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Product Description

With a premium stainless steel blade and solid birch handle, this sturdy soil scoop is built to be a perennial go-to tool in your garden bag. It features a large leaf-shaped scoop with serrated edges for excavating dense, root-filled soil, with a pointed tip that’s great for more precise cultivation like creating seed furrows. 100% USA made.

Customer Reviews

Handiest garden tool we own! ~ reviewed by B. Christensen

I bought one of these from Smith & Hawken about 10 years ago (remember when they used to have retail stores in malls…?) and I have to say that it is without a doubt the handiest garden tool we own. Originally, I bought it for my wife as part of a gardening “gift basket” but I constantly use it, too, for things like:

Scooping charcoal briquettes out of the BBQ
Digging out sprinklers that need to be repaired
Lifting dead, eviscerated small mammals that our cat has left on the doorstep
Clearing the rain gutters
Banging on bike parts
Cleaning between the bricks on our patio
Prying out dandelion weeds from the lawn

Heck, I even use it for gardening once in a while!

The makers of this device really perfected the right combination of sharp tip, curvature, and scoop volume to make it extremely handy for all kinds of things. When I am working on a project that requires me to poke, pry, lift, or dig, the most common question to my wife on the weekends is “Honey, have you seen the soil scoop..??”

All time favorite #1 yard tool!!! ~ reviewed by alkg

I first got one of these 12 years ago and it’s still going strong. I did have a friend replace the handle 3 years ago, but that was the fault of one of my kids that left it outside in the mud and rain for 3 weeks. Regular trowels just don’t compare, at ALL!!! The edge is perfect for cutting though roots where you want your planting hole, and the sharp tip, that I have never had to sharpen, gets through our super tough clay easily. When you have to scoop soil up, it actually holds more than a handful. I have set aside a normal shovel to use this instead at times, our soil being such heavy clay here in NC. It’s the perfect gift for any gardner, and a must have!

Fun to Garden ~ reviewed by Kathy

I love this scoop! I have had two of them. (Two because my husband mixed cement with one of them – go figure). The edgers are sharp. They cut though the webbing of roots from the prior year. Fits in my hand nicely. I do not have small hands, but I do have some moderate arthritis. My hands do not tire as easily. I just finished buying two more, one each for my 8 yr. old granddaughters who are starting 4-H garden projects this. I bought with the intent of them keeping this as one of their first “big girl” gardening tools. I am excited. I do no use any other scoop. Very strudy and cleans up nice, too.

Can’t garden without this tool! ~ reviewed by Shirley M Solberg

I overheard some friends talking about this. They loved it. So I ordered it that day. I couldn’t believe how much sharper and stronger this tool was. I always bent former tools out of shape and they were useless. Recently I lost my Soil Scoop and had to replace it because I refused to be withour My Soil Scoop!!!
Now My daughter has one (my gift). So we are creating a family tradition. Soil scoops for all gardeners in the family!

My favorite gardening tool ~ reviewed by La Boheme

I’m a garden-aholic and I teach gardening classes weekly. This is the first tool I reach for! I have two for myself and finally bought one for my husband so he would quit taking mine! This tool is great for weeding, digging, planting, potting up, scooping, and the myriad other tasks involved in gardening. Makes a great gift too! People tell me after they have used it for a while that it has become their favorite tool as well!

The best garden tool ever! ~ reviewed by Lillian EP Saum

I purchased one of these over 10 years ago at a random garden center whilst traveling… i’ve used it on a daily basis (and i do mean daily). And it just broke… in all probability because I abused it trying to pry out a rock that probably was the tip of the mountain!! I was so glad to find it here online!! And the Amazon transaction was, as always, uneventful. IE: pleasant, timely, and easy :~) THANKS!!

super scooper ~ reviewed by T. Foster

This was a replacement for the same scoop which I accidently threw away. If not for that, I’m sure the thing would have lasted forever. It had been a gift from a gardener friend and I was hooked on it after the first project.
The curved design is great for working in pots, and the serrated edges help when there are roots and clots. A must for the home gardener. Final selling point–it’s made in the USA.

Far superior to a trowel ~ reviewed by Cabinlover

This Soil Scoop is SO-O-O much better than a trowel because it doesn’t just dig a small hole. It cuts small roots that may already be in the planting spot and then removes enough soil so the plant drops in easily. I lost my first one and my daughter gave me a similar but different tool, which I had to return because this is the only one for me.

Best ever planting tool ~ reviewed by Ermine W.

This is the best gardening tool ever. I have had mine for years and can’t plant without it. The pointed tip and serrated edges make digging in any type of soil a breeze. I have bought these as gifts several times and every recipient has loved them.

Had one of these and lost it and couldn’t do … ~ reviewed by John K. Howe

Had one of these and lost it and couldn’t do without one. Very handy for all types of garden and digging tasks. Extremely
well made and uses thicker steel than found in most other scoop/trowel shovels.Buy it at Amazon

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