Silky Folding Landscaping Hand Saw GOMBOY 270 Medium Teeth 121-27 Reviews

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Product Description

Features: * Superior finish quality * Folding feature protects blade * Blade locks securely for storage * 270mm (10.63 inch) length blade * Exceptional strength and balance * Approximate weight 300g (0.66lb) * Electrical induction hardened teeth * Chrome plated, taper ground blade * 10 teeth per 30mm (8.47 teeth per inch) * Low effort triple edge, non-set tooth design * Blade locks securely in two positions for flush cutting * Non-slip cushioned comfort handle is very easy to grip * Limited lifetime warranty against defects in material and workmanship

From the Manufacturer

Multipurpose folding saw with 10-2/3-inch blade and a very smooth cutting action. This distinctive saw has earned a reputation as the finest folding saw on the market. It�s a best-seller among both gardeners and woodworkers. Aggressive teeth cut with amazing speed in green or dry wood, cleanly enough for use as an installation trim saw or for a crosscut at the lumber yard. Utilizes proprietary Silky MIRAI-ME (Smooth Cutting) Technology – The Teeth of the Future! Securely textured rubber-padded handle and reliable spring-loaded blade lock make sawing safe and comfortable. It makes a superb gift and ideal for pruning as well as cutting dry, hard wood. Comes in a blister pack. Made in Japan. GOMBOY is available in two types: folding blade and fixed blade (GOMBOY-7 series). The blades are interchangeable between GOMBOY types within the same blade length. There are four GOMBOY blade lengths: 8-1/3-inch (210 mm), 9-1/2-inch (240 mm), 10-2/3-inch (270 mm), and 11-4/5-inch (300 mm). Every blade length is available in three teeth sizes/configurations (tpi � teeth per inch): 5-6 tpi – Large/Coarse (pruning, green wood), 8.5 tpi – Medium (soft wood) and 12 tpi – Fine (hard wood).

Customer Reviews

Silky Gomboy 270 ~ reviewed by Big Tuna

This is a great folding hand saw. I had an older Fiscars hand saw that had an awkward feel in the hand & consequently never got used. The Silky, however has a very good hand feel, is super sharp & plows through branches easily. I even used it to take down a 4″ diameter tree in about 30 seconds.
I am very pleased with the performance of the Silky. The build quality is very good as well. It has a metal frame covered with a grippy rubber coating. Opening the saw is very easy & locks securely in the open position. To close the saw you push on a large thumb release on the top of the saw & easily unlock the blade. The blade also folds completely into the handle & covers the teeth from top to bottom.

5 star saw.

Very Impressed ~ reviewed by Gary Rutledge

Excellent Product!
I purchased the Silky Folding Pruning Saw as a camp-saw for backpacking. I was motivated by other reviews of its all metal body, Youtube reviews of its blade and cutting action. Upon arrival of this product – I am even more impressed. For a folding saw/pruning saw, The Silky is the best that I have ever seen.
I purchased the GOMBOY 270 for consideration of length.
It has a good balance; feels good in the hand; has a smooth, positive-definite operation. It is a delight to hold and use actually. As with all pruning saws, and Japanese saws in particular, it is a pull saw and does not need to be bullied on the forward stroke. The cutting action, with the Silky blades is so clean that it can easily be used with just finger tips.

The saw I ordered came with the medium teeth. (You can order with the large teeth.) I tried this on a scrap 2×4 — The medium teeth blade and gentle pressure cut ~almost~ as smoothly as my table-saw.
The blades are hollow-ground on the back-bone make up for the teeth having no ‘set’. That is; The blade is thickest at the pivot + through the razor-teeth and is hollow-ground thinner up from the teeth towards the blade-back. This affords the blade low-friction kerf-clearance without compromising strength where you want it; in the pivot-joint and teeth.

The Seller: Entrata Japan:
When I purchased my saw, with medium teeth, I also ordered a spare blade with Large teeth as a hedge against catastrophic user-error in the field. (Spare blade weighs all of 63 grams). A discrepancy in the order resulted in arrival of a Medium tooth blade instead. A single email contact to Entrata resulted in correction with the Large-tooth blade in 3 (three) days. It was a very pleasant experience to purchase from this customer.

For this seller, Entrata Japan, and In particular the Silky product line- I will purchase again – And I do recommend.

Excellent works well now for almost two years ~ reviewed by Michael

I have had this landscaping hand saw for quite some time now and it is still sharp and works as well today as the day I bought it. I live in Florida and am always trimming my Palms. This hand saw works like a hot knife through butter. This hand saw has become my first choice when I have to trim my palms. By the way the transaction was smooth and the saw was delivered as promised. I have also purchase a Silky pole trimmer from this reseller, it is excellent as well, and I would deal with this seller again.

great Japanese engineering. ~ reviewed by Rich

Great saw. I didn’t understand basic sawyer principles and ruined the blade. Luckily you can order replacement blades. If you going to be cutting green get the low count tooth blade.

Sorry Bahco ~ reviewed by yoh

Gave my Bahco away within 5 minutes of making my first cut with a Silky.

This is only 13 dollars more than my Laplander was, but it can handle twice the diameter at a much faster and accurate cut. The blades are replaceable and available in different TPI.

Highly suggest this excellent tool.

Get what you pay for, quality and value ~ reviewed by Virginia Reader

Wow, is this saw sharp! It is beautifully made and comfortable to handle. I bought it for pruning around the property. I cut off a 2″ limb in about three pulls, clean as a whistle. The blade is thin but not too thin, made out of some steel alloy that makes it strong and not flimsy. The teeth are not offset, so the kerf is as narrow as the blade. The teeth design cuts both on the pull and the push, which probably accounts for why it is so fast at cutting. The blade does close into the handle completely with no teeth exposed, nice for storage and carrying with no danger to person or saw. When opened, the blade locks securely.

I like this 270mm length for its reach without being too long and for a good pull, not lengthy sawing action with a really short folding saw. As long as I don’t hit nails sawing something, the blade should remain sharp for some time. At least replacement blades are available. I like the saw enough myself that I ordered a second one to give to my handyman son-in-law. These saws are somewhat expensive relative to others, but the quality I see as value over other cheaper hand saws.

Loved the laplander for a long time until I saw the silky saw… check this video out ~ reviewed by Able2Survive

I have been using the Bahco laplander for a long time and have several in different packs. A friend of mine suggested a silky saw and I did a side by side test and the silky saw crushed the laplander. If you want to see the video here is a link

Not a bad little saw ~ reviewed by GC3

I bought this saw and the Silky Yoki Chopper together and my opinion of this saw is the same as the chopper. The quality is top-notch, but the application is really no better than any other good quality saw of this type that can be had for less money. If you need a saw like this and will use it regularly, then this is worth the money for you because of the higher quality. It should last longer plain and simple. You will still get some blade flex, but it bounces back nicely without permanently bending. The latch is positive and easy to operate both on extension and release.

Silky smooth ~ reviewed by S. Park

This saw is smooth and fast. It lived up to my expectations after reading all the wonderful reviews about this product. I was smiling as I was cutting wood because it is actually entertaining to see this saw cut wood so easily. More expensive than the other saws but well worth it. No carrying case though and the blade does not lock in when closed but it does stay closed. Can purchase a carrying case (nylon?).

Great little saw ~ reviewed by T. Allyn

Great little saw. I do a lot of volunteer trail work. This is the largest folding saw that will fit comfortably in a Carhart side pocket. And it’s a powerful little saw. Cut’s fast and easy. It’s even better when you replace the medium tooth blade with a fine tooth blade. I prefer this saw to the Big Boy or Katana Boy.Buy it at Amazon

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