Snow Joe SJHH1902 Hori-Hori Garden Landscaping Digging Tool with Stainless Steel Blade Reviews

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Product Description

DIG IT. The Sun Joe Hori-Hori Garden Landscaping Digging Tool is the Swiss army knife of yard and garden warriors everywhere. You’ll find a million uses around the house, from digging to dividing, sawing, chopping, cutting and more. Ideal for weeding, bonsai sculpting, cutting plants and planting bulbs, the Hori-Hori knife is a tool-favorite amongst garden enthusiasts and master gardeners alike. Featuring an ergonomic wooden handle and a concave-shaped blade constructed of durable steel, the Sun Joe Hori-Hori knife easily tackles your toughest landscaping chores. Complete with an Inch ruler marked on the blade to gauge digging depth and a protective sheath for safe storage, the Sun Joe Hori-Hori knife will have you shouting “Hip, Hip, Hori-Hori.

Customer Reviews

needs better seration ~ reviewed by Amazon Customer

I bought this to replace a stainless steel one I lost.The handle and overall fit are nicer on the carbon one but the old one had way better serrations after three years of hard use it was still sharp.I had to use a file on the new one right off the bat.Both came with garbage sheaths.I am a landscaper so they are being used hard.The finish will start wearing off right away but doesn’t affect the performance so don’t worry.

good for the price ~ reviewed by Amazon Customer

It’s a “throwaway” hori hori. It’s hard to want higher quality in something that gets abused so much, but I’d like a better hardening and tempering.

handle is secure, sheath is what you expect for under $20.

Blade is not sharp on delivery, nor is it supposed to be. Easy to ad a decently sharp 45 degree edge to, but doesn’t hold for very long. Saw works well enough for weed roots and such.

Hori-Hori Garden knife ~ reviewed by Nancy L Melary

This is absolutely the best hand garden tool made. I have struggled with trowels that don’t make the grade and finally found something that will not bend when I try to dig up a stubborn weed. The only thing I would change is to have a colored handle. The wood color makes it more difficult to spot when I lay it down in the garden. Everyone who works in the garden should have one of these.

Seems good considering the price ~ reviewed by I’m a Realist

Good heavy tool that should be great for digging. It’s still winter here so I won’t be using it for another month or so. The serrations aren’t like a knife but that’s probably because this is for digging through dirt and not for cutting bread. The handle is not laminated or sealed in any way, however the words ‘Normal wear on blade is expected’ are stamped in ink on it. Regardless of price I wouldn’t expect the blade coating to last. But this ‘disclaimer’ is kind of lame and I would have been happier to see a sealer or some stain on it instead. The faux leather sheath is sized good and fits the digging tool well. The stitching looks kind of weak but the rivets should hold it together without issue. Overall the quality seems quite nice, particularly with the fourteen dollar price tag. I can imagine getting a lot of years worth of digging out of this tool. The only major flaw I see in it, is the fact that the 1 inch marker is exactly 3/4 of an inch from the tip – so don’t go using this to replace your tape measure yet.

You will dig it ~ reviewed by Enrique Torres

This is a very good tool for the garden enthusiast. Actually after using it for some time now for various landscape projects I would say it is an essential tool. It is quite versatile and comes in handy for a variety of gardening needs. Since it is extremely durable it is a fantastic digging tool for planting small transplants, digging up weeds and perfect for planting bulbs in the fall. If you are looking for a good tool garden use in a number of different ways this is a perfect hand tool. It is an ideal supplement and addition to any garden tool arsenal to attack and create beauty in your own backyard. The only drawback, hence the four stars instead of five is that the handle could be a little more comfortable to grip. I owned a similar tool I bought from Japanese Woodworker that had a more ergonomic handle. cost twice as much and was actually a better tool, comfort wise, but for the price it is a good choice.

The Sun Joe is OK for metal detecting digging use. ~ reviewed by Old Weedhopper Pilot

This is a functional digging tool and a good value for the price. I wanted a stainless steel bladed with more cup curvature to the digging blade, and a sharper edge on the blade to help cut away the surface roots , or weed. I use mine for digging for metal detected items, coins etc. I prefer a stainless blade because it is smoother, and cleans easier, but I solved that problem by wire brushing the carbon blade to smooth it, then I lightly oiled the blade. Dirt doesn’t have a tendency to stick on it now. I also sharpened the blade with a rotating grinding wheel to put a better edge on the knife. Doing these things to a Sun Joe SJHH01 Hori-Hori really helps this Hori Hori for my use. I could have spend 25 dollars more and bought one that was stainless and sharper, but this one is just fine.

Chinese made, not up to Japanese Hori Hori knife standards ~ reviewed by Tom. Humphrey

I misplaced my old Japanese tool and ordered this item to replace it. The blade is certainly heavy duty but the edges are dull so it lacks the cutting capabilities of the Japanese originals on which it is based. It will do for some basic digging but is far less versatile than my old one, which I now greatly miss. (My old one had a carbon steel blade, but these are now hard to find; the new Japanese ones are stainless steel and sharper.)

It works. ~ reviewed by lumbway

Just had it a short time but seems to fit the bill for cutting sod since that is what i bought it for. Also blade is thick and will stand up along time. Only one problem. The pin holding the wood shaft to the tang is not seated. Tried to hammer together but did not close. Did not hit hard for fear of breaking it.

Handle start splitting from rivets the moment that it got … ~ reviewed by William Matschukat

Handle start splitting from rivets the moment that it got wet since I do a lot of landscaping and sprinkler work. Don’t let the handle deceive you the rivets do not go all the way through.

Hori Hori = Dig Dig ~ reviewed by Folkie Farm

And that’s exactly what this tool excels at. Bought it for my gardener extraordinaire girlfriend and she used it instantly to plant garlic bulbs and dig up tulip bulbs. Very sturdy and versatile! I used one professionally ( to remove invasive plants and their roots) and I was hooked. Get one for the gardener in your life!Buy it at Amazon

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