SOG MC04-N Machete Tanto 10 Inch Knife Reviews

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Product Description

The SOGfari 10” machete is perfectly balanced in size and weight, for use in a variety of applications using the tanto blade or saw back. SOG’s machetes are exciting additions to the SOG family. Its not should I have a machete but which size will work for me. Machetes are one of the more useful edged tools in the world. They have cleared brush and blazed trails, have chopped wood, made shelters, harvested crops, prepared meals, hunted and protected. Careful attention has been given to the SOGfari to make sure that the SOGight was right and the handles SOGre comfortable for extended use. Whip them through the air and hear them sing. SOG’ve added a real working saw on the back of the blades with teeth that cut deep. Extended out of the back of the handle is a spiked tang for pounding and scraping. There are even holes in the handle to mount lanyards. SOGfari. . . the go to tool for survival, exploration and adventure. Specifications: Product Type: Fixed Blade Finish: Hardcase Black Blade Shape Tanto Edge Type: Straight Blade Steel Type: 3Cr13 Hardness: Rc. 44-50 Overall Length: 16” Product SOGight: 13. 50 oz Blade Length: 10” Blade Thickness: 0. 08”.

Customer Reviews

Sogfari 10″ tanto, great choice for a basic survival tool. ~ reviewed by evilpacifist246

If you are looking for a low cost survival tool that can take some serious punishment than look no further. The Sogfari 10″ tanto (or MC04) is made of quality 3cr13 stainless steel (not the best edge retention but it is easy to sharpen and fairly resistant to corrosion. It also retains its shape very well so it is less likely to get damaged.) Its full tang and the grip is comfortable and feels very secure when hacking. This is technically a machete but I’ve seen knives about the same size so call it whatever you want. The sheath is simple but well made and the saw teeth seem to work OK. Normally saw-back machetes have a tendency to shear apart when hacking, this is because if the the base of the saw teeth are cut too sharp it forms a split in the metal about halfway up the spine. Apparently SOG has addressed this design flaw. The base of the saw teeth are rounded allowing the metal to absorb the impact. It seems like a small issue but the consequences are huge. Overall I gave this a five star rating because its a high quality versatile survival tool at a price you can’t beat.

Very strong full tang blade. ~ reviewed by Kevin Weber

I would say that this is a nice machete. It’s the right size that you can use it for a lot more things then just a machete. The handle is rubber and the holes on the image are big enough to rap paracord around it. Overall very pleased and I think you will be too.

it gets the job done ~ reviewed by Raiterio Patterson

I love the grip, the machete is well balanced, and I like how the tang protects your index finger. it comes inside that thick plastic but after ripping it open I thought I’d test it out on some limbs in the yard, and its sharp, not razor sharp just sharp. its not tempered steel but anything 2-3″ in diameter it’ll go through it like butter, anything wider than that you’ll have to hack/slash at it. I use this blade for small bushes and tree limbs at work, I wouldn’t suggest chopping down trees with it.

Good for everyday use ~ reviewed by Luke-carl.

I got this to assist in side-yard chopping that was too small for my axe. I love it, works better than a hatchet with less wrist fatigue. Does most of the work of a machete without being as cumbersome.

Also would be good for zombies.

Sheath Review ~ reviewed by Dan

The sheath is absolutely OK. It appears to be catching but is really not. The reviewers who said there is no reinforcement on the saw side are wrong. A close look will reveal the tuff material. It is thin so I can forgive the erroneous reviews. It did sound like the material was tearing but I gave it a few good sawing motions which wiped out the two stitches where the saw blade touched the scabbard exit and it slid in a lot better then and I could see that it was not in fact tearing the sheath material. Ha, I can even rip it out of the sheath with the velcro fastened if I am in a hurry. Makes enough noise that anyone hearing that sound on a dark night would be alerted to your presence even if you minimize the sound so is not a good choice for a tactical sheath. It has a large reflective SOG logo on it too.

It is a tough looking sheath and should last many lifetimes. It is very thick nylon with black metal rivits. The velcro closure is sewn on as is the belt loop but I gave them some very abusive tuggs and they both held. The velcro will be the first thing to go.

It does not sing when wielded like the longer blades. It is stiff but can be flexed a little with one hand. The tanto blade is 3″ and the other is 7 3/8″.

A must have for any outdoorsman. ~ reviewed by Jeffrey Davis

I own MANY machetes, tactical and survival knives, tomahawks, hatchets, and other blades — but this is my favorite. I bought this machete on a whim and am SO glad I did. Like it’s big brother, it is a true machete, but the size and tanto blade make it more usable than most.

It’s like the perfect blend of a survival knife and a machete.

Unlike full size machete’s, this is a functional blade on your belt. Full size machete’s are just too large and heavy to wear on your belt. This has replaced my Gerber survival knife on my belt while on hikes and treks.

The tanto shape allows for better “piercing” applications than a typical machete, but still clears brush very well (albeit with less of a reach).

THE ONLY DOWNSIDE: You can’t go wrong with this little machete. The only thing I wish was better was the nylon sheath it comes with. The saw teeth on the back will fray and tear and the sheath very quickly. I wish the sheath was at least lined with a plastic guard, but it’s not.

Great for the $ ~ reviewed by SM

This Machete is perfect if you want a tool that can chop but that isn’t too bulky or long. The shape of it makes it a good weapon too because you couldn’t actually stab with a real machete but this one has a sharp point to it. It’s very comfortable and small enough to strap to the side of a pack and not be too heavy or bulky. I think it’s well worth the money but be weary of the shipping, even though it’s prime mine took 5 days to arrive.

Dangerous Sheath with Good Machete ~ reviewed by kitsch22

The sheath for this machete is poorly designed, as the top fabric punch to hold the sheath together can in fact be placed too high during assembly. This results in owning a machete that may be difficult to insert to the ‘protective’ sheath.
More, if the machete is offset by the sheath the machete will cut through the sheath.
If using both hands to insert the machete under proper minimal force you may still end up with a very sharp machete blade cutting in to your hand.

Great over all Macete ~ reviewed by DAVID BILL

If you need something between a good hunting knife (4-5 inch blade) and a full size Machete (20-30 inch blade), this the one for you. I found it to be the perfect size fit, good handle and grib. Blade is strong and just heavy enough to chop and cut with. I also found it easy to sharpen. The price for these are very good compared to other brands which are usally to big to carry around with you easily.

awesome tanto fixed knife from dicks sporting goods ~ reviewed by pj2482mcn

Very nice short machete/fixed tanto knife i tested outdoors and this vorks nicely for citting brush however there were two tiny chips on the end of the blade which did not hurt the performance, just made me wonder if they use these before selling i bought this for 5 dollars more at dicks sporting goods and i stand behind the fact that this is a nice full tang, rubber grip tanto fixed short machete!

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