Seymour WB-JR Poly Tray Lightweight Childrens Size Wheelbarrow Reviews

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Product Description

This Seymour junior size wheelbarrow with man size features will be perfect for every child who loves to play outside. The rugged red poly tray has steel front tray braces and a solid rubber tire. The strong red poly wheel has steel axle and ball bearings. The sturdy steel legs will hold up to the rough treatment. There is a steel cross brack for added stability to this Seymour childrens wheelbarrow.

Customer Reviews

Great for bigger kids ~ reviewed by M. Rottkamp

Most wheelbarrows out there are too small for “big kids”. This one is big enough for my 7-year-old and its sturdy construction has been put to the test. He loves it.

awesome birthday gift ~ reviewed by C. Harrington

I purchased the wheelbarrow for my 3 year old grandson for his birthday. It is perfect for him to haul things and we can even haul him! The size is better than the competition brand which is metal but smaller. It should be perfect for him to be a farmer until he can handle an adult sized one. He loves it!

Great buy ~ reviewed by Boys’ Mom

My two year old son likes this; but it will require some growing into. It’s probably a bit large for a two year old. Well built; and looks just like Dad’s version.

Perfect for little yard-work helpers! ~ reviewed by Emily

I bought this wheelbarrow for my 2-1/2 y/o son who *loves* to do yard work. Almost all of his outdoor play is imitation of the work he sees his mommy and grandfather do in the backyard. To encourage this type of play more, I am trying to get him decent quality, children’s sized yard tools. Real tools for little hands. This wheelbarrow completes his collection of yard tools well. I normally stay away from plastic, but this is much, much, much better construction that the cheap all-plastic wheelbarrow at Target, and only costs about $10 more. The handles are real wood, the legs and support arms are metal. and the tire is actual rubber. And if you looks closely at the pictures it appears to be exactly the same as the Tru Temper one, which costs more than $10 more than this one!

My only complaint is that the support arm is an inch and a half too long. The holes don’t line up at all to screw together. It’d break if I forced it to fit. Fortunately that is the only part that is non-essential, so it doesn’t affect the usefulness of the wheelbarrow. It may be possible to drill a new holes closer together on it to make it fit.

Junior Wheelbarrow ~ reviewed by WAS

The screws that hold this thing together are complete garbage. Several fell off within days of our receipt of the barrow. Other screws came with lock nuts that would not tighten. I went to Lowes and replaced all screws with galvanized nuts and bolts. Pain in my ass.

Fairly Satisfied ~ reviewed by Buyer

The wheelbarrow was exactly like we were expecting. The packaging was horrible. It was in a very cheap box which arrived with rips and the wheelbarrow handles were sticking out. Was not happy about that. The wheelbarrow itself was easy to assemble and seems to be good quality. The handles could be a little bigger as they seem a little chinsy for the wheelbarrow themselves. Otherwise we are satisfied with it.

good size but funny smell? ~ reviewed by Cody C Platt

Better size than the others I looked at; 4-yr old son loves it. I was glad I put it together a couple weeks ahead of time to have time for it to air out. When it came it had a funny smell.

excellent ~ reviewed by jenn

I got this 2 years ago for my daughter who was 4 and we still use it quite often. It is durable and just the right size for her even still at 6, sometimes my 10 year old uses it for yard work/play. Particularly great is the tire is not hollow plastic and has lasted, and the barrell is hard plastic but has not cracked or shown signs of wear.The color is a bit faded and the wood is starting to show wear but nothing a clear coat won’t take care of. This product has definetly shown it’s worth for the price.

awesome wheelbarrow at first… ~ reviewed by Dreena

I bought this for my 3 yr old grandson. It is a bit heavy for him to use fully, and I thought he would be using this to help Dad garden for years to come. However after 2 months, the wheelbarrow has faded to pink . I don’t recommend it.Buy it at Amazon

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