews

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4.4 out of 5 stars based on 12 customer reviews

Product Description

The Spear & Jackson Neverbend Stainless Steel Dutch Hoe is a high quality tool designed and manufactured to withstand heavy duty use by professionals, serious gardeners and allotment owners alike. This hoe is most effective when pushed back and forth just beneath the soil surface to slice through weeds and break up compacted soil. The mirror polished stainless steel head and socket provides resistance to rust and helps prevent soil sticking to the blade which makes for easier hoeing and also easier cleaning. The long handle is made from hardwood and has been weatherproofed to further extend the life of the tool. This item carries a 10 year guarantee. Spear & Jackson’s foundations were laid in 1760, since our beginnings centuries of experience and innovation have resulted in the materials and development expertise that resides within the company today; and “continuous innovation” is at the heart of the company’s ethos. Spear & Jackson is a world-wide brand, distributing products throughout the world. Our products are manufactured to a high quality standard and offer superb service and longevity; guaranteed against defects in manufacturing, subject to normal wear & tear and the provision of reasonable care and maintenance. This does not affect your statutory rights

Customer Reviews

Best weeding tool ever! ~ reviewed by d2w

I saw this being used in Scotland for weeding between flagstones and in a crushed grante flower bed. The angle is perfect for shallow root weeds. Makes weeding my flower beds much easier.

Great hoe !!! ~ reviewed by Demelza

Excellent weeding tool! Works better than I ever imagined it could. Much easier to use than a regular hoe & much more efficient. Very good quality. Sturdy & well built.

Back saver ~ reviewed by amwarner4u

It really works. Easier than a garden hoe. The long handle save the lean forward and save the back. I recommend this. It is new to me. I found the idea in a garden club forum.

Arrived in good time, very long handle ~ reviewed by Paul

Arrived in good time, very long handle which I actually like since I can hoe across my deep beds from one side. Not enough soil drops through the hole so tends to push a small heap in front of it. Not exactly the idea behind a dutch hoe but if you work the hoe towards you using short strokes, it does the job. The edge is not sharpened at all and I had trouble with it in stiff soil. So I used a grinder to sharpen it from the top edge and it works fine. It is quite narrow but this allows one to hoe between close rows and between plants, probably not the hoe to use on larger areas. It now does the job for which I purchased it but I had to work at it.

Only good for larger weed areas that are level ~ reviewed by Gail Bieber

Only good for larger weed areas that are level. Not as sharp as I expected it to be. Still trying it in different areas of my yard.

Good quality, disappointing edge – not sharp ~ reviewed by books are friends

The quality of the hoe is fine, but as another reviewer commented, the edge isn’t sharp. It won’t cut the weeds and I’m going to have to get it sharpened to a cutting edge. The hose is shipped with a protective cover that makes you think it’s nice and sharp, but it’s a blunt edge of about 3/32 and it really doesn’t cut well. If I push it hard enough I can tear the roots, but it’s not what I envisioned (and I’ve used these kinds of hoes before). Somewhat disappointing that I can’t use it right out of the package.

Very sturdy and easy to use. ~ reviewed by Dave123

Very sturdy construction, we’ll balanced and easy to use. Had a cheep one made of pressed metal prior to this but it bent easily in our clay soil. This one copes very well. It was extremely well packed and arrived before the projected delivery date.

Excellent tool for the serious gardener. ~ reviewed by William C. Robinson

Recommended as a must have tool in a leading serious gardening book. Works well and easily used, but does require a different approach to using the hoe.

Dutch hoe ~ reviewed by Jo-Anne Riddle

Works great. Really makes fast work of weeds. Recommend it versus the hoes we normally use. I was surprised how well and quickly it worked.

Especially easy for seniors ~ reviewed by Janet C.

You’ll never want to use any other type of garden hoe. Especially easy for seniors.Buy it at Amazon

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