Silky Folding Landscaping Hand Saw GOMBOY 240 Medium Teeth 121-24 Reviews

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Product Description

Silky Gomboy 9-1/2″ Blade Folding Saw – Medium Teeth

From the Manufacturer

Multipurpose folding saw with 9-1/2-inch blade and a very smooth cutting action. This distinctive saw has earned a reputation as the finest folding saw on the market. It�s a best-seller among both gardeners and woodworkers. Aggressive teeth cut with amazing speed in green or dry wood, cleanly enough for use as an installation trim saw or for a crosscut at the lumber yard. Utilizes proprietary Silky MIRAI-ME (Smooth Cutting) Technology – The Teeth of the Future! Securely textured rubber-padded handle and reliable spring-loaded blade lock make sawing safe and comfortable. It makes a superb gift and ideal for pruning as well as cutting dry, hard wood. Comes with a clear plastic hinged carrying case for storage and carrying. Made in Japan. GOMBOY is available in two types: folding blade and fixed blade (GOMBOY-7 series). The blades are interchangeable between GOMBOY types within the same blade length. There are four GOMBOY blade lengths: 8-1/3-inch (210 mm), 9-1/2-inch (240 mm), 10-2/3-inch (270 mm), and 11-4/5-inch (300 mm). Every blade length is available in three teeth sizes/configurations (tpi � teeth per inch): 5-6 tpi – Large/Coarse (pruning, green wood), 8.5 tpi – Medium (soft wood) and 12 tpi – Fine (hard wood).

Customer Reviews

Preppers – A perfect addition to your emergency kit. ~ reviewed by Gadget Guy

I spent significant time researching various types of folding saws for use in an emergency kit, or bug out bag. I looked at over 35 different brands. This has outperformed all the others so far. To my fellow preppers, the name Gomboy does not usually appear on our radar. We are accustomed to other brand names, and so a product that is advertised as a gardening tool is usually not something we’d consider. I recommend that you take a serious look at it. This saw can take down a small tree in short order. The locking mechanism holds firmly while under stress, and doesn’t have that “wobbly” feel at the hinge that cheaper products have. Its weight-to-size ratio, the acid test for us preppers, is perfect.

Now to the manufacturer who may be reading these reviews. Two ideas:
- The plastic case should be a bit thicker. Mine cracked a bit in two insignificant places during shipping. A tougher case would be nice.
- That tougher case should have a slot for a spare blade in case the first one gives out. Offer us the option to purchase this product with a spare blade already secured in the case. I’d be glad to pay a bit extra for this.

Light Saber! ~ reviewed by Deanna

I bought this to add to my back packing outings, I wasn’t sure if I would like the cutting surface only working in one direction but it works fantastic. It make light work of even large 7″ thick logs. If your looking for the best folding saw out there for all around use this is it. Solid lock up, sharp and heck out of the box, very grippy handle and decent weight. I highly recommend this saw.

A Wonderful Tool ~ reviewed by Corinne Halberg

My son recommended this item to me when I mentioned the difficulty I was having pruning dead branches off some of our hemlocks. I absolutely love it and use it for all kinds of landscaping chores. I have small hands, yet the handle fits comfortably and the saw is very nicely balanced. The blade can be used in 2 positions, making it easier to reach your target branch or root. The blade folds snugly into the handle, and there’s even a molded plastic case for storage. And best of all, it stays sharp for a very long time.

Look no further… Wear gloves ~ reviewed by Nick W

Holy cow. Right out of the box, I cut through the pictured quarter of absolutely rock hard hardwood, didn’t time it but it was definitely under three minutes. That is a Mora companion knife sitting on the cut piece of wood, with pictures of the unfolded and folded saw to compare, the folded saw is about 1.5 inches longer than the Mora in its sheath. Since I was cutting on the ground, the second, folded backwards position was perfect for finishing the cut. I ordered the medium teeth, certainly had no problem with dried hardwood, other reviews say it’s good for Green wood as well. I don’t know what else you could want for a camping saw, ultralight backpackers would probably want to look at the pocket boy, as this is a fairly large saw, but the amount of work this thing will save would probably outweigh (yikes) the extra ounces in the pack. I’m handy, have cut plenty of wood with Corona folding saws and similar, started without any gloves, but when I saw this ripping through the wood, went and grabbed a pair. Very little binding or bending, I know this is a pull saw so I lightened up a little bit on the pushes, even took a couple different angles to saw the wood quicker, no problem indexing, if there is such a thing as an ultimate handsaw, I think this is it. For the price? Give me a break. If somebody wants to send me a Laplander to try, I will, but for $10 more I know there’s no comparison with this.

Keep it Clean ~ reviewed by Oscar Lok.

I’m not a professional, I prune at a moderate pace, whenever it’s necessary, but I can tell this saw will suit me well, worth the price.

One thing to remember, KEEP IT CLEAN. It will be good to you if you are good to it. I use a brass bristle brush with a little bit of orange oil to clean off the blade, sharpen it with a triangle thin file (takes a little practice) and it is flawless, cuts through up to 4” with no problem (thus far), I haven’t had to cut anything thicker with it, though I bet it could.

Fabulous ~ reviewed by Dorey E. Evans

If you are looking for a saw for gardening or trimming your fruit trees, this is the one. The only problem you might run into is getting overly ambituous and tangling with the business end of this thing as it goes through a limb like butter. I have bought these as gifts for several friends. It costs a little more, but it’s really worth it.

Absolutely the best! ~ reviewed by Prem925

I’ve had this Silky Gomboy for 2 years and it is probably my favorite pruning saw (I own two other Silky saws including a 21′ telescoping pruner). Silky blades are extremely sharp with a unique teeth design, and they stay sharp for a long time. Cutting 4″ dia. branches with this saw is quick and effortless.

A lot of the pruning I do is to manage tree structure or to promote growth, and I’m particular about clean cuts close to the branch collars. The Silky Gomboy is extremely comfortable and the blade locks in 2 angles which makes getting into tight spaces much easier. Silky has a vast array of saws, and models change so I try to buy a spare blade or two while it’s available. The saw comes with a clear acrylic case for storage. The only improvement I could suggest is for the blade to lock in the closed position, so it could be carried in a side pocket. I just used a fat rubber band and it works fine.

If you only need one hand pruning saw, this is the one I recommend.

Wonderful tool! ~ reviewed by Speedy

I used this saw to cut down a maple tree growing along the fence line in my backyard. The tree was easily five inches or more in diameter and the saw performed wonderfully. After I had felled the tree the saw performed as well or better cutting the trunk into manageable pieces.

The medium teeth cut green wood as smoothly as a back saw cuts kiln dried hardwood and yet the saw cuts very quickly. I find this saw safer to use and easier to control than a bow saw or buck saw because like most Japanese saws it cuts on the pull stroke so there is no need to exert a lot of pressure on the push stroke which is when a saw is most likely to jump out of the kerf and injure the user. The handle is comfortable and the saw is well balanced.

I bought this saw for backpacking and it folds like a jackknife into a compact configuration but the very tip of the blade remains exposed. I don’t expect the plastic box the saw comes in to last very long so I imagine I will eventually solve this problem by making a sheath for it from nylon.

as long as I’m not cutting actual trees that are in excess of 8″ in diameter I thinnk I prefer this saw to a bow saw.

when you try it you don’n want annyting else annymore ~ reviewed by Michiel

Love it! i tried it on a very big tree. Way to big (40 cm diameter) of course but i just wanted to try it. next time i use a change-saw instead…. When you want to trim trees, cut branches go for this saw. Its the best you can get for the money

It does not get better ~ reviewed by Rick

I ordered this along with a Pocketboy 130 to saw the bigger limbs when camping. This Gomboy 240 is amazing and I see why the reviews are so good.It cuts with less effort than my other saws and the craftsmanship of this saw is fantastic. Do yourself a favor and spend the little extra money for this saw.Buy it at Amazon

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